Plum Headed Breeder Pairs For Sale

Plum Headed Breeder Pairs

Plum Headed Breeder Pairs For Sale

Contact # 03066237571

Location # Narowal

Parrot Price PKR7,000.00

Product Description

Plum Headed Breeder Pairs For Sale

  • 06 Plum Headed Breeder Pairs for Sale.
  • All plum headed pairs are healthy and active.
  • Nail-Tail-Fly all perfect.
  • Very colorful and beautiful plum headed parrots.
  • Cargo is available in all over Pakistan.
  • Serious buyers may contact please.

The Plum Headed Parrots of Pakistan are becoming increasing popular with their brilliant plumage and cheerful personalities. Plum Headed Parrots are primarily green with a red face and head and an iridescent sheen to their plumage. Other varietals include Blue Headed and Nail-Tail-Fly, which have a bluer head and grayish white rumps. Plum Headed Parrots are ideal for any bird enthusiast. These parrots are great for both beginners and aviary enthusiasts alike.
These parrots love to chew and don’t mind being handled.

  • Plum Headed Breeder Pair Price in Pakistan is 7000 Rs. per pair.