Cockatiel Breeder Pair For Sale

Cockatiel Breeder Pair

Cockatiel Breeder Pair For Sale


Contact # 03051918540

Location- Layyah, Punjab

Parrot Price PKR6,500.00

Product Description

Cockatiel Breeder Pair For Sale

  • Eno Pied Male and Common white Red eye Female Cockatiel
  • Confirm Breeder Pair.
  • Healthy & Active
  • Breed 2 to 3 clutch each breeding season.

Breeder Pair in Layyah, Punjab Cockatiels. Our cockatiel breeder pairs are some of the most beautiful and highly demanded available on the market today thanks to their relative rarity and their high tolerance for people. They’re used as pets by many admirers due to various reasons on top of that they’re one of the easiest parakeets to raise because they tend not to bite or scratch people often. Birds like these only declare a quarrel when it comes time for your pet bird chicks to start acting adult-like and attempting different things around the cage; even then, if you’ve truly trained them well enough you should expect little more than squawking instead of violence apart from rare exceptions.

  • Cockatiel Breeder Pair Price in Pakistan is 6500 Rs.