Split Pale Fallows For Sale Lahore

Blue Split-Violet Pale Female

Split Pale Fallows For Sale Lahore



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Parrot Price PKR210,000.00

Product Description


Split Pale Fallows For Sale Lahore

  • 01-Blue split Pale Fallow possible split opaline
  • Age- 03 Months
  • 01- Voilet Pale Fallow female
  • Age- 02 Months
  • Cargo available
  • Healthy & Active Birds

Fallow birds are rare, and one of the reasons is because they’re so expensive. They take time to acquire and grow, which makes fallow birds incredibly valuable. When you go looking to buy fallow birds in Pakistan, consider getting your blue feathers first! There are two different shades of these rare birds: a pale colour (like an opal) and a traditional red shade with hints of black in it. And if you’d like to increase your flock in the future, we can ship Fallow Voilet for sale as cargo to any city around Pakistan.

  • Split Pale Fallows Price in Pakistan is 210000 Rs.