Fisher Parrot Price in Pakistan Guide (2022) Latest

Fisher Parrot Price in Pakistan is around 2500 to 4000 Rs. Fisher lovebird has plenty of energy and loves a cuddle. It can be friendly with its owner as long as they communicate regularly and even though this breed is energetic, it tends to be gentler than other lovebirds. They’re best placed in an aviary environment rather than living alone.

Fischer Parrot in Pakistan

Keeping Fisher lovebirds at home is not only a wonderful experience but also very affordable, since the necessity of costs incurred in their main care are provided completely by the pet store owner. During the discussion, it has been confirmed that the owner still will have to provide proper care and handle several overhead costs that do not affect directly to Fisher Lovebird’s health.

When you decide to start keeping Fisher lovebirds in aviaries or at home for other purposes, it will help to know the costs which the pet store owner provides but probably does not reveal. It is good to discuss different aspects of what it takes to own Fisher Lovebird such as how to handle a bird correctly.

Fisher Parrot

The Fisher’s lovebird is not as popular a pet as the more common peach-faced lovebird, but it has a charming personality all its own! The Fisher’s lovebird and the peach-faced variety are both native to central Africa and require similar care.

However, there is one special thing about the Fisher’s: their chirps are lower in pitch than those of other lovebirds, leading researchers to believe that this bird often imitates the sounds produced by various forest and savanna animals.

Common mutations sold in pet stores include Lutino (a white bird with yellow eyes), Clearwing (a female that grows colorful wing feathers), Pallid (a mostly white bird with brown head and black eyes) and Red Factor (an orange body seen in some Fischers).

Fisher Parrot Price In Pakistan

1000 to 8500 Rs

Fisher Parrot price in Pakistan vary from city to city. Fisher chicks, Fisher Pair, eggs, all have different prices for all over Pakistan. Primarily prices of Fisher’s starts on minimum side 1000 and goes up to 8500 as it comes out from egg till breeder pair.

Fisher Chicks Prices in Karachi

Karachi is big market for parrots. Fisher Chicks prices in Karachi is around 800-1000 Rs. As the market competition, price is slightly on low side.

Fisher Adult Price in Karachi

Fisher young price in Karachi is around 3500-4500 Rs. Young Fisher when at age of 06 Months is ready for breed. So most people purchase Fisher Pathy and get first breed at their own sites.

Fisher Lovebird Price in Lahore

Similarly Fisher lovebird prices in Lahore now a days on high trend. Price of Fisher Lovebirds in Lahore is around 1000 Rs as Chick Fisher and breeder Fisher Lovebird is around 6500-8500 Rs.

Fisher Parrot Price In Faisalabad

Fisher parrot price in Faisalabad is comparatively low. The reason is, many aviaries in Faisalabad, people have their own setups for Fisher lovebirds and breed in captivity.

Fisher Lovebird Price in Multan

Fisher lovebird is very much popular in Multan and South Region of Punjab. People breed Fisher lovebirds in captivity here in Multan. Price of Fisher Lovebird in Multan market is around 3500-4500 Rs. ( adult fisher lovebird) while breeder pair of Fisher Lovebird Price is around 7000-8000 Rs.

Fisher Lovebird Price to Bring Home in 2022

2500 Rs to 4500 Rs

Best decision to Bring Fisher Lovebird at home in 2022. Fisher’s Lovebirds can be kept in either a cage or an aviary, depending on the owner’s preference. The daily costs incurred by pet owners are usually determined by their pet stores, but there are many other expenses one needs to consider as an owner of a Fisher’s Lovebird.

Bringing home a lovebird is like going for a walk. They are low-maintenance birds and don’t require frequent attention or upkeep throughout their long lives. Fisher lovebird prices vary with age and gender.

Some models cost more when they’re young lovebirds, such as first-time parents, while others have unique features that set them apart; all-white Loves are more expensive than regular colored ones. When it comes to pricing, there are many factors to consider as we’ll explain in detail below:

Fisher Parrot Chicks Price

1000 Rs to 1500 Rs

It is good to have Fisher Parrot chick at home. One thing is that the price difference in adult Fisher and Fisher Chick and the other is Fisher chick at the age of 06 months become adult and able to breed. So the Price of Fisher Parrot chicks are around 1000 to 1500 Rs.

Fisher Breeder Pair Price

4500 Rs to 8500 Rs

Fisher Breeder pair is a blessing for you. Price of Fisher Breeder pair is around 5500-8500 Rs in Pakistan. Prices are high in 2022 that’s why, if you want fresh Fisher breeder pair then price is around 5000 Rs. Fresh Fisher breeder pair means, first time ready to breed.

When it comes to breeding a particular species of bird, only expert hands should pull the trigger or otherwise it wouldn’t be taken as seriously as they need. For instance, if you’re contacting a breeder to sell an Fisher Parrot, they must be given the chance to offer advice on how best to care for this type of bird because they have the experience and knowledge needed.

Fischer Breeder Pair

Expert opinions can often mean the difference between having good customer care and bad customer care – which amounts to what type of lasting impression your business leaves with your new clients.

Professional breeders will also know how to provide you with special offers that allow you to save money while buying their birds! You may even get a few amenities thrown in including parrot toys or perhaps free shipping depending on which package you invest in.

Price of Fisher Pair with Eggs

6500 Rs to 7500 Rs

When you purchase a pet Fisher parrot, the breeder pairs list the birds at a high price because they make it possible to multiply your number of birds in your household by producing an abundance of offspring.

The process is called breeding and it can be frustrating for common parrot owners who would rather not deal with the stress and responsibility of caring for a brood of very young parrots that require so much care.

However, we must support parrot breeding in order to keep lovely Fisher breeders around us. Parrots are beautiful creatures but there are too few Fisher breeders around so that’s why I’m asking you to please support me as I work hard at becoming one more breeder available to spread this species far and wide.

Fisher birds in captivity who are part of a breeding program lay down around 4-5 eggs at a time. These eggs have to be incubated and the breeder pair takes care of this, as they tend to focus on nothing else until it’s done. Egg incubation is vital, as it vastly increases the number of offspring that owners interested in Fisher parrots have contact with on a regular basis.

Basic Setup Cost For Fisher Parrot

10,000 Rs to 15,000

One of the first things you need to know is that Fisher Parrots Colony need a lot of space so you will have to find an aviary, crate or cage designed especially for them. You’ll also need some toys as well as food and lots of toys, because parrots love to play! Perches are also important, so try and get one with a variety of perches.

The cage isn’t so much about size, bur rather the design. It should be very colorful for your bird’s sake; giving them something visually interesting will prevent their boredom from setting in.

If you have any specific questions about what you’ll need to do before bringing the Fisher Parrot home from the breeder or bird shop, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible because we’d love to share with you some advice regarding your state’s regulations and basic setup for Fisher Parrot.

Supplies List For Fisher Parrots

5,000 Rs to 8,000

Fisher Parrot

Depending upon the number of birds costs may change following are for the single bird of this category

PermitRequired Permission if is Imported in your Country
Cage5000 As Aviary Setup
Cage Setup Perches Cover etc1000
Additional Transportation Cage500
Water Bowl500

Monthly Expense for Keeping Fisher Parrots

5,000 Rs to 15,000

It’s not a question that people ask generally, so this may sound strange. First of all, the monthly price for keeping a fisher parrot varies dependent on the person. I’m going to explain it as in the following list of items that pertain to the cost of keeping a fisher parrot each month

  • Food For Fisher
  • Health Care Expenses
  • Perches and Water Bowls For Fisher
  • Regular Vet Visit and Vaccination
  • Insurance Price for Fisher
  • Entertainment Expenses

In detail, Lets discuss each component of Monthly Expense;

Food For Fisher

2,000 Rs to 3,500

Fisher Lovebirds are captivating and enjoyable to not only have but also to observe. One of these birds can be kept as a pet. At home, people with Fisher Lovebirds generally provide them with fruits and seeds like sunflower seeds and pellets once the bird is at least 3-months old. In captivity, these birds eat grass buds and cereals in addition to figs. As an owner you will have to make sure that all of the food provided is fresh before giving it out.

You’ll need one or two fruits per bird per day. In addition, they require millet sprays, vegetable trims, seed trims, cutlet bones, fortified seed blends and a mineral block made specifically for birds on a regular basis as well! If you end up owning 8 or more Fisher Lovebirds then assume your monthly expenditure will be between 1500-2500 Rs per month!

Maintaining a clean, healthy environment for your Fisher Lovebird is just like caring for the lawn at your business headquarters. You must make sure that you’re providing them with food that will keep them happy and healthy. If you want to help them stay active, you can try getting greens for the birds, or even grass seeds and bird food mixtures that will promote good health and growth in your pets as well as promoting a beautiful and lush lawn onsite.

Health Care Expenses on Fisher Lovebirds

500 to 15000 Rs

In order to keep your fisher lovebirds healthy, it’s important to visit a veterinarian every so often. To do so, you should schedule an appointment with your local vet and be sure to bring the veterinarian up-to-date on any shots or medications that have been previously administered to the birds.

It’s also vital to remember that if you suspect that one of your pets has come down with a sickness or another ailment, it’s vital to quarantine them immediately in order for them not spread their condition amongst any other animals they’re housed with.

Veterinarian Visit On Regular Basis

As a responsible owner, it is important to ensure that your bird’s health is always up to par. It can be very easy to forget about the little things one must take care of in keeping lovebird health on point, but thankfully there are the right things you can do on any given day.

To keep your Fisher healthy and spirits high, why not consider visiting a veterinarian in your area at least once every month? Your vet will know exactly what sort of services or measures you’ll need to put in place according to how well your Fisher lovebird is feeling. This can potentially save you a lot of stress and money.

One should focus on the Health of their Fisher Lovebird Parrots. We at Parrot Doctor will ensure your company is sufficiently covered for any unforeseen accidents that may occur with your parrot to provide you a favorable price for an insurance policy.

Vaccination Plan For Fishers

Nowadays, you know that several different diseases affect many people, as well as animals. One common disease in birds is beak feather disease. Fisher Lovebirds can contract this disease through being exposed to negativity or bad energy.

That is why it is important for you as a pet owner to make sure your lovebird is not sick at a young age from negative people around them who cause trouble wherever they go. At any given moment, people may expose our pets to illness which we might miss because we cannot see the germs with the naked eye – but when it comes to fisher lovebirds; they will let us know if they are feeling ill by acting like they are sick.

Perches and Water Bowls For Your Fishers Aviary

1,000 Rs to 5,000

You can’t live without perches and water bowls in your bird’s cage. Each type of bird has their own specific dietary needs that must be met daily if a healthy lifestyle is to be sustained. For example, drinking from a mounted water bowl provides Fisher lovebirds with straightforward nourishment after spending the day perched.

Drinking from little droplets of water can also help these birds satisfy their appetite for food. So always make sure you take care of your feathery friends’ dietary requirements by giving them adequate perches and water bowls .

Having a water bowl and perches in your bird cage is essential to the health of not only your parrot, but you too. If a large part of your day is spent keeping Fisher hydrated, it’s important that it has a clean source of drinking water within its reach at all times.

Similarly if you want to regularly care for the small details, like offering fresh cut food daily, make sure there are two places for it to sit comfortably while eating.

Entertainment Cost for Your Fishers

500 to 5000 Rs

Fisher Parrot Toys

Your time is the most important part of your relationship with your Fishers. Fisher often prefer to be left alone and they can really get into their own routine during the day while you are at work. If you are planning on being away for more than a day, it’s best to invest in a pet sitter who will make sure that your Fishers have lots of fun activities happening throughout the day.

An alternative is just leaving your Fishers home to play with a lot of different toys so it doesn’t feel too lonely when you aren’t there. You should consider whether or not your partner will take care of this task before taking a job which may keep you away from home regularly!

It may also require some advanced planning on your part to make sure there are plenty of ways to keep busy while you’re away so that they don’t find ways to entertain your Fisher Lovebirds that might prove harmful or at least unpleasant.

Toys For Your Fishers

Fisher Lovebirds will be interested in toys that make sounds and are colorful due to their nature of being a social bird. They have a tendency to bite objects with their strong jaws, so owners should ensure that toys given to them are either made from hard materials or destroyable

There are also many toys available on the market already manufactured for this purpose. Fisher Lovebirds also like climbing, so some kind of toy that is at least 6 inches tall where they can climb on is perfect for them. They also eat a lot and need healthy treats as well as fresh veggies and fruits which can get very expensive, so owners must keep an eye on this aspect before bringing home a Fisher!

Insurance Plan For Fishers

500 to 1500 Rs

People get overwhelmed with the amount of stress that owning a pet can be. People like having Fisher Parrots around, but they don’t always like taking care of them when it comes time to take them in for medical procedures or paying large veterinary bills. One way that you can keep more organized during this trying time is by taking out pet insurance.

You want to make sure everyone who has a stake in your parrot’s life – from potential clients to family and friends – understands the importance of getting responsible pet insurance coverage for all areas of your Fisher’s needs – from organ transplants to avian flu. And remember: no matter how costly it may be for you at any given moment, believe us when we say “it will cost you much more not being covered”.

Total Monthly Price For Owning Fisher Lovebird At Home

2500 to 15000 Rs

We have discussed above four major issues that you should take into account before owning a Fisher bird. It is brought to the attention of the reader that owning a Fisher is not quite as troublesome and expensive as it may seem at first sight, though it might require some additional considerations and provisions. The sound of the chirping parrot or the sweet voice of pet birds can make your day!

We recommend that you provide your pet with a balanced diet of seeds, pellets, fruits and vegetables. Although it’s crucial for the rose-breasted cockatoos to enjoy a varied diet to keep them satisfied, they should not be overfed or given junk food in any way!

Keep an eye on the scales so as not to overfeed as obesity could potentially be harmful. Also make sure you spend at least two hours every day with your bird because birds need a great deal of interaction in order to bond with their owners properly.

Provide toys (wooden blocks), swings and climbing perches when possible because they are intelligent creatures who enjoy playing games and physical activity to keep themselves stimulated throughout the day. If a bird becomes bored, then it tends to become mischievous and this can lead to destructive behavior.

The bird should be provided fresh water, ventilation, and sunlight daily. But make sure that the sun doesn’t shine in its eyes because birds have sensitive eyes! One needs to keep in mind as well that it grows obese quickly if overfed. It’s also important to ensure their happiness and mental health by making sure you spend two hours with them every day, according to Reuters.

Toys such as wooden blocks and swings may provide entertainment for your feathered friend so he doesn’t get too bored. Moreover provisions for a nice roomy cage are essential along with a hanging perch or two to serve as resting areas because of course birds need to rest too!

Additional Expenses of Fisher Lovebirds

Some additional things have to be born in mind when it comes to owning Fishers , like a natural disaster that might take place or a Fisher lovebird flyaway.

It’s also important to prepare yourself for other possibilities that might make owning a Fisher as a pet less stressful. Having backup plans in case something happens is very important because you never know what could transpire, so keep on the lookout!

Likewise, there is no escaping the annual things you’ll have to do when it comes to owning your own Fisher lovebird due to annual putting that you’ll for sure want and need for them. Please always keep backup plans in place when it comes to dealing with disasters as well since they happen suddenly and without notice!

Save Money With Fisher Parrots

fisher parrot save money

When you own Fisher birds, those are some of the most popular species! There are so many reasons to begin a flock of these beautiful critters and here’s one more. Opting for this breed means that you can have a fun time with parrots without dealing with finicky feather maintenance or long breeding seasons which end up taking longer than expected.

These chicks happen to be sitting on their eggs within 04 weeks before they hatch – quite uncommon among other parrot breeds!

Final Thoughts

Fisher parrots obviously differ in price from place to place, just like color mutation lovebirds. However, depending on where you buy them and what type of mutation they are, they can still be a great addition to your home as small companion birds. Not only do they look beautiful in homes, but as a fellow pet lover, this makes them even more fun to have around!

Another important step in ensuring the longevity of your Fisher lovebird is giving it regular shots including vaccinations against diseases as well as providing it with multi-vitamins every day.

To succeed with your Fisher you have to let him know that he’s important. The best way to do this is by making sure he feels like part of the family. A good way of accomplishing this is by ensuring he has his own environment that can accommodate his simple needs and by providing him with toys, a variety of both human and food-based entertainment, and plenty of love – you’ll have him feeling at home in no time!


What is Fisher Parrot?

The Fisher Parrot is a delightful bird which may be raised in captivity. It is a very active bird which likes to stay busy and interacts with its own family. Fisher parrot is extremely playful, when it’s in its cage, it likes to play with toys, paper, and string. It is common that Fisher Parrots are known to learn how to speak.  Fisher Parrot is one of the best talking birds.

The Fisher Parrot is a very intelligent bird.  It is always ready to learn.  They are prone to diseases like other parrots.  They are also prone to be overweight.  When they are played with and taught, they become very loving birds. They love to be with you.  They do not like to be left alone.

They need to be given lots of attention. They are very active and playful birds.  They love to be jovial and they love to play with you.  The call the Fisher Parrot “the clown” of the bird world.  They are not like some other birds who like to be alone.  They love to play and have fun.

They make a great family pet.  He/she is one of the most beloved parrots among the bird lovers.  They do like to interact with you and with your family members.  They love to play with you and learn more from you.

How can I choose the right Fischer Lovebird for me?

Fischer lovebirds are popular pet birds. They are very colorful. Fischer lovebirds are bigger and more quiet than the other types of lovebirds. They also make a louder sound, especially when they’re eating or looking for food or when they’re excited. They’re known as the clowns of lovebirds.

What kind of toys do Fischer lovebirds need?

Fischer’s lovebirds live in Africa and require a warm and dry environment. A safe cage with a wooden base and natural branches makes a great home. Lovebirds also require a few toys to keep them entertained. Make sure to include a mirror, swings, wooden poles, etc. Just remember, you have to take care of these toys and clean them frequently.

What is the best diet for a Fischer lovebird?

Feeding your pet is one of the most important things you can do for it. As a good rule of thumb, the less processed the better. A well-balanced diet will consist of more fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds than anything else. It’s important to note, however, that a “good” diet can vary substantially depending on the type of bird. For example, a parrot normally eats more fruit than a cockatiel. Consequently, parrot diets should primarily consist of large amounts of fruit, and cockatiel diets should primarily consist of large amounts of seed and grains.

What are the best environments for Fischer Lovebirds?

Fischer Lovebirds are medium-sized finches, similar to Gouldian finches. It is easy to raise at home if you have a bird cage large enough — approximately 18 inches high by 24 inches wide by 18 inches deep. The cage must be lined with a soft substrate. Avoid fir branches and pine, which are toxic to the birds. Line the bottom of the cage with newspaper for easier cleanup, then place a deep plastic dish for water, a shallow dish for food, and a nest box in the cage. Make sure the birds’ cage is in a quiet area, sheltered from direct sunlight, drafts and other disturbances. The bottom of the cage must be lined with paper for easier cleanup.

Are there any tips for choosing the right cage for Fischer Lovebirds?

The best cage for Fischer’s lovebirds is a simple cage. They do not like having a lot of stuff in their cages so a simple cage is for their best interest. They also like to fly freely so the cage should be a minimum of a 1 1/2 feet tall so they can feel comfortable inside. They need to have a place to play and hide. A very important thing to note when providing a cage for Fischer’s lovebirds is that the perch must be able to hold their entire body weight.

What’s the best way to bond Fischer Lovebirds to their owners?

Your best bet is to get a pair of Fischer lovebirds as young as possible. This will help bond your birds to you faster. As your birds get used to you, try to get them used to other people such as your parents and family members. This will make it easier for them to be handled by other people in the future.

They can also get used to other animals, such as dogs and cats. If you want them to be friendly, feed them from your hands. This will help them to get used to you and let them know that you are not a danger. When you feed Fisher Lovebirds, talk to them, so they will come to know your voice. If your lovebirds are cage aggressive, it is best that you try to make them more comfortable with their cage. Cleaning the cage once a week will help them feel more at home. You can also use a screen cover to cover their cage. You can also try to give them more toys to play with in their cage. The more they stay in the cage, the happier they will be.

How can I tell if my Fischer Lovebird is sick?

Fischer’s lovebird is a very active and small parrot that is mostly green in body color and has pink abdomen. One of the main symptoms of a bird being ill is that it will stop eating and drinking. If your bird stops eating, the first thing you should do is examine its droppings to see what the consistency is like. If the droppings are soft, slimy and contain a lot of liquid, or if the droppings are tiny and hard, like little pebbles, then your bird is most likely suffering from dehydration. If your bird’s droppings do not return to normal after a day or two, then this is most likely due to a secondary infection like bacteria, virus or parasites. That is why you should bring your lovebird to a vet as soon as possible. The vet can then give your bird an antibiotic and/or anti parasitic to get rid of the secondary infection.

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