Blue Gold Macaw For Sale Sialkot

Blue Gold Macaw

Blue Gold Macaw For Sale Sialkot


Location – Sialkot

Contact # 03143122668

Parrot Price PKR265,000.00

Product Description

Blue Gold Macaw For Sale Sialkot


  • Macaw is very fancy and beautiful Parrot
  • Blue and Gold Macaw is available for Sale
  • Age – 09 Months
  • Young Blue and Gold Macaw
  • No Defect
  • Nail-Tail-Fly All Okay
  • Hand Tammed blue Macaw
  • Live With Kids at Home
  • Bite very softly
  • Confirm Male
  • DNA Certificate is available on demand.

Birds, like the Blue and Gold macaw, can bring a lot of joy to your life and make you very happy. Macaws are beautifully colored birds that have different kinds of personalities but all together make for good pets! These types of birds are usually quite affordable, making them affordable to most people who want to own a pet. I found a macaw in the eyes and color department it is spectacular. Also they don’t need too much space or care and go into water very much if you give them the chance, meaning that they’re easy pets to have around. They can easily be trained to do tricks with just an hour a day with some treats. You can check parrot price in Pakistan.

This type of bird may bite somewhat when first being trained, but after time will finally adjust to their owner’s hands, making for an obedient pet throughout childhood. Blue & Gold macaw parrots cost about 265000 Rs.

  • Blue Gold Macaw Price in Sialkot is 265000 Rs.