Fischer Lovebird 15 Facts You Must Love to Know

The Fischer lovebird is a small parrot. It belongs to the Psittacidae family. A very charming and talkative parrot. Let’s discuss all aspects of Fischer.

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Fischer Lovebird Description

Fischer belongs to the Agapornis genus. Agapornis means small short-tailed African parrots. It means Fischer lovebird is also called “Agapornis Fischeri*. Gaustive Fischer was the German who explored the name of this Agapornis fischeri in the late 19th century, that’s why it is called Fischer Parrot.


Fischer parrot is small in size almost 14 to 16 cm long with a short tail.


Color of Fischer is prominently green on the back with a black tail, around the neck golden yellow and it becomes darker as it moves upward to the head. That’s why it is also called green Fischer.

Average Age of Fischer Love bird

Fischer Lovebird’s life span in forests is about 12 to 15 years. On the other hand, in the aviary, where people farm Fischers, the average age can reach up to 25 years.

Breeding Age

The breeding age of Agapornis Fischeri is 8 months minimum. There is detailed content on parrots ages for your information.

Clutch Size

Fischer breeder pair lay 3 to 4 eggs in a single clutch. They breed 3 times in a breeding season. Fischer Parrot breeding season starts as winter season arrived. You can say their breeding season starts from November and it remains till the end of June.

Incubation Period

Fischer breeder pair incubation period is 21 to 23 days. Within this time limit, their babies come out from eggs and they start to feed them.

Differentiate Between Male Fischer and Female Fischer Lovebird

Normally in the first look, both male-female Fischer looks the same. Fischer Male-female is almost the same color combination. By their physical look, you can differentiate between  Male Fischer and Female Fischer.

  1. Female Fischer has a wider pelvic span than male.
  2. Male Fischer has not had a wide range of shoulders than female Fischer.
  3. A DNA test can be done to find the sex of the Fischer lovebird.

Cage Size

Fischer Lovebird cage size must be larger than a single parrot cage. Approximately 24x20x20 size caged is enough for a Fischer pair. An aviary is a good environment for the Fischer colony, where they can fly and keep themselves fresh and active rather than a small size cage.

Average Weight of Fischer Parrot

In woodlands, Fischer’s weight is around 45 to 50 grams. Sometimes they found seeds or grass to eat, sometimes lovebirds were unable to find the pests or seeds to eat. While in captivity, proper care and diet are provided to them so their weight is around 58 grams or 2 Ounces. Better growth and keep active.

Food For Fischer Parrots

Fischer birds are mostly like seeds, fruits, or ground berries. Farmers treat Fischer Parrots as pests because mostly they eat their crops like Maize or Millet. Fischer’s in woodlands live near a water source, they drink water many times a day.

Behavior Of Fischer Lovebird

Fischer Lovebird is a very noisy parrot, when they feel happy and joyful mood then they whisper in high pitched tone and fly in a cage. When they fly with joy their feathers sound can be heard. When they sit close to each other and kiss, this behavior makes them the name “lovebird”.

Fischer Lovebird Toys 2022

Physical activity, games, the fun can keep your Fischer Lovebird active and healthy. Here we discuss some best toys for Fischer. These are toys along with fun, joy and keep parrots busy inactivity.

Natural Coconut ToyFischer Coconut Toy

Natural Coconut Toy is the best toy nowadays for Fischer Lovebird. This toy keeps the lovebird busy in daily activities and different shapes of coconut toys can also give fun and joy to Parrots.

For Example: If this coconut toy has narrow holes through which lovebird hide and seek games can play with each other.Fischer Hide Seek Toy

Bridge Bird Toy For Fischer Parrot

Bridge toys for Fischer Parrot keep them healthy and busy while they feel the swing. This toy is made of wooden beads and metal chains across these beads. Bridge Toy

On these beads, Fischer parrots feel swing and joy.

Ringing Bell Toy For Fischer Lovebird


Ringing Toy

The Ringing Bell toy is a very useful toy for Fischer lovebird. Install this toy inside Fischer Aviary, lovebirds sit and feel joy as the bell rings. This activity keeps them busy the whole day and they have a good game.

Chewing Toy For Fischer Lovebird

pinapple toy for parrot

Fischer lovebirds love to chew the toys. When their breeding season starts or starts nesting, their chewing habits become more addictive. In the market, pineapple chewing toy is very famous in this regard, Fischer Parrots spend a whole day chewing this. This toy is made of safe material, safe for parrots, no harmful reactions for chewing this.

Fischer Lovebird Diseases

Fischer lovebird is a very noisy parrot, chirping a lot. Hide illness is the instinct of Fischer Parrot. But here we discuss some signs of Diseases and physical symptoms which may occur in your parrot, reflecting that the lovebird is not feeling well.

Psittacine Beak And Feather Disease In Fischer Lovebird

When Fischer parrot suffer from PBFD disease then all its feathers were plucked away and the body shrink. In the end, Fischer goes to death.


Fischer lovebird becomes lazy and dull due to fever. Fever can be reason climate changes or some way travel from 1 site to another site which may be far distance or some food unsuited.


Malnutrition may occur in Fischer lovebird due to Vitamin A deficiency and Calcium Deficiency. During this deficiency, feathers may be plucked and skin becomes rough. Even they stop preening.


By the changing of the weather, Fischer lovebirds suffer from sneezing. Another reason can be possibly by sneezing and that is cleanliness not properly the cage.

Irregular Droppings

Be focused on your Fischer lovebird, give them proper time, keep clean surroundings and food buckets. If you see irregular droppings, it’s the sign of Diarrhea disease. Some food faults may be the reason behind this disease.

Discharge From Nasal Area

When Fischer Lovebird starts to discharge from the Nasal, then it’s a severe condition. Consult a Veterinary doctor immediately and take proper medication.

Sudden Appetite Loss

When the stomach is disturbed then sudden loss in appetite in Fischer Lovebird

Breathing Issues

If the aviary environment is suffocated then Fischer lovebird face problem in breathing properly. Sometimes when they fly shortly, feel tired and start taking breathing fast.

Keep Fluffing Feathers Upward

If your Fischer Lovebird keeps fluffing feathers upward then there is some health issue, some anxiety issue your parrot is facing.

Keep Sitting One Place

When you spend time daily with your Fischer Lovebirds, then you come to know their activities like chirping, flying, biting, fighting with each other sometimes. If any Fischer Parrot sits alone on the aside and does not take part in any activity then you immediately come to know there is some health issue with this parrot.

Aggressive Mood

If your Fischer gets bored and does not have any activity to joy and fun then they get irritated and start biting or cutting edges of the cage. These behavioral changes occur when you do not spend time with them.

Difficulty in Flying

If cage size is small and no space for fly then Fischer lovebird will face difficulty in flying while on the other hand, if in an aviary, Fischer parakeet faces the same issue, then it can be symptoms of some disease. Feathers get injured or have some heart issues.

Dull Eyes

If your Fischer lovebird suffers from Diahorrea, abnormal droppings, vomiting, lack of drinking water intake, then their bright eyes get dull.

Sleeping A lot of Time

If your Fischer Lovebird gets sleeping maximum time by folding its head into its wings, this is the sign of disease.

Fischer Lovebird Treatment

When your Fischer parrot suffer from any disease, immediately doing steps are

  • Isolate Fischer Lovebird when it suffers in Diahorrea
  • Give initial treatment to make your parrot comfort
  • Keep an eye on Food and Water Consumption
  • Spend proper time with Fischer Lovebirds
  • When you Fischer lovebird suffers from PBFD , Beak, and Feather diseases then immediately isolate that parrot and consult the nearest Vet doctor available for recovery of your bird.
  • Use of olive oil applies on Fischer Lovebird feathers if they are injured or have any issues.
  • Provide a neat, clean, and airy aviary environment to your Fischer Lovebirds, where they can fly and spend time with joy and play for their healthy lifestyle.
  • Clean drinking water is essential for a healthy life of Fischer.
  • Include Vitamin-D Supplement capsules in Fischer lovebird’s daily diet to overcome this deficiency.
  • Vitamin-D supplement capsules are also helpful in the breeding season to provide Fischer Parrot energy to meet couples for the breed.

Fischer Lovebird Price in 2022

in 2022, Fischer lovebird price go upward, one reason that the breeding season is at the peak as 2022 starts. Let’s discuss the prices of Fischer lovebird in different cities of Pakistan

 Price In Karachi

Fischer lovebird prices in Karachi are around 4K to 5K. Inbreeding season, prices may rise more than 5K also.

 Price in Lahore

Fischer Lovebird Prices in Lahore are relatively high in Punjab.

 Price In Faisalabad

Faisalabad is large Mandi for Fischer. Aviaries and sheds are on large scale exist there. Fischer lovebird prices in Faisalabad in Breeding Season around 5K to 6K.

 Price In Multan

In Multan City, the main Mandi of Parrots was established on Shah Shamas Fort. Fischer parrot prices may vary from city to city. In Multan Prices of Fischer are relatively Low because Fischer Lovebirds are not so common here in this area. So fancier peoples keep them.

 Price In Islamabad

Islamabad is Capital City of Pakistan, Elite class live there. Fanciers are there, their paying capacity is high. So they keep such parrots for their home decore. Fischer parrot prices in Islamabad is on the higher side like if this parrot breeder pair is available on 5K price tag, in Islamabad same pair price around 6K to 7K.

Fischer Lovebird For Sale

Fischer lovebird for sale available on different mediums like Online web portals are available, some WhatsApp groups, some physical mandis available for sale.

For Sale In Karachi

Karachi is the biggest Mandi regarding sale purchase of Fischer parrot. Fischer Lovebirds for sale are available in Karachi. Peoples have their own aviaries and local sheds for breeding.

 Lovebird For Sale Online

As a social media boost, now everything is available for sale online platform. Fischer lovebirds for sale online are also available. You can visit our web portal and ask for details.

Fischer  For Sale In WhatsApp Groups

Fischer lovebirds for sale in WhatsApp Groups are hot nowadays. Most people organized Whatsapp Groups for selling and purchasing Fischer Parrots. People describe their parrots and place orders in WhatsApp group

Fischer Breeder Pair For Sale

Fischer lovebird breeder pair price in a market is high nowadays. In fact from December to June, its breeding season of Fischer, people hesitate to sell them during these months.


Q.No.1- How long do Fischer Lovebirds live?

Fischer lovebirds live around 8 to 10 years in the forest while on the other side, in captivity Fischer lovebirds live around 15 years on average.

Q.No.2- Can Fischer Lovebirds talk?

Fischer lovebirds are not such type of parrots who can mimic the human voice. Although their voices, sounds can express their mood but they can not mimic the human voice.

Q.No.3- How many eggs do Fischer lovebird lay?

Fischer lovebirds lay 4 to 6 eggs in a single clutch.

Q.No.4- How many times do Fischer Lovebirds breed in a Breeding Season?

Fischer lovebirds can breed 3 to 4 times in a single breeding season.

Q.No.5- What is Fischer lovebird Breeder Pair price in Pakistan?

Breeding season, Fischer lovebird breeder pair price in Pakistan is around 6K. In off-season, this price goes down around 4K.



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