Yellow Ringneck Parrots For Sale

Yellow Ringneck Adult Parrots

Yellow Ringneck Parrots For Sale

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Product Description

Yellow Ringneck Parrots For Sale

  • Yellow Ringneck Parrots: Beautiful parrots with yellow plumage.
  • Age: 07 Months: These parrots are young and have a long life ahead.
  • DNA done: DNA testing has been conducted to determine their gender and ensure accuracy.
  • Perfect nail, tail, and fly: Their nails, tails, and flying abilities are all in excellent condition.
  • 03 Male and 02 Females: There are three male and two female Yellow Ringneck Parrots available.
  • Yellow Ringneck adults: These parrots are mature adults and ready for breeding or companionship.
  • Serious buyers only: Interested individuals who are genuinely interested in purchasing should contact.
  • Cargo available for delivery: Delivery options are available for transporting the parrots to their new homes.