Green Ringneck Breeder Pairs For New Home

Green Ringneck Breeder Pairs

Green Ringneck Breeder Pairs For New Home

Contact # 03134751924

Location- Lahore

Parrot Price PKR11,000.00

Product Description

Green Ringneck Breeder Pairs For New Home

  • Healthy and Active Green Ringneck Breeder Pairs.
  • Age of Each Green Ringneck Pair is 4 years and 06 months
  • 3 Clutch breed each Ringneck Pair
  • Only Serious buyers contact me please.

Green ringnecks are fully ready to be accepted into new homes immediately after confirmation of the breeder pairs being sold and paying the appropriate amount of money. The green ringneck breeder pairs have been aged for 4 years and 6 months as of now, and they will each lay a maximum number of three clutches consisting of several healthy eggs that can be hatched out by dedicated owners in time. Serious customers only need contact us now or later on because we’re feeling overwhelmed with all this attention we’ve received from potential buyers.

  • Green Ringneck Breeder Pair Price is 11000 Rs.