Zebra Finches For Sale In Islamabad

Zebra Finches For Sale In Islamabad



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Parrot Price PKR550.00

Product Description


Zebra Finches For Sale In Islamabad

  • 35 to 40 Zebra Finches Pathy Looking New Shelter
  • Location Pakistan Town
  • 500 se kam wale Rabta na kare
  • 100 %Active and Healthy Pathy

Zebra finches can be bought from Islamabad. They are of top quality, and there is a large variety from which to choose. There are two options you must consider when purchasing your new finches. The first is whether you want to buy young finches that haven’t fully matured yet or older, more mature birds that may not be as lively as their younger counterparts. The second option is how many birds you want and if you want them in pairs or by themselves? The price of a single bird is around 500 Rs, but the price for two birds together will be greater than if they were bought separately.

  • Zebra Finches Price in Islamabad is 550 Rs per piece.