Yellow Ringneck Babies For Sale Karachi

Yellow Ringneck Babies

Yellow Ringneck Babies For Sale Karachi

Location – Karachi

Contact# 03143122668

Parrot Price PKR38,000.00

Product Description

Yellow Ringneck Babies For Sale Karachi

  • A very beautiful yellow ringneck babies price is on display.
  • Handfeed babies are available for limited time offer.
  • Sooner they will be on self.
  • Healthy Chicks. Active.
  • Play a lot.
  • Learning words Stage

New chicks are now available in Karachi. Each week you can get a dozen at the price of 38,000 rupees. These healthy and active chicks are available for all clients across the country. You can easily raise them, as they are hand fed! Raising Chicks is not only a fun hobby but it also provides you with quality chicken meat that can improve your health, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to get new chicks today.

  • Yellow Ringneck Babies Price in Karachi is 38000 Rs.