Blue Gold Macaw For Sale Rawalpindi


Blue Gold Macaw For Sale Rawalpindi


LOCATION- Gulistan Colony, Rawalpindi

CONTACT # 03143122668

Parrot Price PKR325,000.00

Product Description


Blue Gold Macaw For Sale Rawalpindi

  • Blue and gold macaw
  • BLUE GOLD MACAW AGE 11 months
  • healthy active
  • hand tamed
  • dna not done yet so gender is not confirmed
  • mash ALLAH started talking as well
  • a beautiful pet no foolish offers people who understand this bird contact only thanks

People in Karachi buy macaws from pet shop that sell different beautiful birds. Macaws are very colourful and people buy them as pets for special company- especially to take care of them. If you want to buy a pet macaw make sure that you purchase one from trusted sources so you know how long its been in the shop. And make sure it has been fed well and its been given all the nutrition it needs. If a macaw has not been given proper care, then It might be harmful in some way or another- so make sure it’s with the right trustworthy people who will ensure they give the bird everything it needs to be healthy, safe and active.

  • Blue Gold Macaw Price in Pakistan is 325000 Rs.