White Ringneck Parrot Price In Pakistan You Can Have It

Pakistan’s Breeder White Ringneck parrot prices are between 28000 to 95000 Rupees. Information regarding the life span of White Ringneck Parrots has also been included in the details section of White Ringneck Parrots for sale, but before purchasing these parrots remember that you must learn how to care for them at home by following a few simple steps.

White Ringneck Parrot

White Indian Ringneck Parrot

The White Indian ringneck parakeet is a sweet, calm, and inquisitive bird that makes for a good standalone pet. The bird can be found in different parts of Asia to include areas like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. As a medium-sized pet, the white ringneck parakeet has long-tailed or long-crested ones. Just remember to leave some toys out for your new feathered friend so they may destroy them over the course of time because this species tends to enjoy chewing on more than just perches.


White Ringneck Parrot Price In Pakistan

28,000 Rs to 1,00,000 Rs

White Ringneck Parrot aviary setup

Bringing home one of these adorable White Ringneck parakeets can be just like going out shopping for shoes. Sure, fun at the time, but if you think about it later you will soon realize that you have more than shoes in your closet and they require a bit more maintenance and attention. But they’re worth it because they are not as messy or destructive as other species like budgies.

These birds have varying prices depending on whether they’re chicks, young adults, adults that are able to breed or mature birds that are too old to breed. The reason for this may be simply due to the fact that their rings may stand out more distinctly against their white background color. And it might increase their value in the eyes of some potential buyers. Looking at these unique features is what can increase a White Ringneck’s price and make them so enticing as an interactive pet bird choice.

White Ringneck Parrot Price In Lahore

25,000 Rs to 95,000 Rs

The cost of a blue-collared ringneck parrot in Lahore varies depending on its size, age and sex. White-collared ringneck parrots can be purchased at pet shops in Lahore and the prices may be different at each pet shop.

Pricing also varies depending on the breeder and even geographic location as well. A White Ringneck parrot may cost anywhere between PKR 80,000 to PKR 1,00,000 depending on factors including breeders’ location, the type of parrot being sold, age of bird, as well a number of other factors.

White Ringneck Parrot Price In Faisalabad

27,000 Rs to 97,000 Rs

Exotic Birds prices in Faisalabad range from 25,000 Rupees to 90,000 Rupees, depending on Quality of the Breed. An Adult Parrot can cost 35,000 Rupees to 45,000 Rupees whereas Paired Birds are priced at 90,000 Rupees. Neither ever too new nor too old and in great shape. The price set is also applicable for a normal way of speaking birds as well as talkers.

White Ringneck Parrot Price In Karachi

25,000 Rs to 85,000 Rs

The price of White Ringneck Parrot in Karachi ranges from 25,000 to 85,000. There is a huge market for this bird. A lot of sellers set up their stalls around the region for sale. As it is an in-demand product there are a lot of sellers and competition is affected by high pricing since most people will not be able to afford buying a Purebred White Ringneck Parrot with that kind of money.

Initial Cost To Bring White Ringneck Parrot At Home

10,000 Rs to 20,000

After purchasing a new White Ringneck Parrot, you’ll need to create a spacious cage for him. Make sure it has enough space to fit an exercise wheel, perches and toys, food dishes, water bowl and so on. Also, you may need to think about where the cage is going to go. Will it be strapped into your car or will you be flying with your pet? Submit our rewrite suggestions!

Supplies List and Price For White Ringenck Parrot

10,000 Rs to 20,000

Depending upon the number of White Ringneck Pairs you are managing inside a cage,  costs may change following are for the single bird of this category

PermitRequired Permission if is Imported in your Country
Cage5000-8000 As Aviary Setup
Cage Setup Perches Cover etc500
Additional Transportation Cage2000
Water Bowl1000

Monthly Cost For Owning White Ringneck Parrot

5,000 Rs to 10,000

Bring White RIngneck Home

You might not be able to get your hands on a White Ringneck Parrot but that doesn’t mean you can’t earn one of the plush toys it advertises in their store. Plush toys, immediately coordinated by such qualities as well-studied durability and hours of good fun they provide!

  • Food
  • Toys
  • Health Care & Health Insurance
  • Regular Vet Visit

Best Food 

500 Rs to 1500 Rs

When it comes to what White Ringneck Parrot’s like to eat most, it varies from parrot to parrot just like humans as we all have our preferences when it comes down to what foods make us feel good. The same goes for Indian Ringneck Parrots. Some prefer nectar while others may enjoy flower petals or berries.

It is highly recommended that you use the internet to do a quick search on the food that your Ringneck prefers if you are not sure what he or she likes most because in the wild they predominantly feed on seeds, nuts, fruits, and berries!

Toys for White Ringneck Parrot

1,000 Rs to 1,500 Rs

When it comes to owning a bird, sometimes the cost is more than the price tag. People who neglect to take into account these peripheral costs may find themselves in a sticky situation which can be avoided if one plans ahead and buys only required items in discounted seasonal or sale fashion.

Health Care Expenses

1,000 Rs to 2,000

Owner of White Ringneck parrots are owners who care. While the reasoning behind owning a parrot maybe different for each owner, the care that goes into taking care of a pet bird is what counts. By spending time with your pet, you are keeping them mentally sharp and enforcing new behaviors by making sure that they can adapt to changing environments.

Their happiness is greatly dependent on how much time you spent with them so make sure to not leave your pet alone for more than 5 hours because it could lead to neurotic behavior in your bird like feather plucking for example which will require professional assistance from a veterinarian.

Regular Vet Visits your Parrot

2,000 Rs to 4,000 Rs

A common disease among parrots is known as  PBFD, which affects feathers. Prevention costs are a little more than 2000-4000 PKR, but the treatment isn’t inexpensive either.

A lot of work must be done to ensure your bird’s diet is managed properly for them to get all of their nutrition without fail because it’s quite important that they consume food on a regular schedule. The best way to do this is to make sure you bring your parrot home with you so they can be fed by you or someone well versed in giving your bird the right food at the right time!

Veterinarians suggest that parrot owners give their birds a balanced diet. Most owners will usually feed their birds a healthy meal of seed and nuts on a regular basis.

In an interview with veterinarians, most of them recommend for the owner to regularly change the bird’s cage water by cleaning it in lukewarm soapy water once every two weeks or so. Also, one should make sure the bird stands on a flat surface and has quality parrot food to eat. Any other interactive toys are certainly welcomed!

Total Monthly Prices for White Ringneck Parrot

5,000 Rs to 10,000 Rs

White Ringneck Parrot Health

Most birds need constant attention, which takes time and/or money. White Ringneck Parrots are no exception when it comes to this rule. Additionally, these birds have a strong tendency towards nipping, moreso than some other bird species.

However, any self-respecting pet owner has the time and commitment to care for their pets appropriately. Your best bet is to find careful breeders who focus on your specific pet’s needs (such as housing or diet). Bird enthusiasts can look at personal ads online where you can find prices ranging anywhere from 10000 Rs – what would be considered expensive in anyone’s book! Hope you find your little friend soon!

As a bird owner, you have to know that your pet might be tempted to hang around visitors and eat food which they shouldn’t. Parrots in particular love foods that contain sugar and salt. Providing an environment for your white ringneck parrot (that is safe, comfortable and feels welcoming) will ensure it spends its time hanging out in the right place for its own safety as well as for a bird’s environmental health.

Things will also help keep them happy… like enough natural stimulation, trees, shrubs and other perches besides other parrot friendly things like cardboard boxes!

If your pet seems to be acting out of sorts, don’t assume that it’s normal. It could just be a temporary thing and can often resolve itself naturally over time, but if there is reason to believe otherwise like lethargy or unusual behavior that continues for several days as is evident in the animal then you’re best off consulting a vet immediately.

There are numerous ways that sick animals mimic human or human behavior – staring at something intently, hiding under the bed growling at guests, crying – and it can be hard for novice pet owners to know how to help. If anything about your pet seems off-kilter, talk to the experts!

Price to Setup an Aviary 

15,000 Rs to 30,000 Rs

Setup an Aviary Near me is one thing in particular that White Ringneck Parrots breeders and pet lovers tend to find themselves trying to accomplish. These are special birds sometimes because they tend to adapt to their surroundings so if you’re thinking about getting one as a pet, make sure you can spend time with them and offer them lots of love and attention.

Set up an aviary to give your birds a healthier and comfortable environment. Natural perches and branches are the best way to create a positive experience for your birds. We know that they like to be in green areas, so it’s our duty as their pet owner, to provide them with one that makes them feel restful at all times.

Additional Costs 

5,000 Rs to 10,000 Rs

White Ringneck Parrot Entertainment

If you plan to adopt an White Ringneck parrot, it’s important to make sure your friend knows how to give him the care he needs. One thing you need to be aware of when adopting a new pet is that you have to watch for signs of dehydration, worn nails and excessive feather plucking in order to gauge whether or not your parrot is eating properly.

Remember that if his body weight drops significantly, this is a warning sign which can lead to death. Make sure you follow these steps if planning on going out of town:

Reduce  Expenses

Parrot healthcare is crucial for ringneck parrots to live long, healthy lives. It can be difficult finding the best advice from macaw experts on caring for your beloved pet in cases when it’s not feeling too well – and understandably so when you have an ailing friend or family member in your care.

When one owns a White Ringneck parrot, it’s considered that you have a friend for life – that is, unless you do something stupid to either annoy it or hurt its feelings in any way. You’re new pet parrot will provide you with much-needed comfort when you need it most and will stay by your side no matter what kind of day you’re having. But, just like any other animal, it does need daily attention from its trainer.

Therefore, be sure to pay close attention to your bird throughout the course of the day to make sure your White Ringneck is getting all of the nutrients it needs, otherwise you might wind up feeding food that doesn’t supply assimilation assistance and therefore makes your bird sicker than he was before!

The most effective way to save money on your pet’s bird care is by making sure that they have the right type of food and are cared for appropriately. The health of your pet in many ways relies on the type of food that you feed them so it’s important to be very detailed in their diet planning before proceeding with it, otherwise you could end up spending a large amount of money on vet bills if they get sick.


When adopting a White Ringneck, you’ll need to pay attention to the supplies that it needs in terms of toys, food and the optimum temperature of its environment. It’s essential to keep this mind – not only for your bird’s sake but also for your own comfort and assurance.

A white ringneck parrot has the potential to display high intelligence and a healthy environment can help ensure that they remain well versed. So make sure to keep things clean in your pet’s room to reduce the chances of mites/fleas, and try out new toys regularly to keep them from getting bored and thus learning something new along the way!

Much like a family setting, White Ring the Ringneck can be easily pleased if you simply make sure he feels like one of the family. Most birds are particularly fond of having their own space especially if they’re given things that they can interact with and make noise with in their new digs. For example, you could use different shaped hanging apparatuses, it doesn’t really matter what the form is as long as it makes noise. Also provide your bird with toys, treats and love – he’ll feel comfortable soon enough!

FAQs For White Ringneck Parrot

What are the best features of White Ringneck parrot?

White Ringneck requires a lot of care and attention. Its diet must be given a lot of thought, as it often develops nutritional deficiencies.

Furthermore, its beak needs to be trimmed every two weeks, and it is better that you take it to a specialist to do so. It is well known that White Ring Neck Parrots are extremely curious and intelligent. Due to their intelligence they are easy to train and can be taught to do absolutely adorable things.

In terms of attention it requires, it is not a good idea to have this bird in a small apartment. They are very vocal, and due to their curious nature, they are often destructive. It is not a good idea to buy this bird for children for this very same reason.

White Ringneck parrots can be demanding when it comes to socialization and play. They definitely need love and attention from their owners. It is therefore important to make sure that there is enough time in the day to spend with a White Ringneck.

What are the naughty behaviors of White Ringneck parrot?

White Ringneck Parrot is a beautiful and intelligent bird. He is quite social with its family and kids, but he is also welcoming to strangers. He is also very wary of strangers, and will alarm call if he feels threatened or disturbed. He has a loud call, and he is not scared of talking at night. He has a lighter colored head and white nape ring. The bottom of the tail is white.

What is the best way for us to care for White Ringneck parrots?

White Ringneck Parrot is one of the most popular parrots in the world. They have a great talking ability and are also long lived. They require special care and attention. They can be kept in outdoor aviaries or indoor cages. They are generally very active and intelligent birds. They are beautiful and keepers love them for their colors. Their colors are white and green with a red head and red tail.

They are very much alike the Senegal parrot. They are medium in size and can live up to 30 years. A lot of people prefer them as pets due to their great talking ability. They need to be trained for talking just as the other birds. They get very well accustomed to their owner and also to their cage. They are also very good in imitating sounds and make a good companion. They are very playful and their demands are not very much. They enjoy the company of their owner and like to be with them.

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