15 Natural Lutino Lovebird Actual Facts You Need to Know

Lutino Lovebird is the sub-type of a Peach-faced lovebird. This parrot belongs to the “Psittacidae family”. Lutino is a very friendly, charming, and attractive parrot. Keep chirping, noisy surroundings. Peach face lutino lovebird came from Africa, desert land, woodland forests. So Common Lutino has a strong immune system and can survive in hard and tough climates.

Traits of Common Lutino


Lutino lovebird is bright yellow with a red face, also called peach-faced lutino lovebird. Lutino is the sex-linked gene of Peach Face lutino. There are types of Lutino Lovebird, called Cinnamon or Fallow Lovebird.


Small size Lutino lovebird is almost 6 to 7 inches (15-18 cm) long. Its small size with attractive color may attract people. 


Common lutino lovebird is lighter in weight also. Its weight is about 55g. 

Cage Size

A Lutino lovebird is a room bird, a small cage is enough for keeping lutino. Cage size (L x W x H) 2 x 3 x 3 feet.

Breeding Age

Lutino lovebirds adult may become at age of breeding about 10 months. At this age, they can make their pair and breed.

Clutch Size

Lutino breeder pair lay 5 to 7 eggs in a single clutch.

Incubation Period

As above mentioned that lutino hen lays 5 to 7 eggs in a single clutch, then it takes about 23 days to incubate those eggs, and youngs come out.

Fledging Period of Young Lutinos

The young lutinos remain in the nest for about 38 to 43 days, until they become fully-fledged. After taking 43 days maximum, young lutino lovebirds leave their nests and become independent.


In wild, woodland forests and in African areas, lutino lovebird lifespan is about 15 years while in captivity, their lifespan increases up to 30 years.


As Lutino lovebird is small in size, have strong immune against hard weather. It needs a lot of care and companionship. Need to clean cage daily basis, lutino lovebird feels happy to take bath daily, play with water. So if your lutino is in a single cage not in a colony cage, then you should spend time with your lutino so that it remains intact with you.


Lutino lovebird is a social parrot, like human company, play with fellows lovebirds, play with water. Fly within the cage with chirping. Keep themselves busy in activities within a cage, playing with toys, chewing them for their mental stimulation.

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Lutino Lovebird Health

Lutino Personata

The good health of the Lutino lovebird is the major target of owners. Lutino lovebird has the ability to hide its disease and sickness from outsiders. So a keen look is needed to find that your lutino lovebird is ill and suffering in some disease.

Here we discuss some common diseases of lutino lovebird and treatments

Common Lutino Diseases

Now we have to know the common signs and symptoms when these appear, we can say that the common lutino lovebird is ill.

  • Abnormal discharge from nostril, beak, and eyes
  • Abnormal droppings
  • Respiratory Problem
  • Face and head feathers become mucus
  • Abnormal feathers, abnormal feather growth, bleeding feathers
  • Temperature
  • PBFD
  • Swollen eyes
  • Swollen body
  • Vomiting
  • Weight loss

Some signs of illness when appeared then immediately consult the veterinarian near you. These signs are:

  • Drinking excessive water
  • Abnormally plucking feathers
  • Abnormal sleep pattern
  • Abnormal droppings
  • Loss in appetite
  • Disorientation
  • Any change in normal activities

Treatment Of Diseases In Lutino Lovebird

Vitamin-A and Calcium Deficiency In Lutino Lovebird

Vitamin-A and Calcium Deficiency are the most common deficiencies among common lutino lovebirds. Although they eat seeds that are full of fats but lesser in vitamins and calcium. vitamin-A improves the body resistance of lutino, is helpful for indigestion, and also improves appetite.

To overcome Vitamin-A and Calcium Deficiency, you must add green leafy vegetables, orange fruits, and a sufficient block of calcium to prevent this deficiency.

Seed addicted common lutino may accept sprouted seeds to fulfill their needs of Vitamin-A and calcium deficiency instead of taking green leafy vegetable oranges fruits.

Breathing Problem in Common Lutino

Breathing problems are common in Common Lutino LoveBird. When this issue arises in lovebirds the following symptoms are shown:

  • Breath with open beak
  • Fever
  • Puffed in its feathers a long time
  • Sneezing
  • Flying disturb

When these signs and symptoms are shown in your lovebird then immediately give your lovebird home-based initial treatment like Use of Brufen Syrup mix in its water, keep a neat and clean environment, well lightened. Then take your lovebird to a Veterinarian so that proper treatment of breathing issues can be treated.

Stomach Problem in Common Lutino Lovebird

Stomach problems are also common in lovebirds. These types of problems, symptoms are abnormal droppings, vomiting, loss in appetite, loss in weight. In the initial stage, the use of Flagyl Syrup is helpful for controlling abnormal droppings, and for treatment of vomiting, Syrup with an empty stomach should be given.

Temperature In Common Lutino

Fever is normal in Common Lutino. Weather changes, traveling lovebird from 1 place to another city, some improper diet, all these factors for lovebird’s fever. One can handle this fever at home by adding Brufen Syrup in lovebird drinking water. This will be helpful if your bird travels from one city to another city and also tiredness. 

Veterinarian Advised To  Lovebird

As ill lovebird take to Veterinarian with some respiratory issues, vomiting, abnormal droppings, severe fever signs then, Veterinarian advised that

  • Keep cage fresh  of your lovebird
  • Inject some antibiotics drops in the lovebird beak
  • Add up some multivitamins and calcium supplements to support the lovebird

Lovebird Recovered From Disease

By using antibiotics and multivitamin supplements, lovebird recovery starts about 2 days and it needs almost 10 days to become fully recovered from the disease. When you see, proper flight, appetite becomes fine, take proper sleep, chirping noisy voices.

Best Toys For Lutino Lovebird

Lovebirds are very active and noisy parrots. They keep themselves busy all the time in any activity. This busyness keeps them active, healthy, and strong. Here we discuss some different types of toys which are helpful in the daily activity of your lovebird and keep them healthy.

  • Flying Trapeze Lovebird Toy
  • Foraging Star Common Lutino Toy
  • Disco Ball Toy
  • Swing N Perch Lovebird Toy
  • Pineapple Foraging Bird Toy
  • Crinkle Little Star Bird Toy
  • Birdie Bowling Toy
  • Rainbow Bridge Lovebird Toy
  • Natural Coconut Bird Toy

Flying Trapeze Lovebird Toy

A very fancy and full of colors, flying trapeze lovebird toy, swing all in one. This flying trapeze consists of :

  • Colorful balls
  • Fancy and good looking different colored chain
  • Grassy like mat which keeps your lovebird hours busy
  • Colorful Beads

This flying trapeze will be very helpful for your lovebird parrot in :

  • Muscles strengthen
  • Communications with other lovebirds in a joyful mood
  • Keep busy by keeping balance in flying trapeze
  • A very good exercise for a healthy life of your lovebird parrot

Foraging Star Common Lutino ToyForaging Star LoveBird Toy

The foraging star toy for Common Lutino Lovebird is very good-looking, chewable, and helpful for spending time. This toy is consist of:

  • The size of this toy is 6 by 6
  • Made in the United States with material that is not harmful to your lutino lovebird or baby lovebird while chewing this
  • The only reason, people are reluctant to buy this, it makes a lot of noise a lot while chewing it.

Disco Ball ToyDisco Ball Lovebird Toy

This toy comes in very shiny and attractive colors and is attached to a bell. Whenever your common lutino love bird touches the ball, the bell jiggles and it makes your lovebird amuse and keep fresh. Disco ball is a very low-budget toy, whenever this ball lost its color replace it with a new one.

Swing N Perch Lovebird ToySwing N Perch Lovebird Toy

Swing N Perch toy is very simple in design and your lovebird will surely like this. This toy is made of simple rope and must be hung in the center of your cage. So when your lovebird wants to take a swing by hung and feel joy. There is no whistle or bell attached to this toy. Very simple in design. This toy will lose its shape and color when the lutino lovebird will use on daily basis.

Pineapple Foraging Bird ToyPineapple Foraging Bird Toy

Pineapple foraging lovebird toy is a simple and good time-consuming product for your lutino lovebird. This toy is not as colorful and pretty as others are but it simply hand in the corner of your cage and your lovebird keeps foraging for hours.

This toy has some tiny pockets where you can put seeds and feed for your lovebird. Your parrot will play with the toy and keep foraging to find feed or seeds from pockets for many hours.

As Pineapple foraging toy is made of natural things, it will not be a long-lasting toy for your peach-faced lovebird. as others. 

Crinkle Little Star Bird ToyCrinkle Little Star Bird Toy

Crinkle little star lovebird toy is very adorable, durable, and attractive for your lutino lovebird. This toy contains bells, balls, foraging components. So your bird will keep busy from the whole day till night. 

The only disadvantage is that you will not be mentally relaxed at home by its crackling sounds around you all the time

Common Lutino For Sale

Peach Face Common lutino for sale is available throughout the year. Lovebird prices go high in the season when they lay eggs and chicks or you can say when common lutino breeding season starts, prices of common lutino are on the high side.

Lovebird For Sale in Pakistan

Lovebird is a common parrot, easily available for sale in all cities of Pakistan. Common Lutino is a highly selling parrot. Throughout the year, it’s selling season alive.

Lovebird For Sale in Karachi

Karachi is a big market and large population of lovebird, that’s why the lovebird for sale in Karachi is easily found out and with low price as compared to other cities

Lovebird for Sale in Lahore

Peoples have large aviaries in Lahore surroundings. The whole year is the season of lovebirds for sale in Lahore. The prices of Lovebird in Lahore is higher in the breeding season and low in the offseason.

Lovebird for Sale in Multan

lutino lovebird for sale in Multan at Qilla Multan, where a big market of Birds was established. Sale purchase of lovebird there. Breeder pair for sale available, lovebird chicks also available for sale there.

Lovebird Price In Pakistan

Lovebird price in Pakistan 2021 is relatively high than 2020. Lovebird chicks, breeder pairs, lutino male or female, all prices go up. let’s discuss lovebird prices in 2021.

Lovebird Breeder Pair Price

Lovebird breeder pair price in Pakistan is about 3500-4500 PKR. Their breeding age is about 8 months. They become mature and ready for 1st breed.

Lovebird Adult Price In Lahore

Lovebird adult age is about 8 months. Lutino adult price in Lahore is around 1700-1900 PKR. Adult male common lutino price is higher than Adult female Common Lutino.

Lovebird Chicks Price In Pakistan

Lovebird fanciers buy chicks and then grow them up. Lovebird chicks’ price may vary from city to city but not much difference. Common lutino chick’s price is about 500-700 PKR.


Q.No.1 Why Lovebirds called lovebird?

Lovebirds are called lovebirds because of the strong bonding of pairs. lovebirds belong to short size parrots families because of their small size. They have sharpened colors with a short tail.

Q.No.2 Are lovebirds easy to tame?

Adult lovebirds refuse to learn tricks or movement. But young lovebirds are far easier to tame and learn tricks. Interact young lovebird softly and politely on daily basis. When they start to react then move to hand tame them.

Q.No.3 What is the Price of Lovebird Breeder Pair in Pakistan?

The price of the Lovebird breeder pair in 2021 is on the high side. Price nowadays falls in between 3500 to 4500 lovebird common lutino breeder pair.

Q.No.4 When do Lovebirds lay eggs?

Female lovebirds lay eggs at age of 9 to 12 months.

Q.No.5 why lovebirds make noise?

Lovebirds make noise when they get bored with their surroundings and no change is found around them. Otherwise, they chip quack with each other in a high tone.

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