Budgies Colony For Sale In Khan Pur

budgies colony

Budgies Colony For Sale In Khan Pur



CONTACT# 03143122668

Parrot Price PKR18,000.00

Product Description


Budgies Colony For Sale In Khan Pur

  • Budgies Parrots’ colony is for sale
  • Clay Pot & Wooden House Added
  • More than 45 parrots
  • includes breeder
  • few patha. A pair rate in 900
  • Fully vaccinated Breeder pairs

Budgies Parrots’ colony for sale in Khan Pur with more than 45 parrots. The colony is for sale at a very low minimum of 18000 rupees and comes with a breeder along with 3 other parakeets. They’re fully vaccinated and grown-up birds, along with their fully grown parrotlets. Contact us if you’d like to purchase or have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer them.

  • Budgies Colony Price in Pakistan is 18000 Rs.