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In Pakistan green parrot price ranges between 6000 to 18000 Rs. Green Parrot life span is also discussed in the details section Green Parrots for sale but before buying green parrots you must learn how to keep green parrots. Green Parrot or Indian Ringneck Parrot is one of those parrots who have most common and not too shy and very companionship Parrot. It is also called Rose Ringed Parakeet.

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Green Parrot Price with All Details

  • Hand Feed Baby Price is around 1800-2300 PKR.
  • Chick Price in Pakistan is  3000 PKR.
  • Adult Parrot Price in Pakistan is 6000-7000 PKR.
  • Female Parrot Price in Pakistan is 7500-8500 PKR. Confirm Breeder female price is this.
  • Breeder Pair Price  15000-16000 PKR in the breeding season. This Price goes down 10000-12000 when breeding season is off.
  • Katha’s price in Pakistan is around 5000-5500 PKR.

Green Parrots For Sale In Pakistan

Green parrot or Pahari tota prices are variant in Pakistan depending upon the type of green parrot you are looking.. Here we are providing you type-wise parrot prices

green parrot

The very first time in Pakistan, a web portal where you can purely buy and sell your birds. Price varies from place to place and Green Parrot age-wise difference. For example, the Price of the Green Parrot baby is different from the Price of Young and adults and the Breeder Pair price is lastly high from all.

Green Parrot Price Fresh for Sale

Green Parrot Types Names List 

There are multiple names and types of the green parrot following are the list. Following are the types of green parrots with images

Green BudgiesGreen Budgies
Raw ParrotRaw Parrot
Indian RingneckIndian Ringneck
Pahari , Pahari TotaPahari Tota
Kashmiri TotaKashmiri Tota
Desi TotaDesi Tota
Green LovebirdGreen Lovebird
Amazon ParrotAmazon Parrot
Quaker ParrotsQuaker Parrots
Macaw MilitaryMacaw Military
Senegal ParrotSenegal Parrot
Great Green MacawGreat Green Macaw
Little LorikeetLittle Lorikeet
Electus MaleElectus Male
Pacific ParrotPacific Parrot
Painted ParakeetPainted Parakeet
Red Front MacawRed Front Macaw
Green Cheek ConureGreen Cheek Conure
Scaly Breasted LorikeetScaly Breasted Lorikeet
Australian RingneckAustralian Ringneck
Spectacled ParrotletSpectacled Parrotlet
Thick Billed ParrotThick Billed Parrot
 Short-tailed parrotShort-tailed parrot
Edward’s Fig ParrotEdward's Fig Parrot
Blue Bellied ParrotBlue Bellied Parrot
Siri Lanka hanging parrotsirilanka green parrot

Pahari Tota For Sale Online In Pakistan

Green Parrot for sale online in Pakistan very first time through a proper website, we are offering green parrot pair on our main page for selling.

Visit our official website, place an order and we will provide you with good quality Green Parrots of all ages.

Price of Green ringneck in Lahore

Green ringneck parrots for sale in Lahore are enlisted here. You can search these on our main or landing page or you can also use the search bar to locate the parrots by region.

Pahari Tota Price in Rawalpindi

Green ringneck parrots are available for sale in Rawalpindi. Place your order by visiting our website and within time limit, your desired product will be reached at your destination.

Green Parrot For Sale In Islamabad

Ringneck parrots are great to keep. In Islamabad, most people keep the parrots for their home decoration and for their home beauty. They search the green parrot for sale online and for them, we provide the platform to buy green parrots online by visiting our website main page

Green Parrot For Sale On Facebook

here people have Facebook pages where Green parrot is for sale. People post their stock and prices of relevant birds and similar buyers are also there for buying Green Parrot.

Green Parrot For Sale In Whatsapp Groups

Social media is a very vast field, people use technology for their own benefit. Green parrot for sale in Whatsapp Groups is a shape of business online selling and buying.

Green Ringneck Parrot Price In Pakistan

As discussed above, the Green ringneck Parrot price varies from place to place and from chicks to breeder age. Also talking green parrot, hand-feed baby, self-feed baby, adult, and breeding pair, all have different prices and different qualities.

Talking Ringneck Parrots

Breeder Green Parrots Pair Price In Pakistan

Breeder Green Parrots pair price in Pakistan during breeding season is high, round about 13000-15000 PKR. During the breeding season, sellers are less and buyers are more in the market. Buyers search in the market all the time, that’s why from the Month of November to April, 6 months, rates of Breeding Ringneck Parrot are on the rising side. While on the other hand when their selling season starts, the breeding season ends, and they pin their wings, then the price low down up to 9000-10000 PKR from May to October.

Adult Green Parrot Cost In Pakistan Or Patha Price In Pakistan

Price of Adult Green Parrot is about 5000 to 6000 PKR, adult age around 1 Year or 1 and Half Year, because green parrot breeds around 2 years ago. So some peoples have Female or Male and they want to complete their Pair, so buy Adult Green Parrot online from the website, and for this purpose, we are giving you the opportunity to buy from our website.

Hand Feed Baby Green  Price In Pakistan

Hand Feed baby price in Multan is about 1800 to 2000 PKR while the same hand-feed baby price in Lahore is about 2000 to 2200 PKR. In Karachi, Hand Feed Green Parrot Baby price is the lowest side.

Self-Feed Baby Price In Pakistan

A self-feed baby means when the Green Parrot baby starts feeding itself. About 40 days baby starts feeding itself. The price of Self Feed Baby Parrot is raised from 2000 to 3000 PKR and as ages grow up, the Price becomes high.

Green Ringneck Parrot Price In Karachi

Green ringneck parrot price in Karachi is relatively low from the whole country, one reason behind this that very high competition in the market of sellers.

Buy Indian Ringneck Parrot In Pakistan

Buy an Indian ringneck parrot in Pakistan by visiting the title page of our website.  Access the website for buying Green Parrots and we will deliver the product as per your desired location.

Natively green parrot belongs to Africa and the Indian subcontinent. Nowadays feral populations have been established in all over part of the world and people keep rose-ringed parrots as pets and also trade in this parrot.

Indian Ring-Necked parakeet is locally called “Desi Parrot” or “Katha”. Locally people in Pakistan, when they search for rose-ringed parrot, they search for Green Parrot for sale in Pakistan or Katha for sale in Pakistan or Indian Ring-Necked for sale in Pakistan.

Katha Parrot or Green Parrot if we generally look in size or environmental resistance, have more than Budgies and a large life span than budgies.

Let’s Discuss Green Parrot Lifespan and Traits

Let’s discuss all Green Parrot like

  • Male Female Identification
  • Life Span of Katha Tota
  • Breeding Season of Green Parrot
  • How Many Green Parrot Lay Eggs
  • Green Parrots Cage Size
  • Green Parrot Breeding Age
  • Green Parrot Behavior
  • When To Start Talking
  • What is food for Green Parrot / What do Green Parrot Eat
  • Food To Avoid
  • Toys For Green Parrots
  • Care for Green Parrots
  • Tamed Indian Ringneck
  • How Indian Ringneck Sleep
  • Green Parrot Diseases
  • Green Parrot Treatments

You can learn more about parrots too.

Difference between Male and Female Ringneck Birds

Green Ringneck Male-Female green parrots for sale

A Rose-ringed parakeet is sexual differences between male and female parrots. Adult male green parrot has red and black neck ring and the hen sometimes has no neck ring or sometimes has a very light pale to dark grey neck ring. Both male and female Katha parrots have distinctive green colors in the wild but captive-bred ringnecks have multiple color mutations like blue, violet, and yellow.

Indian ringneck parrots have almost 40 cm long in length with large size of wings as 15 to 18 cm long feathers. In the wild, green parrots are very noisy and keep squawking calls. But when captive individual green parrots can be taught to speak and tame as companionship. Rose-ringed parakeets are non-migratory species.

How Long Do Green Parrots Live: Lifespan Of Katha Tota

Indian ringneck parrot is quite talkative and has a healthy companionship with humans. Because of this ability to interact with humans and very healthy activity, the life span of a green parrot is around 30 years. Green parrot has very adjusted to the local environment, has body resistance against bad weather conditions. Survival capacity is very high in bad conditions. Most people in Pakistan are interested in buying green parrot because of this quality.

When Do Green Parrots Lay Eggs: Breeding Season

Indian Ringneck parrots Breeding season starts from November & It remains up to April. During these 6 months, green parrots breed twice. During the whole breeding season, their food and diet change, provided them supplements to empower their strength, so that they lay eggs.

Their environment is like covered but sunshine, sun rays befall into their cages, because sun rays are the reason for developing Vitamin-D and this vitamin is helpful for their bones and their breeding. Otherwise, if sun rays are not hitting the cages directly then you have to use vitamin-d supplement capsules to provide and make their bones strengthen.

How Many Eggs Green Parrots Lay 

Green ringneck parrots breed almost twice or sometimes thrice in a breeding season. Because their breeding season spread upon 6 months, so people mostly use hatch machines, for hatching their eggs and make them mature. As female lay eggs, people pick them up and place in hatch machine, then female lay more eggs. Almost 3 to 4 eggs per breeder pair lay down and make them mature naturally 21 days.

Some parrots are known to lay as many as three eggs in a single time and as many as nine to twenty eggs in a year. Many times, however, their success rate is quite low due to the fact that there is so much risk involved, especially when it comes down to parrot breeding. Don’t get discouraged, though. If you have been trying for a long time and it’s still yet to work out – that doesn’t mean give up just yet!

Breeding Green Parrots Cage Size

green parrot cage

You must provide your bird enough space where it can move easily, open feathers , at least a short fly it can take. When green parrots are make their couples then shift them into separately cages, each pair in separate cage, so that they can breed and live in good environment. Because after making couples, if you keep them in same big cage, they can not breed easily and fight with each others. So your breeder green parrot cage size almost 

Height x Width x Length ( 4 feet  x 2 feet x 2 feet)

Green Parrot Breeding Age

Baby green parrots are without ring around neck. Both sexes are look alike same. After 3 years, pair become mature. After 3 years, they breed 1st time. Their age laps around 25 to 30 years.

 Green Parrot Behavior

Behavior of Indian ringneck parrots are very companion and friendly. They feel happy when you give attention to them , care for them, provide playing space, toys. But if you ignore them then , they behave very aggressively and even bite on your finger.  When they are in breeding season, do not clean their cages, keep them in same situation with dusty, feathers filled. When you clean their cages, green parrots get angry and they avoid to make couple with their parrot.

Raw Parrot Breeding Season in Pakistan

Raw parrots breed from November to April in their native range. They usually nest in tree hollows, but sometimes use tree holes excavated by themselves or cracks in buildings. Females lay 2 to 4 white, blunt oval-shaped eggs, measuring 27 to 34 mm (1.1 to 1.3 in). The average incubation period is 24 days.

A parrot initially begins to produce eggs after it reaches sexual maturity roughly 6 or 7 years of age. A female’s first clutch is often small, but subsequent clutches become larger with each passing year until the production of clutch peaks in the 9th or 10th year of the bird’s lifespan. There are around 24 days between ovulation and the next egg is laid, and there is an incubation period for about two weeks after this point.

When Do Green Ringneck Start Talking

Indian Ringneck Parrots start talking in the age of 8-Months to 1 Year. They are excellent talker. Quick learner. Observe and catch the human words very quickly. If someone spend quality time with them, they become best companion parrot.

What Do Green Parrots Eat: Green Parrots Food

Indian ringneck parakeets feed on seeds, grains, blossoms in wild. Also feed fruits vegetables, berries, nuts and even nectar.

Especially during breeding season, adults need higher amount of protein and therefore, mealworm laravae and pupa and highly protein added fruits and vegetables be added in their diet.

Green Parrots Food To Avoid

Green Parrots food to avoid

Toxic foods should be avoided and not feed your bird. Highly salted and sugars, fat containing foods also be avoided.

  •         Fruits seeds
  •         Chocolate
  •         Meat
  •         Alcohol
  •         Saccava
  •         Avocado
  •         Dairy products
  •         Nuts

Do not feed above mentioned foods to your green parrot.

Toys For Green Parrots

What are the best toys for parrots?

Green Parrot Toys

Toys are categorized in 6 different types of toys:

  1. Climbing Toys
  2. Chewing Toys
  3. Noisy Toys
  4. Moving Toys
  5. Puzzle Toys
  6. Foot & Beak Toys

Green parrots mostly like climbing , chewing and foot & beak toys. Climbing toys like ladders, swing or step up and step down type toys are attractive them and they feel happy and keep busy themselves. 

In chewing toys, like a piece of wood, they keep on chirping through their beak and keep biting. While in  noisy toys list, rattles or bells they like, put nutts into wooden ball, or some musically voices more good than ringing bell.

Care For Green Parrots

Green parrots are not shy birds. They show their mood without any hesitation. So care them with love, provide food and water intime. Care for their playing , their amusement equipment be installed within cage. Do not let them bored. Keep them busy and as green parrots be busy, they will be happily living. Specially when their breeding season starts, look after them more precautionary, because if you get annoyed them male participant or female will not meet and then will not breed.

Can Green Ringneck Parrots Talk: Tamed Indian Ringneck

Taming the indian ringneck parrot is a skill. Tamed green parrot is high pricing. People trained them to do some activities performed. Teach them sound replies, trained them by spending precious time with them and care them with love and affectionate with them. Tamed green parrot for sale in high prices as compare to normal Green parrot

How Indian Ringneck Sleep

green parrot sleep

Indian ringneck sleep like other birds, beak tucked into its wings after the whole day napping or in night just inside a corner and take cling into cage.

Green Ringneck Parrots Diseases

Green parrot or Indian ringneck parrots are very strong and have high immunity against diseases. Diseases can be occur because of weather changes, not cleaning environment, some traveling of birds from 1 place to other. Here we discuss few diseases and then their treatment 

Signs & Symptoms

When you feel the change in behavior in your parrot, sitting lazy, low in interaction, sitting same place, head down, then you should visit the Veterinarian doctor to take checkup of your bird. Its sign of weakness and may be the reason of some fever or motion. Another reason of may be dusky water, not proper cleanliness of cage, replacement of water. Its very important to change the water and clean the cage daily basis. If water not clean or not change daily, then stomach issue can be occur with your bird.

Green Ringneck Parrots Treatment

Panadol Syrup drops are helpful for your bird when your bird is suffering in fever or made hectic travel from one place to other place. Similarly flagyl syrup is used when green ringneck suffering in motion. On the other side, you should care the water , food, energy supplements for your parrot, clean environment is compulsory. All these things, make your habit, it will be helpful in maintaining the health of your green ringneck and keep your parrot healthy and active.

Baby Green Parrot

Baby Green Parrot when come out from egg, just a piece of flash. No feathers, just a flash. Female feed baby and as start to grow and movement start. Some people pick their babies as their age upto 7 to 10 days for the purpose that female again breed and start hand feeding those chicks.

Food For Baby Indian RingNeck

Baby green ringneck parrot should be provided buffet of fruits, vegetables, pellets and nutritious diet and encourage to feed the baby itself. In start you have to feed baby yourself and diet for baby indian ringneck more than 4 times almost, must feed your parrot.

Baby Indian Ringneck Get Feathers

Baby indian ringneck open their eyes about 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, they get to know their surroundings. Upto 2 weeks, a little much grow their feathers start and at age of 4 weeks, their feathers almost pin complete and try to bite you when you try to grab them.

Care for Baby Indian RingNeck

Baby indian ringneck new born, unable to take feed itself, so you have to care them a lot, specially from weather changing, timely clean the cage and proper cover the cage also where baby green ringneck are. Sometimes when you feel that your baby is not responding properly and late in reply or laziness then give your baby green parrot 2 to 3 drops of panadol by mixing in water and visit veterinarian also for taking some tips for care.

Hand Feed Baby Green Parrot

Mostly people take out baby green parrots from their cages and place them outside the cage in box almost after 10 days, and start feeding them by hand. People do so because by doing this, female again breed and more eggs and chicks come out. By doing this, minimum 2 times a couple can breed.

Baby green parrots start feeding by hand and 4 to 5 times a day they have to feed using tea-spoon from where they can sip the drops of water and take feed. In short, hand feed baby green parrot needs for care and affection and good environment as compare to self feed green parrot baby. Hand feed baby green parrot for sale in Pakistan around 2000-2300 PKR.


What Is The Green Ringneck Parrot Breeding Age?

Green Ringneck Parrot breed at age of 2 years the first time. Sometimes they breed after 1 and half years but on the natural standard at age of 2 years.

In Which Month Green Parrot Lay Eggs?

Green parrot breeding season starts at the end of November and it remains until April. Mostly green parrots lay eggs in the month of February and then hatch their eggs up to 28 days and then breed come out from eggs. They breed 2 times in a season.

How Many Eggs Does A Green Parrot Lay?

Green parrot lay minimum 4 eggs at its each breed, more than 4 also possible but on minimum side green parrot lay 4 eggs in a single breed.

Are Green Parrots Good Pets?

Green parrots are good pets, as we spend time with them they feel happy and respond to your whistle sound with their happy sound. Most people train them, tame them, teach them different types of activities, teach them words to pronounce. Green parrots also observe their surrounding voices and try to pronounce them also.

How Much Green Parrots Cost?

Normal green parrot chick price is 2500 PKR, while a self chick price is relatively high around 3000 PKR, adult price around 5000 PKR, and green parrot breeder pair price in selling season is 11000 PKR and in breeding season around 15000 PKR. You can check our website for updated price on our website main page.

Green Parrots cost depend upon their age , their quality. If a trained green parrot  which means that it can speak words, do some activities, properly tamed green parrot then its cost is high.

Where To Buy Green Parrots?

We provide you best plate-form to buy green parrots online through our website title page, healthy and active bird you can buy green parrots from us.

How Long Do Green Parrots Live?

Green parrots are one of those parrots categories which have very much environmental resistance in their body and can survive in hard situations. Green Parrots average age is about 25 Years. In ideally good conditions, green parrots live 30 years up to also.

At What Age Do Green Ringneck Parrots Talk?

Green Ringneck Parrots start talking at age of 1 year properly. From this age, they can learn words, trained them easily. But if you interact them with care and love , then green parrots have no fear for you and learn very quickly. 

How To Tell A Green Ringneck Parrot Is Male Or Female?

Male green ringneck parrot has a circle around its neck while female does not have a circle around its neck. When green ringneck parrots at age less than 6 months, both male-female necks are clear at that age we can also find that who is male and who is female by doing the DNA test.

Best Food for Greeen Ringneck Parrots?

In wild, green ringneck parrots eat seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetable grains. In wild, they fly in flocks and damage very much some orchards.

While in captivity, green ringneck parrots provided extra pellets, cooked meat, multi-vitamins, food supplements, vitamin D for their empower.

What Food is Not good For Green Parrots?

Avoid feeding green ringneck parrots dairy foods, cheese, nuts, butter, milk, alcohol, coffee, salty , processed food, fatty food also should be avoided.

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