Rozicoli Breeder Pair For Sale

Rozicoli Breeder Pair

Rozicoli Breeder Pair For Sale


Contact # 03051918540

Location- Layyah, Punjab

Parrot Price PKR3,500.00

Product Description

Rozicoli Breeder Pair For Sale

  • Breeder Pair of Rozicoli available for sale.
  • Healthy and Active Breeder Pair.
  • Confirm breeder pair.
  • Cargo is available for buyers.
  • Only serious buyers may contact please.

Rozicolis available for sale in Layyah. Please contact us if you’re interested in buying a breeder pair of rozicolis. The price of ruby-throated hummingbirds is mentioned on the website please visit us. Rozicoli are known to be fearless and strong fliers, often coming around to feeders in close views for viewers to clearly see their beautiful red throat. There is cargo available for those interested in buying these birds so nothing should stop you from reaching out so ask any questions that you might have.

  • Rozicoli Breeder Pair Price in Pakistan is 3500 Rs.