Lovebird Breeder Pairs For Sale Gujar Khan

Lovebirds Breeder Pair

Lovebird Breeder Pairs For Sale Gujar Khan

Location=Gujar Khan

Contact = 03143122668

Parrot Price PKR7,000.00

Product Description

Lovebird Breeder Pairs For Sale Gujar Khan


Lovebird breeder pairs for sale in Pakistan.

  • Very cute and looking Lovebirds pair.
  • Ready for Breed.
  • Lovebird Breeder Pairs Ages – more than 01 Year
  • Affordable PricesĀ  of Lovebird Breeder Pair
  • Location is mentioned above.
  • Both Breeder Lovebird pair price is 7000 per pair.

Lovebird breeder pair for sale in Gujrat at a cheap price 7000 Rs. Very cute Lovebirds for sale pair. Ready to be sold. Looking healthy baby birds pair. Have all the proper documents required with them and comes with original bills too! Readily available Baby Lovebird with Breeder. Pairs are of ages more than 1 year and both are of different genders lovebird brown female/yellow male. Please contact as soon as possible if interested or want to buy these lovely looking birds because they won’t last long.

  • Lovebird breeder pair price in Gujar Khan is 7000 Rs. per pair price.