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The starting price for a lutino lovebird price in Pakistan is around 1500 Rs per bird. This cost can vary depending on the bird’s type, age, and other factors. For example, a mutant bird will naturally have a higher cost than an ordinary Peach Face because of its unique features. It’s also worth noting that Blue Personata Lovebird and Red Eyed Lovebirds are considered to be expensive varieties of the species due to their rarity. Due to its popularity, Parrot Island’s Lovebird prices start from 2800-3500 Rs.

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Lovebirds are very popular parrots to keep as pets because of their ability to mimic sounds that we make. Not only will they make a cheerful chirping noise, but you may find your lovebird quickly mimicking your voice! This is one reason why many people love having them as a pet at home.

There are numerous species of lovebirds – nine total – but four of those varieties are so rare that they’re hard to find anywhere other than in captivity. However, there are five species and several color variations available, even though they tend to be more expensive than some other exotic pets.

Lovebird Parrots

For beginners, the LoveBird setup is best for learning how to keep Parrots at home and how to care for them, feed them and what you need to know about their behavior. Lovebirds are popular parrot species in captivity, a very versatile variety of mutations makes them highly attractive. They can be found in a colorful array of different shades such as black, blue, white, yellow, grey, etc which increase their popularity amongst bird keepers. People love to keep them at home for their amusing personalities and their beautiful voices.

Price of Lutino Lovebird in Pakistan

1000 Rs to 200000 Rs

Bringing home a Lovebird is the same as going out for a walk. These birds are low maintenance and don’t require frequent attention or upkeep throughout their lives. Lovebird prices vary depending on whether they’re Chicks, young, adult, breeder pair, or mature pair. All these age groups of Lovebirds have different price tags, not to mention any unique features such as if they’re all-white for example which will cost more than the regular colored Loves with varied colors. We’ll discuss the various models of Lovebird pricing below:

Adoption Price of Lutino Lovebird Chicks

1000 Rs to 2000 Rs

Lovebird chick’s adoption prices start at around 1000 Rs. The age of the bird is usually one month old before they are sold to consumers and their nationwide delivery charge costs approximately 387 Rs. Most lovebird mutations which are typically not highly ranked in terms of popularity cost about 2000 Rs for a chick on average. Here is a chart that displays all of our available birds in terms of the general price range, starting from the most popular:

Lovebird typecastCost (Per Piece)
Peach-faced lovebird with Black eyes Chick Price700-1000 Rs.
Peach-face lovebird with Red eyes Chick Price1200-1500 Rs
Fischer Lovebird Chick Price700 Rs
Yellow Fischer Lovebird Chick Price800 Rs
Orange Fischer Lovebird Chick Price1000 Rs
Blue Fischer Lovebird Chick Price1200 Rs
Black Masked Lovebird Chick Price1000 Rs
Blue Cobalt Lovebird Chick Price1200 Rs
Pied Green Lovebird Chick Price
800 Rs
Green Single Violet factor Opaline Lovebird Chick Price
1700 Rs
Opaline Double Dark factor Lovebird Chick Price
1800-2000 Rs
Masked lovebird With olive color Chick Price
1700 Rs
Aqua Turquoise Lovebird Chick Price18000-29000 Rs
Turquoise Lovebird Chick Price (High-Quality Mutation)50000-70000 Rs
Aqua harlequin Lovebird Chick Price60000-75000 Rs
Whiteface violet Lovebird Chick Price3000-4500 Rs

Adult Lutino Lovebird Adoption Price

2000 Rs to 3500 Rs

Adult Lovebirds

Lovebirds Breeding Season in Pakistan

The breeding season is January through April and June through July. The nest is in a hole in a tree 2 to 15 meters above the ground.Lovebird adults age around 4 months old and are ready to breed. and you can draw up an easy chart for the different types of Lovebirds and their prices to be sold to locals that want one to entertain them at their home or office.

Lovebird typecastCost (Per Piece)
Peach-faced lovebird with Black eyes Adult Price1500 Rs.
Peach-face lovebird with Red eyes Adult Price2500 Rs
Fischer Lovebird Adult Price1900 Rs
Yellow Fischer Lovebird Adult Price1800 Rs
Orange Fischer Lovebird Adult Price18500 Rs
Blue Fischer Lovebird Adult Price1900 Rs
Black Masked Lovebird Adult Price2500 Rs
Blue Cobalt Lovebird Adult Price2900 Rs
Pied Green Lovebird Adult Price
1900 Rs
Green Single Violet factor Opaline Lovebird Adult Price
1700 Rs
Opaline Double Dark factor Lovebird Adult Price
Over 3000 Rs
Masked lovebird With olive color Adult Price
2700 Rs
Aqua Turquoise Lovebird Adult Price 100000 Rs Plus
Turquoise Lovebird Adult Price (High-Quality Mutation) 150000 Rs Approximately
Aqua harlequin Lovebird Adult Price 175000 Rs most expectedly
Whiteface violet Lovebird Adult Price6500Rs

Lutino Lovebird Breeder Pairs Adoption Cost

4500 Rs to 9000 Rs

Lovebirds have become very popular in some areas of the world, so much so that it is hard to keep up with the demand. Just a few years ago lovebirds were bought for a fraction of the price but now, in places like South Africa for example where growers found that demand for these small little birds far outstripped the availability, their prices rose rapidly.

Lovebird typecastCost (Per Piece)
Peach-faced lovebird with Black eyes Breeder Pair Price3500 Rs.
Peach-face lovebird with Red eyes Breeder Pair Price8500 Rs.
Fischer Lovebird Breeder Pair Price3000-3200 Rs.
Yellow Fischer Lovebird Breeder Pair Price3000 Rs.
Orange Fischer Lovebird Breeder Pair Price3500 Rs.
Blue Fischer Lovebird Breeder Pair Price3700 Rs.
Black Masked Lovebird Breeder Pair Price5500 Rs.
Blue Cobalt Lovebird Breeder Pair Price5700-6800 Rs.
Pied Green Lovebird Breeder Pair Price
35000 Rs.
Green Single Violet factor Opaline Lovebird Breeder Pair Price
175000 Rs.
Opaline Double Dark factor Lovebird Breeder Pair Price
275000 Rs. Plus
Masked lovebird With olive color Breeder Pair Price
7500 Rs.
Aqua Turquoise Lovebird Breeder Pair Price125000 Rs. Plus
Turquoise Lovebird Breeder Pair Price (High-Quality Mutation)275000 Rs. Plus
Aqua harlequin Lovebird Breeder Pair Price300000 Rs. Around
Whiteface violet Lovebird Breeder Pair Price15000 Rs.

Keep Lutino Lovebirds At Home: Initial Setup Cost For Beginners

25000 Rs to 45000 Rs

Frequently asked question by Beginners that, what is the initial setup cost for Lovebirds? There are two approaches for keeping pairs of lovebirds. One, is to keep them individual pairs in separate cages along with water bowls, food dishes and toys specific for each pair. This approach  is bit expensive.

The second approach is to build a “mini cage” that functions as a sort of “dormitory” for the birds. The mini-cage can include nesting accessories, toys, and everything else that goes into setting up this type of habitat – including food dishes and water sources. Using this approach, the work burden is less, and expense also is minimized.

Lovebird Cages

List of Items Needed for Lovebirds and Cost

When you decided to bring lutino lovebirds colony at home then list down the accessories and items needed for them. Approximately prices are reflecting, these can be changed anytime;

PermitRequired Permission if is Imported
Cage2000-8000 Rs As Aviary Setup
Cage Setup Perches Cover etc2000 Rs
Additional Transportation Cage2000 Rs
Water Bowl500 Rs
Food1000 Rs
Toys and Other Chewing Articles1500 Rs

Monthly Expense on Lovebird Parrots

2500 to 15000 Rs

What is the monthly expense to keep lovebird parrots at home? Lovebirds are small South American birds related to parrots and toucans. They live up to 25 years in captivity, but their lifespan can be as short as five years in the wild. Most people love keeping them at home due to their vibrant colors, sweet chirping, and gorgeous looks. There are even those who are professionals and others who keep them in their aviaries! We’ll need to find out how much the average person spends on lovebirds every month so we can calculate it comes out to accumulated expense in rupees a year.

  • Monthly Food Expense
  • Monthly Health Care Plan
    • Monthly Vet Doctor Visit
    • Regular Vaccination Plan
    • Parasite Treatments
  • Entertainment Time
  • Toys for Lovebirds
  • Insurance Plan

Monthly Food Price For Lutino Lovebirds

1500 to 2500 Rs

Lovebirds are a type of African parrot. In captivity, they eat seeds, pellets, and fruits while in the wild they eat grass buds and cereals as well as figs. At home, people keep lovebird pairs in an aviary where you will have to provide them with a lot of fruits although you will have to make sure that none of the food is rotten before the birds eat it. If you own 8 or more lovebirds at a time then your monthly expenses are expected to be around 1500-2000 Rs.

Maintaining a clean and healthy environment for your pets is vital to promoting good health. You must make sure the food you provide your pets is clean, fresh, and nutritious for them to grow properly and be active participants in maintaining their health.

Monthly Expense on Healthcare of Lovebirds

500 to 15000 Rs

For the health of your lovebirds, it’s important to make sure they are regularly seeing a veterinarian. It is also very important to remember to administer regular vitamin and antibiotic supplements as well as have your birds vaccinated if the case. This will help keep them healthy and protect them from any illness that could potentially affect others in their flock if any sort of contagious disease is present.

Regular Vet Visit

One should focus on the Health of their Lovebird Parrots. Monthly regular visits by some expert veterinarian. Your vet knows better than you what is your parrot need, if lovebirds need some precautionary measures then for their safety Veterinarian will guide you. Keep saving your lovebirds, save your money.

Lutino Lovebirds Vaccination

Nowadays, you know that several different diseases affect many people and animals. One common disease in birds is beak feather disease. Lovebirds can contract this disease through being exposed to negativity or bad energy. That is why it is important for you as a pet owner to make sure your lovebird does not get sick at a young age from negative people around them who cause trouble wherever they go.

At any given moment, people may expose our pets to germs which we might miss because we cannot see with the naked eye – but in regards to lovebirds; they will let us know if they are feeling ill by acting like they are sick.

Parasite Treatment

The parasite may affect your lovebird parrots when you do not care environment and food. So parasite treatment is just like vaccination, a one-time expense then next time this disease attacks your lovebird, there exist internal immune system develops to handle it. So 1st year when you make the parasite treatment, next year be free and no further expense on this.

With proper hygiene and regular, properly spaced maintenance lovebird can avoid parasite problems. So 1st year when you do the parasite treatment of your lovebird, next year there will be an opportunity to develop its immune system which can handle the situation and there is no need to make further expenses every year.

Entertainment Price for Your Lovebirds

500 to 5000 Rs

Your time is the most important part to keep busy and entertained for your Lovebirds. Birds, like other pets, will anxiously await your return from work or your usual trips elsewhere. And just like you hope to be treated when you are away from home for too long, your pet bird will feel the same way. To make sure it’s not too lonely while you’re gone and that you still have a healthy relationship when you get back, make sure your pet bird has enough to do even on days where you aren’t able to play with it.

So one must install such musically things, which can keep busy lovebirds. Some colorful perches, fancy look bowls lighting, decorating the environment. All these things keep happy your lovebirds

Toys For Your Lovebirds

2500 to 5000 Rs

Lovebirds Toys

Lovebirds love to play with toys, some ring bells, stairs type toys, chewing toys, keep biting toys. Owners must spend money on their lovebirds for keeping them healthy, active, and in a happy mood.

Lovebirds – Most people tend to think of their lovebirds as tiny parrots, which isn’t exactly a bad thing. These small birds are bright, intelligent, and very social creatures, who can often develop special relationships with the humans they live with. Some lovebirds even tend to whistle tunes at you! However, there is still a lot of misconception about what makes for a happy lovebird. For this reason, we’ve compiled this little list of facts so that you’re able to fully understand what your little feathered friend needs from you to live out its full potential health benefit.

Insurance Plan

500 to 1500 Rs

As an owner, it’s important to take extra care of your parrots. Take the necessary steps when it comes to ensuring that they are being taken care of if something untoward occurs. One way you can lessen the stress this might be causing and stay on top of things is by taking out pet insurance and never thinking that it will cost too much or money isn’t tight at a specific moment in time because believe us – it will return with interest especially once you need to pay for any medical bills that might pile up during an illness or surgery.

Total Monthly Price For Owning Lutino Lovebird At Home

2500 to 15000 Rs

As we’ve discussed above regarding the many considerations to take into account when thinking about owning Lovebird parrots at home. One can see that these pets might not be at all times as troublesome and expensive as they might seem at first. Their chirping as well as their sweet voices can make your day!

Owning parrots is not a big investment—it costs about 2500 Rs or more, in the beginning, depending upon your living space and the size of the aviary. However, if the pets do get sick, you can expect to pay anywhere from 5000 to 10000 Rs for treatment. It’s essential to keep your pet’s surrounding area clean and tidy.

The bird should be provided fresh water, ventilation, and sunlight daily. Feed it on a proper diet plan but not so much that it grows obese! Astonishing 2 hours every day with them to maintain trust with one another and provide time for grooming by taking off their waste materials. Moreover provision of toys (wooden blocks), swings, and hanging perches will add entertainment purposes so that they don’t get bored easily.

Parrots are very intelligent birds; they learn quickly what they are supposed to do, then it is up to you whether you want them as pets or not!

Lovebird Parrots Aviary Setup Cost

5000 to 10000 Rs

We value our lovebird parrots by keeping them at one place in the aviary. There’s just nothing better than having them so close to you without those worrying barriers that separate you from the one you care about. You get to talk to them, hold them and it makes life a whole lot better. We have even seen that some say that their lovebird flock is what keeps them happy enough to go on every day. That said, if you’re looking for an exceptional quality of birds like most people are; then we think you’ll agree with us that price isn’t an issue, after all even though these little bundles of joy aren’t cheap we’ve yet to hear anyone complain!

Sudden loss of Lovebird Parrots

Some additional expenses have to be borne as a result of Owning lovebird parrots. Like a natural disaster, aviary damage, or a lovebird fly away. Likewise, there is no escaping the annual cost of owning a lovebird. There is indeed a lot at stake considering an aviary as well as other premises like general upkeep. It’s always important to have backup plans in place when it comes to dealing with natural disasters or even if your lovebird decides to fly away because these can happen to anyone suddenly!

Getting Lovebird Parrots Aviary Within Your Pocket Range

Lovebird Parrots Aviary

Initially, when you invest in lovebird parrots, it may seem more than what you’re ready to afford. After all, they are birds and a very popular kind at that! However, the more time goes by, the wisdom of the decision dawns upon us. After all, on average these loving creatures come in pairs or bigger groups and they reproduce fast not to mention that they are also relatively easy to maintain once trained.

You will enjoy being with them because not only will you find yourself having some wonderful times with a purring pet but also nurturing a small family. Aviary management and cost vary according to the number of parrots you have. Must look for professional advice before jumping in to set it up.

Having Lovebird As Pet Bird Always Fun

Lovebird is a sweet and great friend. They respond to your whistle, feel fun when you spend precious time with them. Lovebird parrots are good companions they can be tamed. Although they can not mimic as pure as some other parrots do but even then they respond to you.

Lovebirds are cute and delightful companion birds. These non-mimicking birds can be tamed, making them great companions. One of the best things about lovebirds is that they’re very trainable, and even if they don’t mimic as well as other species, they’re still quite intelligent. These adorable little birds are also known to be extremely affectionate with their caretakers – such as their trainer or breeder – and often come to see a human as a member of their flock!

Save Money With Lovebird Parrots

Owning lovebird parrots has another benefit. They are low maintenance and have a shorter breeding season than other parrot breeds, producing chicks sitting on eggs for 04 weeks before they hatch. If you’re looking to make some extra cash, this is the way to do it!

Lovebird Parrots Price In Pakistan

1000 to 200000 Rs

Lovebird parrots have different price tags in different cities in Pakistan. Age-wise prices of Lovebird parrots are also varied from province to province. Some species of Lovebird parrots are much more costly like in Millions. Lovebird parrots vary in price depending on the breed and where you live. For example, red-faced lovebirds or Opaline Lovebird Parrots double factor in Pakistan are often much more expensive than any other species of Lovebird.

Lovebird Parrots Price in Lahore

1000 to 250000 Rs

Lovebird parrots price in Lahore is highly competitive in Punjab Province. Chicks, Adult lovebirds, and breeder lovebird parrots’ pairs’ prices differ each other.

Lovebird Chick’s price is around 1000 Rs with the age of 15 to 20 days. People buy lovebird chicks and raise them by hand feed.

Young lovebird parrot price may start around 2000 Rs and then goes upward as lovebird adult price is 3000 Rs.

Some species of lovebird parrots are very costly. Like Opaline Lovebird.

Lovebird Parrots Price in Karachi

800 to 200000 Rs

Lovebird Chick

Karachi is a big market for parrots in Pakistan. Different kinds of parrots are available for purchase ranging in price from 1,000-220,000 rupees. Assuming that you want to start a business importing and selling lovebirds in the Karachi or Lahore regions of the country, taking into account how much people can afford to pay and how affordable prices would be on average could help you make a better decision about where you should start your business because it would allow you to better compete with other flyers out there; this way, your business will be able to grow and thrive!

Lovebird breeder pair price in Karachi starts from 3500 Rs and on high node like 200000 per pair of lovebird.

Lovebird Parrots Price In Faisalabad

1000 to 200000 Rs

Faisalabad is another big Mandi of Parrots. Lovebird Parrots price in Faisalabad is around 1000 to 10000 Rs range. In between this range, Normal Lovebird Parrots species fall like peach face lovebird, blue cobalt lovebird, black-masked lovebird, Fischer or green Fischer lovebird.

All mentioned lovebird species fall in this price range. Lovebird Parrots from Faisalabad are healthy and active as compared to Parrots from Karachi.

Lovebird Parrots Price in Multan

1000 to 200000 Rs

The price of Lovebird Parrots in Multan is almost the same as other cities of Punjab Province. In Multan, also a big Mandi of Parrots where people do all types of parrots selling buying business. Lovebird parrots which are mostly found in Multan are common lutino lovebird, fisheri, blue Fischer, green Fischer. These lovebirds’ price in Multan is around 1000 to 12000 Rs.

Price of Lovebird Parrots in Islamabad

1500 to 275000 Rs

Islamabad is a city of Élite class. Parrot fanciers live there. They install parrots aviary in their homes for decoration. Lovebirds are sweet, pleasant voices, naughty and always keep themselves busy in some activity. People love them a lot. As Lovebirds are small in size and different color mutations are available and these color mutations make them famous among fanciers.

Lovebird Parrots price in Islamabad is relatively high than other cities of Pakistan which we discuss above. People have high paying capacity and they do not argue a lot. Therefore the lovebirds are around 800 in Karachi, same lovebird price in Islamabad is around 1200 to 1500 Rs.

Different Species of Lovebird Parrots Price In Pakistan

Lovebird Parrots In Pakistan

Many species of Lovebird Parrots are very common, Common Lutino Lovebird, Fischer Lovebird, Blue Cobalt, Black Masked Lovebird. Some species of Lovebird Parrot price in Pakistan is listed:

  • Fischer Lovebird Breeder Pair Price in Pakistan is around 2500-3000 Rs.
  • Blue Cobalt Lovebird Price in Pakistan is 5000-6000 Rs.
  • Green Opaline Lovebird Price in Pakistan is 250000 Rs.
  • Blue Opaline Double Factor Lovebird Price in Pakistan is the same like 275000 Rs.

Final Thoughts

After all the discussion about how Lovebird prices differ from place to place and how color mutation prices also vary from place to place in Pakistan, it is agreed upon that Lovebirds are the best small companion birds to keep at home. They not only add beauty to your home, but they bring you joy as a pet lover too!

It is important to take care of Lovebird Parrots. The best thing you can do for your lovebird is to make him feel like part of the family. One way to accomplish this is by keeping him in an interactive environment with lots of toys, a variety of foods and a relative amount of human interaction.

Another important step that will ensure how much longer your lovebird can live its best life possible, is making sure that he gets all of his regular shots including being vaccinated against various diseases as well as using multi-vitamins every day so he can stay happy and healthy.


Lovebird for the Starter Bird keepers

The lovebird is a species of parrot that is one of the most popular pet birds in the world. The lovebird is fairly small, only 8 inches, and is normally green with orange coloring. Many people buy lovebirds as a gift for loved ones or friends. However, lovebirds are very active birds. They need constant attention and lots of activities to prevent them from getting bored and frustrated. So if you do choose to get a lovebird, you should be willing to spend a lot of time with it, or else it may get lonely and destructive.

Are Lovebirds Good Pets to have?

Lovebirds are perfect first-time birds. They are virtually untameable, which means they keep their wild spirit. But they are also extremely social and will bond with you. If a lovebird likes you, you are sure to enjoy a special relationship with your bird. They are very playful and they will keep you entertained with their antics. They are also very intelligent, so they will learn to do tricks if you spend time with them. Lovebirds are also small, which makes them fairly easy to handle. They can be a handful, but lovebirds are a great choice for first-time bird owners.

Can Lovebirds Talk with Humans?

Aha, this is a question that brings back memories. My dear lovebird, Flutter, was a talker. He talked all the time. Sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the evening, and sometimes in the middle of the night. And it was the funniest thing to hear the squeaky little voice emanating from this beautiful big bird we had. He was so funny. I could never tell what he was saying. It just sounded like some very loud chirping/squawking. I’m sure he wasn’t actually saying anything, but it sounded like he was. But what he lacked in language, he made up for in personality. He was such a sweet and gentle bird and loved to snuggle up to you any chance he got. I really miss that little guy.

Can we Train Lovebirds easily?

lovebirds are little parrots that can learn to mimic sounds and words. In fact, some budgies will learn to say the names of their owners. However, lovebirds can be a little temperamental. Some lovebirds have been known to bite, and many lovebirds have been known to have strong preferences for their owners. I have heard of owners that their lovebirds will only let them hold them if they are wearing a certain color of shirt. Try it

Do lovebirds come back if they fly away?

Yes. It’s their nature. You can’t resist their song, their color or their dance, and you can’t resist them. They are so irresistible that scientists have spent years trying to figure out what it is about them that lures us in so completely, but they’ve come up short. The mystery of lovebirds, in fact, lies in the mysterious nature of love itself. It’s a sweet and powerful thing, but one no one can quite explain.

Lovebirds for sale what is the price?

I’ve made about $30,000 selling lovebirds for $55 each! I used Craigslist and ads on other websites and local newspapers. I bought the birds from breeders and then resold them. The lovebirds breed quickly, so the demand is pretty high. The only problem is that you have to have room for about 50 birds at a time. So you have to have a place to keep them separate from your pets or kids. It’s really easy to get started in this business because lovebirds are the kind of animals that people impulse buy. You can get started producing your own birds, or you can also buy fingerlings and then sell the birds at a profit to other breeders.


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