Green Parrot Chicks For Sale In Karachi Pakistan

Green Parrot Babies

Green Parrots Chicks For Sale In Karachi Pakistan


Location- Korangi Karachi

Contact # 03143122668

Parrot Price PKR6,000.00

Product Description


Green Parrots Chicks For Sale In Karachi Pakistan

  • 04 Chicks are there.
  • Healthy & Active.
  • Full Cover. Self Feed.
  • Green Parrot chicks cost is 6000 per chick.
  • Only serious buyers contact please.

Green Parrot Chicks For Sale: We have 4 chicks left of this rare breed that’s available to purchase! They are healthy and active. These parrots are lively and energetic making great companions for kids and adults alike. Contact us on our web address if you have any questions about buying or caring for an Green Parrot chicks like these ones featured above (and below)! Image Source

  • Green Parrot Chicks Price in Pakistan is 6000 Rs.

When Parrot chicks are on the loose, it can be very exciting! Some people like to watch the Green Parrots in their natural habitat while others prefer to take them home and make them into pets. If you have any experience with taming Green Parrots, you’ll know that they aren’t as easy to handle as one might assume and often have a bad temperament when they fly away from where they were bred.

If you simply want to observe the birds preserving their natural habitat then it’s best not to go after them yourself – however if you’re still keen on taking one home for yourself, be sure that what you’re doing is legal and don’t forget that if asking for prices of green parrot chicks for sale online, there will be vendors who will tell you what kinds of prices the local customs ask for those birds, so do your research