Sun Conure Pathy For Sale In Lahore

Sun conure pathy

Sun Conure Pathy For Sale In Lahore

Azeem Rathor

Location- Bund Road, Lahore

Contact # 03143122668

Parrot Price PKR35,000.00

Product Description


Sun Conure Pathy For Sale In Lahore

  • Sunconure Pathay
  • 35000 each
  • healthy Active
  • No DNA
  • Alhamdulillah Big size
  • Nail Tail and fly Okay

Sun conure parrots, Healthy and Active. None of them have been DNA tested. Their nails are well-clipped and their flight feathers are okay. The price per bird is 35000 PKR each. Serious buyers can contact us immediately. Thanks.

Sun conure chicks for sale in Pakistan are dependant on their conditions and age. Sun Conure baby Parrots For Sale In Lahore. The Sun Conure Baby parrots available here are healthy, tampered made to win your heart.

  • Sun Conure Chicks Price in Pakistan is 35000 Rs.