Budgies for sale in Pakistan Low Prices Bajri Birds

Budgies for sale is a core subject of this post. We have details of Budgies Prices in Pakistan considering facts that affect the rise and fall in prices. Budgies are very color parrots, small in size. Budgies are also known as Budgerigar or Budgie Parakeet. Budgies price in Pakistan ranges between 800 Rs to 1500 per pair and in the following sections you will get more details on these prices and reasons.

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Budgie bird is pronounced with a few names as flight bird, canary parrot, warbling grass parrot, shell parrot. Because of their habit of preening, budgies also name lovebirds. Budgie is also looked like lories or lorikeet parrot. Budgies have a long tail with black shade.

Mostly Budgies are in Yellow and Green Color. Budgies breed in captivity and budgie babies have blues, greys, white budgie, yellow colors with small crests. Budgerigars are cute birds, low cost, and budgies can talk or mimic with humans. Budgies have a companionship attitude with humans.


Budgies are sweet parrots to keep at home. In Pakistan, Budgies for sale  are easily available. Their feral population breed. There is no restriction on the trading of Budgies

Before Jumping to Price for Budgies Must check Details

All types of Budgies for sale in Pakistan are easily available. Fanciers search budgies for sale online. Prices are different from budgie to budgie, and city to city in Pakistan. Lets discuss top 5 budgies for sale in Pakistan. Here is a short list of budgies:

Top 5 Budgies sale in Pakistan

  1. English Budgie or Exhibition Budgie
  2. Hagoromo Budgie
  3. Albino red eye Budgie
  4. King size budgie
  5. Fallow Budgie

Due to Covid-19, and smart lockdown reasoning, mostly now sale purchase business of budgies online. Few are using Facebook pages, some on OLX sale. All types of budgies are available on Cash on Delivery.

  • Albino budgie for sale in Pakistan easily available. Albino Breeder pair cost in Pakistan in between 2000 PKR to 3000 PKR. while Young Abino male or female is also available.
  • Blue Budgie for sale in Pakistan, price range in between 1000 PKR to 2000 PKR.
  • The price of Recessive Pied Breeder Pair in Pakistan is over 4000 PKR. This breeder pair for sale in Pakistan available in limited areas. Only fanciers have them.
  • Exhibition budgies for sale in Pakistan available. The price list of the breeder pair is around 2500-3000 PKR.
  • Baby hagoromo budgies price in Pakistan about 1500 PKR.
  • The breeder Pair of Hagoromo budgie price in Karachi is about 10000 PKR.
  •  Hagoromo Budgies for sale online for about 5000 PKR.
  • Red Eye Budgies price in Karachi about 5000-8000 PKR per breeder pair.
  • Baby Budgie price in Pakistan around 300 PKR.

Budgies Price in Pakistan

Budgies are cheap in price. The price of parrots budgie in Pakistan starts very low and up to 3000 PKR. Budgies price in Pakistan may vary from city to city. They are cheaper because they often easily growth, breed in bulk, may a starter parrot for all. People keep them at home aviary.

Buy Budgies Online

All types of budgie parrots for sale online available. Clients can buy budgies on facebook, or buy budgie on whatsapp group. Few mandi’s are also available. Due to Covid-19 spread all around, people are much interested to buy budgerigar online rather than physically visit the spot.

Baby Budgie for Sale

Graph reflects the trend, baby budgies for sale in Pakistan available easily. Persons who have their aviary and have breeder pairs. Breeding seasons most of the parrots start from December to April. Most fanciers are interested in buying baby budgie for taming them.

They trained them, feed them by hand, that’s why they are called hand-tamed budgies. For taming a baby budgie, 3 to 4 months are required. Starting months of a baby budgie is most important because, in the start, baby budgie learn fast.

All Details about Budgies Bajri Parrots

Budgies found in the wild environment of Australia, that’s why they are also called Australian Parrots also. Blue shade indicates Male Budgie or Male Budgerigar while flaking grey reflects female budgie or female budgerigar in breeding condition.

Male and female budgies are always ready for breeding. The whole year is the breeding season for female budgies. When female budgie breed, different shades of baby budgies come out. Fanciers buy these baby budgies and keep budgies at home as for the home decor. These breeding budgies have differed between a male budgie and female budgie

  • Royal blue color in male budgies
  • Brown color in breeding female budgies
  • Pale brown to white color in nonbreeding female budgies
  • The pink color in immature of male budgie and female budgie

Budgies can live in an aviary in flock and breeding budgies in an aviary. Female budgies can make couples with more than 1 male budgie. These budgies parrot, people keep them at their home’s balcony for adding beauty to their homes.

As budgies parrots have the ability to mimic the human language, children love these cute budgies, colorful budgies make them fun.  Budgies do funny activities while in the aviary, because of their such activities, budgies also called funny budgies. In budgie aviary, we place some toys, playable things, with these items, budgies have fun and enjoy a lot.

Budgies are small in size as if we look Green Parrot or Raw Parrot or Alexandrine Parrot. They are large in size.

Do Bajri Parrots Talk

Yes, the budgies can talk but the voice is not as deep as you find in parrots or cockatoo. The budgies can learn to speak a few words or various kind of sounds.  The budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus ) is the most popular species of parakeet kept as a pet. Both males and females can talk. If a budgie is hand reared by an older person and taught to talk using the methods used with parrots such as the use of high pitched sounds, the budgie is known as a “budgerigar talker”.

Some people are able to ‘teach’ their pet budgies to talk although this is rare. Because budgerigars are relatively quiet, they are often considered as a good pet for apartments and homes where people are sensitive to noise. Budgerigars are able to mimic sounds and can normally learn to speak if they hear no other birds, in the same way that a human infant will learn to speak if he or she does not hear anyone with a strong accent.


Wild Budgerigars

Wild budgerigars or wild budgies about 6 to 7 inch length has 30 to 40 gram weight. The adult has a yellow face and forehead. Young’s have black stripes down to nose around 4 months. Adults have three blackish spots across both sides of the throat. The tail is cobalt or dark blue, that’s why it is called cobalt budgie also.

Within the feathers, budgies have a yellow color line, in their greenish-black feathers,  this yellow line visible in flight or when budgie stretched their feathers. Captive budgies are longer in size than a wild budgerigar.

In captivity, different shades and colors may breed like blue budgie bird, grey budgie, green and yellow budgie. Budgies plumage may grow in ultraviolet light. The beak, budgies use to eat food, fruits, plants.

Budgerigar Breeding Season

Budgerigar breeding season throughout the whole year, few people give them break by picking up their eggs. Do not let budgies play with the eggs. Wild budgies have a breeding season from June to September in Australia and in the coastal areas.

Female breeding budgies have brown beaks, while immature female budgies have pinkish beaks. Female breeding budgies age at 6 months when they have changed in color. People who have their aviary, breeding English budgies/ breeding budgies Australia in captive.

Baby Budgies

Cute baby budgies after hatching the eggs,  2 weeks old budgie, budgerigar baby feathers start to appear on their skins. No difference in male baby budgie or female baby budgie at the time of born. Both baby male budgie and baby female budgie have pinkish color beaks.

Some veterinary doctors may experiment on their eggs, blood samples to get to know sexing baby budgie either male baby budgie or female baby budgie. Female breeding budgie keeps herself around the nest for feeding baby budgies.

About 6 months pass on, baby budgie bird become mature and we can differentiate between male mature budgie and female mature budgie by their behavior, beak color,  head crest.

Male and Female Budgies Behavior

Budgies move from one place to another place in flocks. They live in small flocks but if the climate is favorable, they increase their flock size very rapidly. Budgies are seed-eating birds. Male and female budgie has different behavior.

Male budgies are happy, companionship attitude, cheerful, flirt behavior, very socially budgie, and very much vocal budgie. While a female budgie is less social, less tolerant than a male budgie.

Types of Budgies

Budgerigar bred in captivity. Breeders produce different types of mutations in color, pattern, feathers. These different mutations of budgies are called types of budgies:

  • Albino budgie
  • Blue budgie
  • Cinnamon-ino budgie or lacewing budgie or Cinnamon budgie
  • Pieds budgie
  • Spangle budgie
  • Greywing budgie
  • Full-body color grey-wing
  • Clearwing budgie
  • Dilute budgie
  • Crested budgie
  • Violet budgie
  • Yellow budgie
  • English budgie or Exhibition Budgie
  • Tame budgie
  • Hagoromo budgie
  • Red-eye budgie
  • Yellow red-eye budgie
  • White red-eye budgie
  • Fallow budgie
  • King size budgie
  • Exhibition Budgies

Albino Budgie

Albino Budgie

The Blue series of budgies are called Albino budgie. Ino Gene added in Albino Budgie. Their base color is white, but because of INO Gene, their blue markings and blue shade wave out and Albino budgies have pure white without blue markings or shade.

Blue Budgie

30 mutations of budgies are because of color affecting and Blue Budgie or blue budgerigar is one of them. It is receding of wild-type budgie. In wild type budgie, body, the feather has a light green color, it changes to sky blue whereas mask and other parts which are in yellow turn into white. This mutation changes at the domestic aviary, and changes olive Budgie into mauve budgie, light green to sky blue, and dark green to cobalt.

Cinnamon-Ino Budgie Or Lacewinged Budgie Or Cinnamon Budgie

Cinnamon Budgie

Cinnamon budgie is one of the 30 mutations affect by color in budgie. Black or grey markings on normal budgie appear brown in the Cinnamon budgie. The cinnamon markings on cock appear darker than the hen. Cinnamon budgies have long tail feathers lighter than normal. Cinnamons have pink or blue-grey feet and beak in orange color. Cinnamon with INO mutation is called Lacewing Budgie or Lacewinged Budgie.

Cinnamon Budgie or Lacewing budgie for sale in Islamabad or for sale in Lahore available. Fanciers breed them locally.

A rate difference between Lahore price of budgie lacewing or the price of budgie cinnamon may vary.

Pied Budgie or Pied Budgerigar

Pied Budgie or Australian Pied Budgie or Pied Budgerigar also the result of color affect mutations. Pied budgies have irregular patches of clear feathers reflecting anywhere in the body, head, or wings. Clear feathers are pure white in the blue series and yellow in the green series.  An only specific part of the body, head or around neck black melanin spots, the remaining body is normally colored.

Three types of Pied Budgies:

  1. Recessive Pied Budgie
  2. Dominant Pied Budgie
  3. Clearflight Pied Budgie

Recessive Pied Budgie

Recessive pied budgie is also the mutation affecting the color of budgerigars.  In Recessive Pied budgie, the clear area is must prominent and clear and have a small area with pigmentation. In recessive pied budgies, the hen has prominently pigmentation on wings than cocks.

Recessive Pied breeder pair cost is high as compare to Albino or Blue Budgie.

Dominant Pied Budgie

Dominant Pied Budgie

It’s basically Green-Grey and grey standard variety. Dominant Pied Budgie basically a wild type of light green into the grey-green variety and sky blue to grey variety. Body-color of grey-green is mustard green.

Single-factor dominant pied budgie and double factor dominant pied budgie have a little difference in afterfeather and shaft of the contour feathers.

In (SF) Single Factor pied budgie feathers are light grey that is normal but in (DF) double factor pied budgie have dark grey afterfeather with black shaft.

Clear flight Pied Budgie

Clearflight pied budgie is one of 30 mutations affecting the color of budgerigar. Its mutation of continental clear flight and a dutch pied budgie. Dark-eyed clear budgie is produced when recessive pied budgie and clear flight pied budgie characters are combined. Clearflight pied budgie has two characteristics:

  1. Long-tail feathers
  2. Clear patch at the nape of the neck and completely clear primary flight.

Spangle Budgie

Spangle Budgie

Budgie bird has black wing feathers edge with underlying body color, yellow or white, but in Spangle budgie gene, it is reversed, yellow feathers with black edges. Spangle budgies are low-cost parrots like 500 PKR in Pakistan. There are two types of spangle budgies

  1. (SF) Single Factor Spangle Budgie
  2. (DF) Double Factor Spangle budgie

In Single Factor Spangle Budgie, tail feathers are altered, white or yellow edge and thin black pencil line then center of feathers are again yellow or white.

While in Double Factor Spangle Budgie, pure white or yellow bird.

Spangle budgies for sale online in Pakistan available. People sell and purchase on Facebook or on WhatsApp groups.


in addition to the dark factors, budgies may have a degree of dilution. There are 4 types of dilution:

  1. Greywing Budgie
  2. Full-body color Greywing
  3. Clearwing budgie
  4. Dilute budgie

A grey-wing budgie with a recessive dilute gene has gray wind markings and a 50% diluted body color washout.

When a budgie has clearwing and grey wing gene then full-body color grey wing with grey wing markings and bright body color.

A clearwing budgie with recessive dilute gene has less pigment in the wings, on feathers have pigment and bright body color.

If a budgie bird has two recessive dilute genes, 70% color washout when compared to original and also markings washout.

Crested Budgie

Crested Budgie

Crested budgie is neither abnormal feather growth nor in any way feather dusters. It’s a naturally occurring mutation in which no human interaction for its appearance except crested budgie development.

Violet Budgie

Violet budgie is one o the constituent mutations of violet shade. This violet shade produces a visual effect in any bird and this violet shade depends upon whether this violet factor single or double and whether dark and green mutations are there. There are 18 different visual combinations of these three mutations. Green series, blue series.

Green Series Budgies

Single Factor Violet budgie with light green has features like dark green, but a ribbon-like line is around body feathers, tail feathers are paler than navy blue of dark green but in light green not like this.

Violet light green budgies have a lack of dark blue color in flight feathers of dark green. (DF) Double Factor light green, dark greens are slightly darker than Single Factor Birds.

Blue Series

Single-factor violet budgie sky blues have a body-color ranging from dark sky blue to medium cobalt, rather like pale cobalt. But flight feathers cobalt are dark blue while violet sky blues have a turquoise

Single-factor violet cobalt is also known as Visual Violets because of the bright color of their body. Single-factor violet mauve is almost similar to single-factor violet cobalt, sometimes violet tinge is more visible in violet mauve than violet cobalt.

Double factor violet sky blue also similar to single factor cobalt but double factor violet sky blue has deeper violet color, it’s also called Visual Violets.

English Budgies or Exhibition Budgies

Exhibition Budgie for sale

In the wild, all budgies are either Green Budgies or Yellow budgies, but some selective breed in England and variant color and size are the result of the captive breed.

English budgies or English Budgerigar are small companion parrots and also known as Exhibition Budgies or Show Budgies. Wild Australian budgies and wild American budgies are almost 7 to 8 inches long and about 1-ounce weight but English parakeets are more than 10 inches long and almost double in weight than Wild budgies.

English budgies have long feather tails, sharp bright-colored plumage, and this brightness in the shade of exhibition budgies, very popular in trading budgies as pets bird. Show budgies are fluffier than wild budgies, the best mimic of human speech. Delightful singing and chirping voices, these English parakeets have.

English budgies are also known as a little calmer and less noisy. Playful and happily, enjoy their time exhibition budgies. They feel happy when kept in a group, the male is not much aggressive in English budgies but sometimes females in English budgies become aggressive.

Tamed Budgie

Tamed budgie means, train a budgie how to come out of the cage, use fingers to sit on. A young budgie is hard to train, up to age 6 weeks old budgie, and budgie fully weaned. Because of up to 6 weeks older, young budgie fully dependent on his parents. As budgie starts to feed itself, train it.

Training an older budgie is a bit harder, because a budgie who is sitting inside the cage of a pet shop for 6 months, if you give an open world, come out it a cage, budgie will resist and fear and hesitate.

Hagoromo Budgie

Hogoromo Budgie

Hagoromo budgie or Helicopter Budgies are new mutations produced by fanciers, by cross-breeding of crested budgies. Through various cross-breeding in crested budgies, bird lovers able to shape the crest into flower-like shapes.

Red Eye Budgie

Red Eye budgies or Ruby Eye Budgies are produced by removing melanin from budgie eyes. Red-eye or ruby eye budgie more healthy and good breeding pair as compared to Black Eye Budgies.

Red eyes budgies for sale in Pakistan in Low costing and effective breeding.

The price of Red Eye Budgies may vary from Karachi to Lahore and Islamabad.

Yellow Red Eye Budgie

Yellow red-eye budgie is the result of Ino Gene Mutation of green lutino, which produced a very beautiful deep yellow budgie with red eyes, nose color is pink and lutino budgie legs are pink or brownish.

Fallow Budgies

Fallow Budgie

Fallow budgies mutation is another result of affecting the color. Fallow budgies are of three types:

  1. English Fallow Budgies
  2. Scottish Fallow Budgies
  3. German Fallow Budgies

All fallow budgies name of their original names, where they have been establishing. All three types of Fallow Budgies are extremely same, only the difference in the eyes of male-only.

English Fallow budgie has solid red iris while Scottish Fallow Budgie has pink iris and German Fallow Budgie has a white iris.

In most respects English, Scottish, and German Fallows are similar, all look like Cinnamons, but the main difference is having much weaker body color which means, attractive mustard-yellow breast shading to green on the rump.

On hatching, young English Fallow Budgies have red eyes like Inos but young German Fallow chicks have plum-colored eyes rather like Cinnamon chicks.

Fallow budgies parrot for sale online at a very low cost.

Food For Budgies Parrot on Sale

Budgies for sale and food

Food for budgies is a very important factor for growth and a well healthy budgie. Poor nutrition is the basic reason of health issues in birds. Wild budgies eat different types of seeds, fruits, vegetables, berries.  They feed on the ground, and in different seasons, different fruits and seeds are available for them.

Budgies Eat List

The best food for budgies are seeds, different types of fruits. Here are a few budgies eat list

OrangeLeafy greensSpinachbroccoli
Cherries after removing the stonesCarrotsCucumber

All tropical fruits are also favorite of budgies. Do not addict budgies to the same type of fruits or vegetables. Keep rotating the routine, a couple of times within a week change diet of budgies, change their fruits and give them in small pieces. This exercise does not let them bored and keeps them intact and happy.

Budgies food to avoid

Some foods to avoid budgies can be harmful and lethal for them. Some citrus fruits, acidic, cane, sugar, alcohol.

Lemons and limes contain a high amount of citric acid, because of this, budgies can have stomach problems. While few items can kill your budgies like cherry, apricot, and peach stones, they are very dangerous for your bird

Also avoid giving budgies your mouth or chewing thing, because human saliva can create digestive issues for Budgies.

Avoid feeding budgies followings

DatesEggplant green partsMushroomsLemon
FishAvocadoMilk or milk productsLime
Apple seedSea foodMeatKumquat
ChocolateHoneyRaw poultry or fishPeanuts
GrapefruitBeansPear pips
CheeseSugarRaw Potatoes
Dairy productsNutmegSalt
garliconionTomato (red are okay, green are dangerous)

Can budgies and parrots eat pickles?

Birds can eat pickles, but you should only give them a tiny piece as pickles are too salty for them. Their diet should consist of seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Budgies should not be given more than one teaspoon of food a day. They should be fed three times a day. In my personal recommendation avoid feeding high salt content to the parrots.

Budgie Health Problems

If you have a flock of budgies in your aviary, then the thumb rule to identify the health issue is to keep a deep eye on every budgie. Although it’s hard to keep watch on every budgie when you familiar with your budgies then it’s easy, that if some budgie is doing the out-of-way movement or lazy or lethargy. As you find the budgie has an issue, immediately consult your veterinary doctor to take some advice, some medical treatment. Hand tamed budgie are easy to coax and easy to handle.

Budgie Disease Symptoms:

The following signs and symptoms in budgie health reflect illness and some kind of health issue:

Sleep During Day

Sleeping during the day is a sign of illness either this is because of external disturbance the whole night or some feather mites infection from where blood suck the whole night, this reason keep him awake the whole night.

Feathers Spoiled Up

This symptom reflects that your bird is feeling coldness and cold budgie may shiver too. Another reason behind these feathers spoiled that the cage or aviary is a bit congested.

Lethargic Attitude in Parrot

When your budgie shows a lack of interest in playing, in twittering, lack of interest in his partner, this reflects a health issue, illness.

Change in Perching Behavior

if your budgie starts resting on the ground rather than on perching either has hurt a wing or weak to perch.


“Burnt Popcorn” is the normal color of your budgie Poo, deviate from this color, all others are caused by illness or disease in your budgie.

Loose Droppings

sometimes budgie eats some type of food that causes diarrhea or sometimes excessive food is taken. So keep in mind that what type of food is suitable for your budgie and what not.

Discolored Dropping ( Green)

Green Droppings show this sign of poor diet and not eating enough. This is the reason for stress or malnourishment.

Discolored Dropping (Red)

Red Droppings reason of blood and intestinal problem, but if your budgie eat cherries, red berries then poo in red color produce and it is fine.

Budgie Feather Plucking

Keep a deep eye on budgie, if budgie start plucking own feathers then its cause of stress, bored, aggressive, humidity , lack of fresh air, liver disease, bacterial or fungal infection, malnutrition, or bad habit. Must find out that either its environmental issue or health issue.

Change the locations of toys inside the cage, provide fresh water for bathing, because this is because of feeling dryness. Check the food you are giving to budgie either budgie reacting on your food provision.

Budgies Plucking Each other

a budgie who is plucked by his cage mate very stressed, and can even die. Isolation is the best solution for the short term, but you have to assess the issue, either guilty budgie may have frustrated or had sex issues.

Cleaning Budgie

Budgies are very capable to keep themselves cleaning and bathe daily. How ever sometimes budgies need your help to take bath when they are ill or feeling lazy.

Cleaning a budgie Vent or Bottom

Cleaning a budgie vent and bottom may be regular basis. Use cotton balls to clean budgie by holding softly. Baby budgie may clean by his mother. But sometimes when budgie suffers diarrhea, then need your intervention. Budgies feet also need to clean, adult budgies may clean themselves but baby budgies need your intervention.

Budgie Sound

Sound is one of the most important features in Budgies. On different occasions, they produce different kind of sounds, which reflects their mood, their aggression, their love, their sadness.

Budgie’s tweets, squawks, tweets, chirruping work on different levels, so pay attention to their sounds on all events.

Here are some different types of sounds of budgies we discuss

Happy Chirrups or Happy Sound of Budgie

A single chirrup is the most common sound of budgie, and it uttering the same sound continuously, this means that budgie is happy with his partner and has a good bond with his flock.

Unhappy Sound of Budgie or Unhappy Chirrups

The chirrup is a versatile sound, chirrup loudly to pay your attention that either no food or water or some sex issue or your budgie is not comfortable with cage or new coming budgie. The louder chirrup is like tweweet!.

Squawking Sound

When your budgie chirruping without any reason, have no one in his cage, then budgie may have started frightened by something or maybe hurt inside the cage. Budgie may be angry because you don’t have to serve food yet. Another sign of frightened budgie is when the feathers of budgie close to its body then its sign of frightened.

Chattering Sound

The chattering sound of a budgie is like contentment. Budgie may pronounce recognizable words when you tamed your budgie. This sounds like a mumbled conversation. fluffed-up feathers are the visible sign of happiness.


Singing is always a happy mood that reflects the sound of the budgie. Singing shows that your bird is healthy and happy. Budgies may use a medley of chirrups, chatters in a barrage of bubbling, and put a pleasant song. They often sing together. Each budgie response very positively and take part in this chatters, chirrups

Beak Grinding

When budgies are sat on perch then they produce sound by their beak crackling and grinding. This action shows that soon they will settle down and sleep

Budgies Keep As Pet Parrots

Budgies are very beautiful and cute looking parrots, most of the persons keep budgies on their balcony as Pet Parrot for having so much enjoyable with them.

Budgies are pet parrots by category and budgies parrots are available. Kids’ favorite parrots are budgies who always love to spend time with the budgies.


What is the price of a Budgie Parrot?

Budgies are most common parrot, and Prices of Budgies in between 500-10000 PKR. Budgies Prices varies according their types, low costing budgie available in lowest price 700 PKR.  Check this URL for updated prices available parrots https://parrotsforsale.pk/products/

Are Budgies Good Pets?

Budgies have a good memory and these are very entertaining pets. Budgies like to have a good living place. Budgies are the best parrots to keep as pets. They are available at affordable prices. They are very friendly and easy to tame. People often call them Australian Parrots also. Budgies like a clean and decorative place to live.

Can budgies talk?

Male Budgies are best talker than female. Persons who spend their time to tame them , budgies are very companionship with them and no fear by sitting on their fingers and their sounds of chirpings showing their happiness and comforts. Budgies learn things quickly just need some taming efforts

What is budgies breeding age?

Budgies start breed at age of 6 months. Male and Female Budgies are ready to meet each other and they make pairs with one female to many male budgies.

What is Budgies egg Laying time?

all birds lay eggs, in budgies its also common, budgies start their first breed at age of six months, and after 5 months they can lay eggs anytime upto age of 10 years.

Why Budgies Throw Their Eggs?

Budgies throw their eggs when female see some intruders in nest or eggs become infertile or damaged eggs. Female Budgie then throw out eggs from her nest

What Is The Average Age Of Budgies?

In Captive, as pet when budgies are keep with care and love, their average age 15 years almost. In wild, the average age of budgies are 4-8 years.


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