Raw Breeder Pair In Multan

Raw Breeder Pair

Raw Breeder Pair

Ghani Javed

Contact # 03121634793

Location – Multan

Parrot Price PKR55,000.00

Product Description

Raw Breeder Pair For Sale In Multan

  • Healthy and Active Raw Breeder Pair
  • One can get Raw male only.
  • Raw Male Price is 30000 and Female is 25000
  • Confirm Breeder Pair

If you are thinking of starting your own exotic bird breeding business, then it’s an ideal time to start acquiring what could be the first of many new pairs of birds to join your growing flock. You can get yourself started right away on this fun yet often challenging adventure by purchasing one (or even two) raw breeders that are also in full breeding season. These can be offered with a price tag as low as 55,000 rupees for a pair! If you want it at a more affordable price, then we can offer you only the male for an estimated cost of about 30,000 rupees. Dont forget to inquire about our Raw female too. If it’s at a lower price, perhaps between 25-35K rupees, then grab it now before prices rise during next year’s breeding season.

  • Raw Breeder Pair Price in Multan is 55000 Rs.