Budgies Breeder Pairs For Sale In Lahore

Budgies Pairs For Sale

Budgies Breeder Pairs For Sale In Lahore

Ahmed Tahir

Contact # 03214849142

Location- Lahore

Parrot Price PKR2,800.00

Product Description

Budgies Breeder Pairs For Sale In Lahore

  • black eyes curst split red eyes curst ( Pair-01)
  • king male and curst black ayes female ( Pair-02)
  • black eyes male and black eyes female ( Pair-03)
  • Simple Budgie ( Pair-04)
  • All Pairs are healthy and Active
  • Nail – Tail- Fly Okay
  • Confirm Breeder Pairs

Budgies for Sale. We have a wonderful selection of budgies to offer here at Birdsell.net including pairs and solitaires at prices that are fixed now with no special offers attached like the last time we brought in treats for the birds! (That didn’t go so well – they nearly ate each other by accident! Woops.) All our budgies are healthy and active with properly trimmed nails and tails, proving they’re cared after by experienced breeders.

  • All 04 Budgies Breeder Pairs price is 2800 Rs.