Eclectus Parrot For Sale In Bahawalpur

Electus Parrot

Eclectus Parrot For Sale In Bahawalpur


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Parrot Price PKR150,000.00

Product Description


Eclectus Parrot For Sale In Bahawalpur

  • 04 year old
  • very tame
  • male electus is available with cage.
  • He is friendly and taktitve.
  • Says “Allah Hu“, “Mitho papa ka beta hy“ Mitho acha bacha hy”.
  • blows whistles.
  • He loves human company.
  • No bad habits.
  • Very shiny and healthy.

Attention, pet lovers! Do you love parrots? If so, then I have the perfect match for you! An Eclectus Parrot just isn’t the same without a person or family to be with… Meet Max. A lovely 4-year-old male with a silver head and tail that is beginning to turn deep blue. He loves people. Very friendly and fun. Sings songs, says Ioioa and likes to whistle. He eats anything cooked in front of him but only tries new foods when he is ready. Otherwise he loves fruits, nuts, seeds and pellets as well! He loves to hug his favorite toys while watching TV or sitting on your shoulder while you read the paper… But most important of all he has been raised in an immaculate home with all possible care given. For more information you can call me.

  • Eclectus Parrot Price in Pakistan is 150000 Rs.