Cockatiel Parrot Price Mega Low Guide (2023)

Cockatiel Parrot Price is mentioned below it is Small size, good-looking, fresh chirping. Due to color mutations, Cockatiel has 22 different mutations. The Cockatiel Parrot price tends to vary from 2000 Rs. to 10,000 Rs. Depending on if the bird is hand-raised, if it’s an older bird, or if the owner has a lot of experience with birds. The cost also depends on where you live and what type of birds you buy in your area.

Cockatiel parrot price in Pakistan differs from Other Countries. The age of Cockatiel Parrots is between 16 to 25 years but in some conditions, their ages remain between 10 to 15 years.

People keep Cockatiel parrots in the aviary. cockatiels can be hand-tamed. They will tell you the expense to bear up the aviary cost. They will share their personal experiences and all costing factors. Let’s Discuss different scenarios and expenditures to keep Cockatiel Parrots at home or Aviary.

Initial Price To Bring Home A New Cockatiel Parrot

2000 Rs to 10,000 Rs

Cockatiel parrot is low pricing Parrot. Not a high cost to bring home a new cockatiel parrot. By spending 1st year, all your expense that you have made to keep Cockatiel are filled and you will be in profit after their hatching babies. Lets take a look on Costing Cockatiel parrots keeping at home.

Cockatiel Parrot Cost

Free Cockatiel

No, But You Can Get

Can you get a Free Cockatiel? A frequently asked question online. In fact, todays nothing is free. One must spend some then get few. Similarly, Cockatiel is not a Free available parrot. Although its cost start from 2000 Rs. but even then Not free.

Adoption Cost of Cockatiel Parrot

1500 to 1800 Rs

Cockatiel parrot cost varies from single cockatiel chicks price, young, adult cockatiel and breeder Cockatiel. So a cockatiel parrot single, cost fall in between 1500 Rs to 1800 Rs

Choosing your cockatiel parrot based on gender should be done with caution. Because the cost of male chicks for sale is cheaper when compared to a female chick because these birds are necessary for them to make their nests which will further help them in producing eggs that are hard-shelled in order to ensure incubation process goes smoothly.

Adult Cockatiel Parrot Price

2000 to 3000 Rs

The cockatiel is the second most popular parrot to own next to the budgie. Cockatiels are relatively small birds with vivid orange and yellow feathers and a brown face. They are native to Australia and because of this they enjoy being able to fly around freely. At the age of 2 years old, the cockatiel has matured enough to be in a breeding pair. Their complete diet changes along with their main care routine that includes food, water, cages and much more. Prices trend on Amazon for adult cockatiels between 2500-3000 Rs

Breeder Cockatiel Pair Cost

7000 to 8500 Rs

If you want a best-in-class cockatiel, you will need to buy one from a breeder. Be ready to pay more for a breed that comes from an expert on the care and handling of cockatiels in addition to getting free shipping, a travel cage, and some toys with the bird. If someone wanna buy breeder cockatiel pair then buy directly from breeder, cost effective and owner will tell you basic care about bird.

Cockatiel Parrots With Fertile Eggs

8000 to 10000 Rs

Cockatiel birds in captivity, who follow a breeding program, lay down around 4-5 eggs at a time. These are fertile and egg incubation once begins is the priority of the breeder pair. A high price is charged for breeder pairs because they make it possible to multiply the number of offspring that their owners make contact with on a regular basis.

Starting Setup and Supplies Cost For Cockatiel

2500 to 10000 Rs

What are starting Setup and Supplies cost to bring home Cockatiel? When you bring Cockatiel Parrot to New Home, then there are some initial expenses like transportation charges, licensing fee, cage costings, water bowls, perches, toys and in last feeding with seeds.

Cockatiel Perches-Toys

List of Cockatiel Parrots Supplies and Cost

Following is the list of supplies that are essential to keep in mind while thinking to buy an Cockatiel Parrot in Pakistan

PermitRequired Permission if is Imported
Cage2000-8000 Rs As Aviary Setup
Cage Setup Perches Cover etc2000 Rs
Additional Transportation Cage2000 Rs
Water Bowl500 Rs
Food1000 Rs

Cockatiel Parrot Expense Per Month

2500 to 15000 Rs

What is the Per Month Expense of Cockatiel Parrot? frequently asked question. We categorize above mentioned expense in

  • Food
  • Health Care
  • Perches and Water Bowls
  • Birds Doctor Visit and Treatment
  • Insurance costing
  • Entertainment Time


1000 to 1200 Rs

Cockatiel Parrot is not highly costing parrot. Normally people feed them with pellets and seeds. In market, all food for cockatiel available in packages. Affordable cost. 1 to 2 Kg enough for your cockatiel for a whole month.

Due to the low price of a cockatiel, there has been an increase in the number of individuals who have brought these kinds of pet birds. A cockatiel is only available in the market as a packaged bird; they are not presented in any other form. One kilogram of food is sufficient for feeding a cockatiel throughout a month and because this makes them affordable, they are what many people call pets.

Cockatiel Parrot Food

Health Care

0 to 1500 Rs

One must spend time to their Cockatiel parrot. This spending time make your Cockatiel healthy and stay away from Vet. Time spending practice keep your parrot active, mentally sharp and learn fast things.

Purchase balanced diet plan, which including seeds, pellets, additionally proteins contained capsules. All these things keep your cockatiel bird healthy and well in breed.

Perches and Water Bowls

0 to 1000 Rs

Perches and Water bowls must be put inside cage. So your Cockatiel bird can drink water and eat your given diet properly. Its one time expense. Once you buy with new cage setup, then it will remain a long time period.

It’s very important to have a water bowl and perches in your cockatiel’s cage. This is because your bird will need to have somewhere it can access clean drinking water and somewhere secure with which it can perch while eating its daily diet that you’ll provide.

Birds Doctor Visit and Treatment

1000 to 6000 Rs

Is your Cockatiel Parrot ill? Get ready for Veterinary Doctor. Its an expensive matter because it depends upon, the disease in which your cockatiel suffer. Normally on a single visit Vet charges 500 to 1000 Rs. If your Cockatiel Parrot suffer in some serious disease like PBFD, treatment charges will be in between 1000 to 6000 Rs.

So keep your Cockatiel Parrot diet with highly proteins and seeds contain. Take care of cleanliness in cage, properly and timely change water, surroundings must be clean. All these care can safe you from this major monthly expenditure.

Your Cockatiel Parrot Insurance Cost

500 to 1000 Rs

Should one take Cockatiel Parrot Insurance Plan? the answer is Yes. By keeping this plan, you have to pay 500 to 1000 Rs to insurance company. From one side if you see, if your parrot is perfectly fine then its loss but when your cockatiel parrot ill. Then you do not need to worry for monthly expense, you will not pay the insurance plan, instead company will bear your cockatiel disease charges.

In Pakistan, birds insurance plan can be done. If you want to take insurance plan, consult about the bird that either company is allowing the plan or not.

Entertainment Time

1500 to 2000 Rs

Permanently per month cost for your Cockatiel parrot is on Entertainment, Toys, fun. Most people neglect this part of expense. But keep in mind, Entertainment is compulsory part of your cockatiel.

One of the most vital factors associated with owning a cockatiel is entertainment. Your pet bird will quickly become lonely and lose its interest in interacting with you if there is not an abundance of toys, activities, and other enriching things that your pet can participate in. Make sure to account for this when planning how much it will cost to take care of your cockatiel.

Expenses related to toys, entertainment and fun for your cockatiel parrot per month can add up in cost. A lot of consumers forget about this as part of their monthly expenses for pet care. Please keep in mind these costs are mandatory when it comes to caring for one’s feathered friend!

Cockatiel Toys

Accumulated Monthly Cost for Owning a Cockatiel Parrot

2500 to 15000 Rs

All type of expenditures are mentioned above for owning a cockatiel parrot. On minimum side, 2500 Rs monthly expense which is easy to handle and it is much more easy and low expense than owning a cat or dog at home.

On the other hand, if you allow your cockatiel parrot to remain in over-close proximity to unsuitable foods at home, there’s risk it could become ill easily. For this reason, it would be safer to keep your parrot in an environment that’s both comfortable and safe – an environment in which they can roam around without fear of risk of suffering damages including those related to harming their feathers which are vital as a buffer against external elements.

If your cockatiel parrot is sick, then you can expect the price to take a toll on you as well. The best way to keep this from happening is by making sure that your bird is comfortable at all times and avoiding giving them unhealthy or harmful foods.

Establish Cockatiel Parrots Colony

Cockatiel parrots are a lot like people. They enjoy being free to roam, and beautiful spaces tend to offer them more stimulation! One easy way to provide your cockatiel parrot with an exciting place to live is by setting up an aviary. Cockatiels prefer living freely and interacting with their surroundings over being cooped up in a cage all day long. In other words, they thrive when they can move around comfortably while interacting and playing with one another!

Additional Cost To Bear

If you are going out of town then you need to assign the duty of caring your cockatiel parrot to someone your friend or board your parrot with yourself. It is very risky because if your friend do not know how to care parrot. So its the additional expense that you have to bear in keeping your cockatiel Parrot.

Owning Cockatiel Parrot within Your Budget

Although keeping a cockatiel parrot can sound rather expensive initially, it doesn’t mean that you need to spend money on it throughout the entire span of its lifespan. Depending on the breeder you purchase your bird from, there’s a chance that some of their chicks may grow up to be a lot like them and thus sell for much more than the price that they were acquired for by their owner (provided they are well-handled). This means unless you plan to breed your Cockatiel yourself, purchasing one from someone locally means that they will cost less in the long run (plus let’s not forget to mention all of the benefits of owning two birds at once as opposed to just one).

Owning Cockatiel Parrot

Having Fun With Cockatiel Parrot

Owning a pet cockatiel parrot is a pleasant experience. You enjoy spending time together with your parrot. You can teach it to share more words and sounds as you bond more time as an owner and pet.

a hand-tame cockatiel parrot is a fun and enjoyable experience. It’s especially exciting when you’re teaching your parrot new words and sounds.

Save Your Time and Money

Avian healthcare is a prime concern for Cockatiel Parrot owners. Avian veterinarians are one of the best types of veterinarians to go to if you find yourself needing expertise or knowledge in regards to Cockatiel Parrot health.  You can save money and keep Cockatiel Parrot healthier by taking care of their needs yourself by keeping track of their condition and properly supplementing their diet with the nutrients they need on a daily basis . A lack of proper omega-3’s for for example could lead to many health issues and this is something that should be monitored carefully.

Cockatiel Parrot Prices in Pakistan Cities

Cockatiel Parrot Prices vary from place to place in Pakistan. Like Cockatiel Parrot price in Punjab is differ from parrot price in KPK or in Sindh. So here we try to make an approximate idea about prices of Cockatiel parrots in different cities of Pakistan.

Cockatiel Price In Lahore

1500 to 8000 Rs

Cockatiel price in Lahore starts from 1500 Rs, a Cockatiel Chick price and with the growing age,adult age and breeder pair, this price of Cockatiel reaches upto 8000 Rs or sometime 10,000 Rs.

Female cockatiels generally sell for more than males. This is because male cockatiels are known to make very vocal noises and can become aggressive. There are different prices for baby/young neglected ones, adolescents, young adults, breeder pairs and neglected pairs since they may require extra care due to their personal histories so it’s not uncommon to see price tags range upward from 1500 into the thousands.

Cockatiel Price In Karachi

1000 to 7500 Rs

Karachi is the hub of each type of business. A big market of birds and very high competition in between all birds pricing. Cockatiel Parrot price in Karachi is relatively low side than Lahore. The reason behind is high competition and large scale breeding’s of Cockatiels.

The price for Cockatiel Chicks in Karachi begins at around 1000 Rupees, and goes up as their age increases, and finally for the mature adult Cockatiel, the price is 10,000 Rupees. The prices for both mature Cockatiels and those that are not quite made it to full maturity may vary depending on the location of purchase in Lahore.

Cockatiel Price In Islamabad

2000 to 14000 Rs

Islamabad is the city of Fanciers. Elite class lives there. Cockatiel Price in Islamabad is on high edges starting from Chick of Cockatiel and upto Breeder Pair. Cockatiel Chick price in Islamabad start from 2000 to 2500 Rs and it goes up to 12000 t0 14000 Rs. People from Islamabad, buy Cockatiel tame parrots for decorate their homes. They make bird aviary in their homes.

Cockatiel Parrot Price in Faisalabad

1500 to 10000 Rs

Cockatiels prices in Faisalabad are mostly same as in Lahore. Another big market of birds can be found in the Punjab province of Pakistan. If you want to buy your own Cockatiel for pet purposes, then the price may range between 1,500 and 2,000 Pakistani Rupees depending on whether or not it’s a baby bird though prices will get higher if you’re talking about Cockatiels for breeding purposes.


When purchasing a Cockatiel, it’s a good idea to have enough money not only for the initial cost of your new friend, but also some extra cash laying around such as money to maintain its initial cost and the expense that goes into having a smart cage, food, enjoying entertainment and playtime with toys. This will help you avoid developing pet bird problems down the road.

Do not compromise cleanliness and neat surroundings of your cockatiel. Because once your cockatiel parrot get sick, the money flies away like rocket. Good hygiene practices and cleanliness of your pet cockatiel is a top priority. If you don’t maintain the wellness of your pet cockatiel, they may become ill and you will incur significant veterinary bills to treat them.

If you like cockatiel you will love to read about Australian parrots. Detailed article about prices and monthly expenses about this parrot.

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