Pied Ringneck Parrots For New Home

Pied Ringneck Parrots

Pied Ringneck Parrots For New Home

Asif Khan

Hari Pur

Contact No. 03465298927

Parrot Price PKR50,000.00

Product Description

Pied Ringneck Parrots For New Home

  • Pied Ringneck Parrots for sale available.
  • 04 Pieces of Pied Ringneck Parrots
  • Healthy and Active Adult Parrots.
  • Nail, Tail and Fly are perfect.
  • Cargo is available
  • Only Serious Buyers may contact Please.

In the United States, there are currently four pieces of Pied Ringneck Parrots available for sale. These adult parrots are not only healthy but also incredibly active, showcasing their vitality and well-being. Their nails, tail, and ability to fly are all in perfect condition, highlighting their overall soundness. For interested individuals, cargo options are readily accessible to facilitate the transportation of these captivating birds. If you are a serious buyer looking for these remarkable Pied Ringneck Parrots, please feel free to reach out and make arrangements to welcome these beautiful creatures into your life.

  • Pied Ringneck Parrots Price  is 50K per piece.