All African Grey Parrots For Sale

grey parrot islamabad

African grey parrot is also known as Congo African Grey Parrot. Grey Parrot is very intelligent and friendly. As concern to the pricing of Grey Parrot, it is an expensive parrot. Fanciers keep them at home.

African Grey Parrots For Sale In Pakistan 

Majorly there are four age groups of African Grey Parrot for Sale in Pakistan,

African grey babies;

Grey Youngs

Adult Pair of African Grey

Breeder Pair of African Grey

& in last, African grey eggs are also available on the market for sale in Pakistan.

Prices of African grey parrots may vary from born to breeder pair. their chicks are also very expensive. People normally buy African grey chicks and keep them hand feed.

Here you will see all types of African Grey Parrots for sale either their eggs, chicks, young’s, adults, or breeder pairs. So keep intact with us and you will find your required parrots.