Great Black Parrot Price Updated Guide and Images (2022)

Great Black Parrot is also called Black Palm Cockatoo. Very intelligent Parrot. It can absorb thousands of words and can reply. Before buying Black Parrot, you must think twice because a very expensive parrot you are going to buy. Black Parrot Price in the USA is around $16,000 to $45,000. This means Black Parrot Price in Pakistan is around 05 Million (50 Lacs)

Black Parrot

A Breeder Black Parrot Price in Pakistan is around 120 Million which you can see, a huge amount to contain this parrot pair. Similarly, there are 02 other mutations of Black Parrot which are Red-Tailed Black Parrot and Yellow Tailed Black Parrot.

Black Parrots are very talkative Parrots. They keep busy their Owners in their activities. Like doing some exercises, keep talking words, spend time playing games or with Toys.

Why are Black Parrots so expensive?

Initial Cost To Bring Black Parrot Home

15 lac to 60 lac

Bringing home a pet can be hard and expensive. Although you want to accomplish your goal of bringing a new, furry friend into your household, it might not always be practical, or something that you want to do for long periods, which means potential health risks associated with the pet’s quality of care. You could invest in a pet but there are many things to consider from feeding and grooming schedules to behavioral changes in terms of how they act around friends and family due to being confined to being inside an apartment or home. These are all things that need to be with consideration beforehand!

Black Parrot At Home

Free Black Parrot


It’s a dream to get Black Parrots for free. Should you find yourself the owner of a Black Parrot, it could get expensive. A parrot-like African black parrot requires specialized care and is much more costly than standard pet store birds. This means: (1) You will be unable to adopt any kind of parrot as either a chick or pair unless they were bred domestically as exotic pets.

Black Parrot has always been a highly desirable bird but at the cost of an incredibly beautiful feathered friend. Black Parrots have certain requirements that aren’t easily grown at home and need to be kept in captivity. So, if you bought black parrots or any other bird for that matter, it is crucial to choose a reputable seller or breeder to adopt your new family member from.

Adoption Cost of Black Parrot Chick

15 lac to 20 lac

What is the Adoption Cost of Black Parrot baby?If you want to get a Black Parrot chick, it is recommended that you have at least 15 – 20 Lac rupees in your pocket because this is the minimum or the base price on which these parrots are sold. The Black Parrot chicks are extremely rare and therefore highly expensive. So if you want to buy one of these since they only lay two to three eggs in an entire year and as rare as they are – well then this should give you some kind of perspective over what exactly you’re going to be spending on them!

Great black Parrot Adult

Adoption Cost of Great Black Parrot Adult

22 lac to 45 lac

Great black parrots are long live parrots. Their average age is around 80-90 years. Their adult age almost started 8 to 10 years and similarly, prices of Black Parrots varies from young to adult. Black Parrot Youngs prices around 22-25 lac rupees with age 2 to 5 years. Most likely Black Parrot’s adult prices mark up to 45 lac rupees with the age of 8-10 years.

Black Parrot Breeder Cost In Pakistan

90 lac to 120 lac

What is the price of the Black Parrot Breeder Pair? Black Parrot breeder Pair cost in Pakistan start from 90 Lac and it goes on 120 Lac, the high rank. However, one needs to keep in mind that this is only the price of a pair. In addition, these pairs require shelter and attention as well.

Fertile Eggs of Black Parrot In Pakistan

5 lac to 9 lac

Black parrots are known to be one of the most expensive and highly sought-after pet birds in the world called Black Parrot. Although they’re just pets, they are considered to be a prestige item by those who want to show off how rich they are. If you’re seriously considering investing in these sweet-natured creatures just keep in mind that their eggs can also fetch quite a nice price! The costs of purchasing black parrot eggs are rather high because they are so rare and since some chicks may spontaneously end up being a completely different color it’s sure to increase your chances of selling them for much more than what you paid for them.

Initial Setup And Supplies Cost for Black Parrot

50000 Rs to 100000 Rs

When you’re bringing home a Black Parrot, you need to make sure it will be having fun equipment and a decent-sized cage with plenty of room to play around. Get bowls for water and food. This way, going to the bathroom should be fairly comfortable for your bird’s paws. You also want to include sitting materials inside the cage so your parrot can rest if he gets tired from all that playing and flying about the place. It’s also helpful to keep air bells on top since this can help create better ventilation within the area when your pet is using up energy per usual – it needs fresh air!

Black Parrot Supplies

List of Supplies for Black Parrot and Costing

Let’s write down the supplies list for the black parrot and their cost:

Permit25000 Rs
Cage10000-15000 Solid material made
Cage Setup Perches Cover etc2500
Additional Transportation Cage5000
Water Bowl1500

Black Parrot Monthly Expense

35000 Rs to 55000 Rs

What is the Monthly Expense of Black Parrot? The monthly expense to keep Black Parrot at home is here categorized in different sections:

  • Food
  • Health Care
  • Health Insurance
  • Regular Vet Visit for Black Parrot
  • Toys for Joys

Food For Black Parrot

10000 Rs to 15000 Rs

In the wild, black palm cockatoos or Black Parrots have a strong beak that can crack nuts. They usually feed in the early morning hours and prefer palm fruit, as well as stringy eucalyptus tree bark and tree seeds. According to biologists, their natural diet consists of food from remote areas: Canari tree (Java almond), and indigenous food like yellow rice with chicken bits or tender sambal match on a bed of steamed vine leaves eaten with hands.

The reason for this preference is because the black parrot has an extraordinary taste-bud receptor that allows it to differentiate between things like sweet (sugar) vs spicy fruits or dishes! And their tongues are long enough to scrape every bit of deliciousness off each grain of rice when they finish eating them.

Black Parrot Food

Health Care: Matters A lot

0 to 45000 Rs

You must take good care of your black palm cockatoo or black parrot. Your pet needs to remain healthy, so you should be responsible for making sure it receives the proper care and attention daily. As with any pet owner, you need to make sure that you set aside time every day to properly care for your beloved parrot. You can get started by cleaning out its cage and preparing some toys it will enjoy playing with when you return later in the day.

That means you have to give a lot of attention to your Black Parrot because they tend to get bored quite easily and when they do, they can become aggressive or just unhappy. It’s important to stay aware of your pet bird’s current situation which is why we recommend that you always keep an eye on them. Your time spent with your parrot will contribute greatly to its health and well-being!

Cage-Perches-Water Bowls Prices for Black Parrots

Black Palm Cockatoo or Great Black Parrots are large like 24 Inches long. They need a large-scale cage built with iron rods and a large space need to fly and open feathers. Black palm cockatoos cage set-up is complicated since they need to constantly fly up and down. A roomy cage built with iron rods, where these great black parrots can spread their wings and perch is also a must-have for keeping your black palm cockatoo alive.

Fanciers keep them in a room-like cage, maintained their food perches, water bowls. Cleanliness must be focused on to keep healthier your parrot.

Regular Vet Visit for Great Black Parrot

5000 to 25000 Rs

When you have a pet bird such as an expensive parrot that can be easily stressed then you need to seek out a vet who is experienced and has years of experience. Pet birds like Parrots also require regular visits to the vet, so it’s important to find someone with whom you feel comfortable enough to leave your beloved pet in their care. A neat and clean environment at home is better for your Great Black Parrot to thrive and be healthy. Also, you need to spend daily time with your Parrot that helps him/her explore the surrounding because it will become more relaxed and active.

If you notice behavioral changes such as a “Quaker parrot” no longer responding to his/her name or otherwise changing their normal habits, for example becoming lazier or losing interest in food and water intake, then it is time to seek the help of a vet in your area. If left untreated, some diseases can cause severe harm or even prove fatal. It is therefore important that you quickly seek professional help from a veterinarian if your “grey parrot” begins acting abnormally.

Black Parrot Insurance Cost

10000 Rs to 15000 Rs

You must take Health Insurance Plan for Your Great Black Parrot. It seems like overburden 10,000 Rs to 15,000 Rs per month Health Insurance plan but re-think please about your Black Parrot Worth. Then this insurance plan is like peanut expense.

You need to take out health insurance for your beloved Great Black Parrot. Although this may seem like a lot of cash to pay every month, it’s sadly no more costly than what you might spend on your own family members’ medical costs over one year – many times more! Your Black Parrot is like your family member because you spend time, spend money for the health and joy of your bird.

Sometimes we feel bad when we have to think seriously about our investments, but this article reminds us that certain things are priceless and shouldn’t be short-changed like the livelihood and happiness of our pets.

Playing Time: Toys for Joys of Your Great Black Parrot

5000 to 8000 Rs

Always an activity, keep busy your Great Black Parrot in some game or chewing, talking. Playing games, chimes install within a cage, all these things keep your parrot healthy and active. Do not hesitate to make an expense on your black parrot’s entertainment. The toys, you buy for your parrot keep it happy and talkative.

We always say, “Busy body is a happy body,” and this applies to parrots. In addition, keep your black parrot entertained with chewing toys and talking toys for hours of fun. Our experts recommend you buy some chimes for your parrot’s cage as well because not only will they keep your pet amused but they’ll make sure it gets plenty of exercise, which is an important part of keeping it healthy too! We know – buying all the bells & whistles might cost a lot at once, but please don’t hesitate to spend on what makes your black macaw happy because we believe pets are the best form of company anyone could have and they deserve our unconditional love in return.

Often you found yourself busy that your attention was less than adequate. This can make them aggressive, bored, or even sad and anxious which makes the human/animal relationship have bad thoughts in its mind. Doing all the work on managing this kind of thing will destroy your mental health in the long term, so it’s important to find some ways how you can save both your mind (your own) and body (parrot’s condition). Choosing our support service entirely help you with that because we are focusing also on activities like:

Accumulated Per Month Cost for Owning a Great Black Parrot

35000 Rs to 55000 Rs

So after considering all types of expenses, a Great Black Parrot is quite expensive to own. Monthly visits to the veterinarian, health insurance, and spending money on toys are just some of the reasons why it doesn’t come cheap.

So a good and superb diet plan, like what’s provided by [Dietitian Service], a well-ventilated environment, neat and clean surroundings, and regular veterinarian visits are all ways to keep Black Parrot happy and healthier.

Additional Cost for Owning Black Parrot

Owning a black parrot is fantastic, but it does come with some added responsibilities. For example, you could have to deal with unexpected or emergency vet visits or have to find someone responsible and capable of taking care of your Black Parrot on very short notice. Just one day you should know if these things will happen or not. Yes, it may happen.

Owning Great Black Parrot within Your Budget

The budget does not matter in owning a black parrot. First of all, think before you own this bird because they are very expensive pets and they take a lot of care and attention to maintain. You will spend a lot of money on not only their initial purchase but also things like feeding them and ensuring that their cages stay clean is no small task. They can also be quite slow breeders, sometimes taking a whole season for them to lay just three eggs.

Black Parrot Price for chicks can cost almost 2 million Rs on the average market since most people who breed them sell each one at a high price to make up for their labor costs. Consider instead getting yourself a pair of lovebirds when you want something cheaper to take care of around your home!

Great Black Parrot

Fun with Great Black Parrot

Black Parrot is a very active and talkative parrot. It demands time from Owners. Keep an eye on your surroundings, focus on the words that you speak, memorize them, and then equally respond. Once you start spending time with your black parrot, you will surely have fun with them. Little naughty things they do, play games, chewing the nuts, etc.

Social Parrot makes for an active pet. It demands time and attention from owners, so make sure you set aside enough time every day to spend with Social Parrot and that you are prepared to engage it. Your black parrot will either fly on your shoulder or perch on a play-stand, depending on its mood. Clever creatures, Social Parrots do not like being bored – they need mental stimulation more than anything else too- whether that’s in the form of games or just chasing around after different toys most of which feature some kind of bell. Keep an eye out whenever it is your turn to take them out for a walk?

Have a Healthy Black Parrot: Save Time and Money

If you have a black parrot, then this is a blessing. Time and money don’t fly away together like free birds when their health is taken care of properly.

Once your black parrot gets sick, your project could go the way of those ill-fated ones that did not get treated in time by developers with much more time to spend on it than they could afford to lose trying to figure everything out themselves without dedicating days or weeks to problem-solving and research – both of which greatly detracts from the project’s success if things aren’t significantly adjusted.

So, make sure there are trusted members on hand who can help deliver healthy parrots to the promised land while saving more time than they’ll likely ever know what to do with during QA bugs and problem analysis so that fun stuff like product optimization is left for later even though quality may slip in either case since it will get done eventually if one wants it all in the end!

Great Black Parrot Price In Pakistan

The price of the black palm cockatoo in Pakistan is much higher than other parrot species and it’s only the elite class who can afford such healthy birds. However, the secret to profiting with this exotic bird is to have your black palm cockatoo bred and sell its nestlings at a higher price point.

It may take some time, but once you start selling even more of these birds, you will find yourself as an owner of one of these beautiful and lucrative pets that demand a high amount both in retail stores so keep breeding your stock!

Final Thoughts 

Keep Great Black Parrots at home, the best companion you will find in it. So if you can buy and care for this parrot species, immediately bring black parrots at home. Some major points should be in mind that they are slow in breeding times, but black parrot chicks like diamonds for you (just like your weekend getaway).

Do not hesitate to expand on your black parrots, because they are the ones who will return everything to you in double! Spend quality time with them. they loved it when they feel at home. Best is if have a low budget and Black Parrot Price is high you may like to check for Raw parrot price and other details are in the article on RAW Parrot.

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