White Java Finches For Sale

White Java Finches

White Java Finches For Sale

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Parrot Price PKR1,900.00

Product Description

White Java Finches For Sale

  • 28 White Java Finches are available for sale
  • All java finches are healthy and active
  • Nail, Tail and Fly of All Finches are okay
  • Age of Java Finches is around 5 to 6 Months.

Great deals on white Java finches for sale. Get 28 white Java finches at a price of just 1900 Rs. White Java finches are available on best terms and conditions you can find anywhere in the country. All of our cute little birds are healthy and well-nourished, making them the perfect addition to any family or flock if they’re interested in keeping pet birds around their house! So make sure you drop by today to see what we have in store for all you bird lovers out there! And please, don’t forget to give us your opinion after taking care of your new pet bird too. We’ll love to hear all about it.

  • White Java Finches Price in Pakistan is 1900 Rs per piece.