Raw Breeder Pair For Sale Haroonabad

Alexandrine Breeder Pair

Raw Breeder Pair For Sale Haroonabad

Muhammd Amir

Location – Haroonabad

Contact # 03143122668

Parrot Price PKR70,000.00

Product Description

Raw Breeder Pair For Sale Haroonabad

  • This very beautiful and confirm breeder pair of Raw is available on affordable prices.
  • Alexandrine Pair age – 05 Years
  • DNA Confirm.
  • Very Healthy and Active Raw Breeder Pair.

Price: Rs. 70,000 Do you have any plans for getting hold of a pair of Alexandrine parakeets? If so then there is no better time to do it than now as we have a very healthy and active pair of birds that you can purchase from us. Their origin is the Ramkot region near Rawalpindi in Pakistan so they are known as Rawali birds. They have been aged for about five years and their color totally excites everyone who sees them! A must have if you ask us at Planet Pet Flyer because this is what pet keeping is all about – pets that captivate and entertain us! Buy this pair today. You might even want to buy two pairs because one will be enough to keep the other company while you.

  • Raw Breeder Pair Price in Haroonabad is 70000 Rs.