Small Parrots Colony For Sale

Parrots Colony For Sale

Small Parrots Colony


Contact # 03477013605

Location- Shujabad-Multan

Parrot Price PKR500.00

Product Description

Small Parrots Colony For Sale In Shujabad Multan

  • Small Parrots Colony available for Sale
  • 100 parrots colony.
  • 500 Rs Per pair Price
  • All parrots are healthy and Active.
  • 40 to 45 breeder pairs.

Small Parrots Colony presents an amazing offer, available for sale on affordable price. A limited number of parrots will be selling at a special cost with a bulk bundle purchase. Small Parrot Colony is an opportunity to get parrots that form part of the colony you want to form, but it’s filled with features specific to your personal needs and desire.

  • Price of Each parrot pair is 500 Rs.