Macaw Parrot Price in Pakistan Guide (2023)

 Macaw parrot price in Pakistan, it’s important to remember it can go for anything from Rs. 90,000 rupees all the way up to Rs. 01 million rupees or more depending on what you’re looking for. Macaw Parrot Price is always high because of its traits and availability.

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Deciding which parrot to buy can be difficult because there are so many variables to consider such as size, feather color, age, gender, and so forth. The prices of parrots in Pakistan vary widely because sellers set the price they feel an animal is a worth based on its overall appearance and breed.

Macaws can be kept in aviaries or at home to keep them for other purposes. The daily costs incurred by the owner are provided by the pet store owner but probably not all of them are materialized. During the discussion, it is revealed that owners also need to bear several other expenses as well as discuss some different aspects like how to handle a Macaw.

Macaw Parrot Price in Pakistan to Bring Home

100,000 Rs to 10,00,000 Rs

Macaw parrot is a high-cost bird in Pakistan and to keep in your home and sometimes it may require more investment if you are planning to race them. To get a new Macaw parrot, you will have to be ready to spend the cash on purchasing them as well as all other expenses that tend to come up along with owning and raising one of these beautiful birds.

yellow macaw parrot cost one wing
Credits: Couleur from Pexels

Now let’s take a look at the few steps you can take towards making sure your investment in keeping Macaw parrots as pets pay off in return.

Can You Get Macaw Parrot for Free?

No but you have a Chance with us

In recent times it has become something of a norm to offer certain goods or services completely free of charge. However, despite people’s expectations, there are few products that can be acquired for nothing. The Macaw parrot is just one such example. Even though the fully grown variant may cost less than Rs. 90,000 the higher the price is, the more time you will have to spend and the effort you have to put forth in order to acquire one for yourself.

For the Macaw parrot lovers, we are soon announcing a fund and balloting mechanism. By using this mechanism we will acquire Macaw Parrots and will provide free of cost by using a ballot system. Keep visiting our site for details.

Adoption Cost for a Macaw Parrot

70000 Rs to 800,000

Macaw parrot adoption prices vary between 70,000 Rs to 800,000 Rs. One can purchase Macaw chicks or you can also get a grown-up Macaw or even buy Macaw breeder birds.

Choosing your Macaw based on gender is best done with caution. While it’s true that female chicks are more expensive than their male counterparts as they’re needed in order to create nests. In Pakistan Adoption is not a frequent option and people like to have breeder parrots and enjoy raising the Parrots from the eggs to full-grown parrots.

Adult Macaw Parrot Price

95000 Rs to 1100,000

Macaws are a really beautiful species of parrot. The price of a Macaw Adult starts from PKR 95,000 and can go as high as PKR1,000,000. A Macaws’ most expensive price is equivalent to about $4127 USD in 2018. Macaws are quite costly pets for the average person on the street.

If you’re thinking of buying a macaw, you should know that it can be expensive to buy everything you need to get started. While seeds and fruits are cheaper, pellets and nuts are more expensive.

Some people are willing to spend this sort of money for a bird that can easily be sold online for such a high price. If you’re not sure you’re ready to sell, however, it might be better to invest in a cheaper pet. If you want to visit pet shops in Karachi and Lahore, be sure to contact us.

Breeder Macaw Parrot Price Range

95000 Rs to 1100,000

A breed of Macaw requires a professional to do it right. Only a breeder will be able to guarantee your bird comes from a home with the proper environment, healthy genes, and constant socialization that guarantees the best outcomes.

A breeder will also be able to give you free shipping, ship the bird with a cage, and include some toys so that you can bond immediately. If you want to buy a pair of Macaws, we recommend going directly to the breeder in order to get these items for less money.

Blue and Yellow Macaw Parrots
Credits: Photo by Jiří Mikoláš from Pexels

Macaw Parrot with Eggs Cost

95000 Rs to 1100,000

Macaw birds in captivity, that follow a breeding program, lay down around 4-5 eggs at a time. These are fertile and egg incubation once begins is the priority of the breeder pair. A high price is charged for breeder pairs of Macaw parrots because they make it possible to multiply the number of offspring that their owners have contact with on a regular basis.

Breeding makes it difficult for common parrot lovers to raise the bird but it is very beneficial for the parrot species. We must support parrot breeding in order to keep lovely Macaws around us.

Macaw Baby Parrot Price

70,000 Rs to 300,000

The price of Macaw Baby Parrot Price is proportional to the price of Macaw parent’s price which is relatively high: ranging in the area near 70,000 Rs. The price depends upon the size, location, color, age, and origin of the bird. Price is also very high for the rare species of the bird. The price of Albino Macaws is high because the production of Albino Macaws is very less and very hard to find.

macaw parrot price baby

Before buying a baby parrot of any parrot make sure you have the proper arrangements to keep and raise the baby parrot. If there is a slight chance that you can not handle the baby parrot, you should not go for it. The incorrect decision will be harmful to the bird and you will lose your money as well.

Basic Setup For Macaw Parrots

10,000 Rs to 30,000

The first thing you’re going to have to think about is a cage for your Macaw Parrot and other various supplies like toys and perches, water bowls, etc. As for transportation costs, you might be thinking about flying your new pet over or driving him/her back home.

If you have any specific questions about what needs to be done before bringing the Macaw Parrot home from the breeder or bird shop, we encourage you to contact us, we will give you some advice based on your state’s regulations and will guide for basic setup for Macaw Parrot.

Supplies List and Price For Macaw Parrot

10,000 Rs to 30,000

Depending upon the number of birds costs may change following are for the single bird of this category

PermitRequired Permission if is Imported in your Country
Cage5000-15000 As Aviary Setup
Cage Setup Perches Cover etc6000
Additional Transportation Cage4000
Water Bowl1000

Keeping Price for Macaw Parrots

5,000 Rs to 20,000

The first question people may not ask is what is the monthly price for keeping a Macaw parrot with anyone. I am explaining as per the following list of items that belong to the monthly price for the Macaw Parrot.

  • Food Cost
  • Health Care Expenses
  • Perches and Water Bowls For Macaw
  • Vet Visit and Treatment
  • Insurance Price for Macaw
  • Entertainment Expenses

Let’s discuss each of the items in further detail so that it can give u a fair and better idea.

Monthly Food Price for Macaw

4,000 Rs to 10,000

Their diet typically consists of pellets, fruits, and nuts (including sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, and cashews) mixed with an array of other different types of food including leaves and small insects (More prevalent in the wild). In the wild, they primarily eat seeds, berries, palm fruits, and nectar.

Macaw Parrots are a type of African parrot that is also referred to as Blue-and-Yellow Macaws or Red-and-Yellow Macaws, depending on their color.

Although macaws are pricey, they are also intelligent and sophisticated pets. While the recurring cost of a Macaw may be pricey, it is worth investing in because these exotic pets provide such a long-lasting friendship to the people that take care of them.

The best way to take care of your macaw is by getting its food from only trustworthy sources which include pet stores or specialist veterinarians which can both be found on recommended macaw products websites.

cost for macaw blue and yellow parrot
Credits: Zepps Project from Pexels

Health Care Expenses

4,000 Rs to 12,000

As an owner of a Macaw parrot, one must spend time taking care of their pet. This is really important as it helps keep your bird healthy and out of the veterinarian’s hands at all times. By spending time with them, you are effectively keeping them mentally sharp and making sure that they can adapt very quickly to any new changes while also learning new things fast.

A well-balanced diet plan is a key to a healthy lifestyle, regardless of which species you are. For example, Macaw loves nuts, seeds, and pellets but they also get very excited when you feed them soft foods such as avocado, egg whites, yogurt orbits of tuna fish.

You can learn more about details for keeping macaw parrots and food for macaw parrots. This detailed article is available here as must-read content.

Water Bowls and Purches for Macaw Parrot

1,000 Rs to 25,000

Perches and water bowls are two things that you can’t live without and must put inside your bird’s cage. After all, which kind of Macaw wouldn’t want to drink water after a long day of perching? Even better is that, unlike some other types of Macaws, these birds love eating their diet from water droplets. Perches and water bowls are necessary for any bird’s cage so that their dietary needs are fulfilled every single day.

It’s so important to have a water bowl and perches in your bird’s cage. Because your parrot macaw will need to have somewhere it can access clean drinking water, and a spot with which it can comfortably perch while chomping on their daily diet, you’ll provide.

Vet’s Visits to Check Health

2,000 Rs to 5,000

Macaw Parrots can have multiple bird diseases than one might think. The most common disease that they face is plumage-follicle disorder or PBFD, which affects their feathers and the prevention costs are between 2000-6000 Rs. It’s not just the expensive treatment charges that make taking care of your cute little Macaw Parrot a difficult task – it’s also caring for its diet as they need to eat regularly and their food has to be prepared at home in a very specific way if you want your precious pet animal to heal.

Avian vets recommend that consumers give parrots a diet that is made up of a lot of protein and healthy seeds and nuts. Parrot owners should ensure the macaw’s cage remains clean and feed them good quality bird food. Avian veterinarians recommend that as part of this regular care, owners regularly change their macaw’s water, keep its surroundings neat and tidy – and wash in hot, soapy water.

Macaw Parrot Insurance Price

50,000 Rs to 500,,000 Rs Yearly

Should one take Macaw Parrot Insurance Plan? The answer is Yes. There are a myriad of benefits to doing so including the fact that you won’t have to worry about paying very large sums of money for bird care on a regular basis if your parrot happens to be ill or injured.

When this happens, you’ll have an easier time adjusting while the company takes care of their fees related to the Macaw’s illness and injury; this goes way beyond just monthly expenses.

In Pakistan, it is possible to insurance a bird’s life. Before doing so, be aware that not every company will provide an insurance plan due to the rarity of such products.

Entertainment Price for Macaw

2,000 Rs to 6,000 Rs 

Entertainment for your Macaw parrot is an essential part of its upkeep, just like food and fresh water. While it’s true that parrots are relatively low-maintenance when compared to other pet animals like dogs or cats, they still need attention in order to keep them healthy, happy, and sociable.

Make sure you schedule sufficient time each day to play with your bird and give it lots of affection as most love interaction with their owners.

macaw with water bowl
Credits: Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

One of the vital aspects that one must be cognizant of when deciding to own a Macaw is providing your bird with the right amount of entertaining activities to maintain its interest in interacting with you.

Your pet bird will quickly become lonely without them and as such will lose interest in interacting with you if there isn’t anything on hand to help it pass the time such as interactive toys, plenty of enrichment supplies, and other things geared towards improving your pet bird’s well-being and overall health while simultaneously helping it enjoy spending time around you.

Toys Price for Macaw

500 Rs to 10,000 Rs 

Expenses related to toys, entertainment, and fun for your Macaw per month can cost a lot of money. A lot of bird lovers forget about this as part of their monthly expenses because they are so excited to buy a parrot that they forget the additional costs that go into caring for it on a day-to-day basis.

These monthly costs will be a lot less if you prepare ahead of time by purchasing supplies when they’re on sale during the holidays or discounting seasonal merchandise.

macaw parrot playing

Total Monthly Price to Have a Macaw

30,000 Rs to 100,000 Rs 

All types of expenditures are mentioned above for when it comes to owning a Macaw Parrot. On the minimum side, 30,000 Rs (Pakistan Rupees) can be seen as a medium type of monthly expense, but it is much less expensive than owning a cat or dog at home.

As the owner of a parrot, it can be challenging to keep a Macaw parrot away from food that is not that good for them. So if you want to keep your bird in tip-top condition, it would be advisable to put your bird in an environment that they’ll enjoy and at the same time will be safe and filled with all the things they need as such trees, shrubs, and perches.

When your Macaw parrot is ill, it can potentially carry over more costs to you in an unexpected way. To prevent this from happening, make sure that your bird’s cage or environment is properly set up and always ensure that he’s comfortable and getting the nourishment he needs.

If anything deems it necessary for you to take him to the vet, try not to get into any arguments with them about what in specific is wrong with him or how to go about fixing it.

Cost to Setting Up a Macaw Aviary Near You

100,000 Rs to 100,000 Rs 

Macaw parrots are just like any other child – they take pride in the beauty of their surroundings and find comfort when able to freely roam.

Setting up an aviary is a great way to provide your Macaw with a fun and stimulating place to live as long as you include plenty of branches, toys, and perches because although aviaries give your bird a lot more room to move around compared to a cage, it’s important for them to still be able to feel comfortable in their own environment.

Additional Expenses to Consider

2,000 Rs to 5,000 Rs 

If you plan on going out of town then you should leave your Macaw in the care of a reliable friend or board your parrot with someone who can take great care of it for you who knows how to handle parrots.

This can be risky because if you don’t know much about Macaw and the proper procedures for caring for them then your parrot could get ill, which is why we recommend that all owners speak with their local veterinarian about what their needs are and what they should look out for to make sure that both human and animal(s) remain healthy.

Getting a Macaw Parrot in Range of Your Pocket

Although you may have to pay for a Macaw Parrot initially, this doesn’t mean that it will cost more than just the initial amount. Depending on how you get your bird, to begin with, sometimes certain ones may grow up to be just like their parents when they are purchased from a seller which is already deemed reputable.

macaw parrot price in Pakistan

If you prefer to purchase your bird locally, this is a plus for you it in the long run the cost of a Macaw will be lower (not to mention that one who has multiple birds has many advantages that may not occur when owning just one). You can read more about the topic here.

Macaw Parrots Always Entertaining

A pet Macaw parrot can be a great friend. Time spent with your feathered companion can provide an opportunity to bond and form a more intimate relationship with your parrot; whether you’re trying to teach it to brand new words or just how to say the same thing over and over again.

This is especially rewarding because seeing your parrot improve its vocabulary means that you’re also improving your communication skills with respect to training birds.

How to Save Money With Macaw

Parrot healthcare is the main concern of Macaw Parrot owners. Avian specialists are parrot veterinarians to go to if you find yourself needing expertise or knowledge in regards to macaw parrot health.

One way of saving money and keeping macaws healthier is by taking care of their needs yourself by keeping track of their condition and properly supplementing their diet with the nutrients they need on a daily basis .

Healthier and Clean you keep your Macaw parrot and expenses on keeping the Macaw parrot will reduce drastically. It is advice that I am learning for years.

Macaw Parrot Price In Pakistan Region

100,000 Rs to 10,00,000 Rs

Macaw Parrot prices differ from province to province. Note that macaw parrot prices in Punjab differ from parrot prices KPK or in Sindh. It is helpful to get an idea of macaw parrot costs if you’re shopping for one online so here is a rough approximation of the costs of Cockatiel birds in different cities across Pakistan.

Macaw Parrot in Lahore

90,000 Rs to 09,00,000 Rs

Macaw parrot prices in Lahore start from 90,000 Rs with the growing age, adult age, and breeder pair, this price of parrot reaches up to 900,000 Rs or sometimes 10,00,000 Rs.

Female macaws in most cases tend to be more expensive than males, simply because they are better pets and easier to take care of. There are different prices associated with each age group – from baby macaw parrots all the way up to valuable breeders pairs.

The factors that play a role in determining their prices can be numerous. gender of macaws for resale is one thing that has been known to affect price tags, socializing and behavioral patterns.

In Summers additional arrangements are required to keep the Macaw Parrot healthy in the Lahore Region.

Price of Macaw Parrot in Karachi

80,000 Rs to 08,00,000 Rs

Karachi is the big market for birds, and it has a lot of competition in between. Macaw Parrot is also available here for a comparatively lesser price than in Lahore. The reason behind it is because of its high competition, and many breeders are here to breed the Macaws.

Macaw parrots are native to South America and are highly social birds that live in flocks. These large birds make excellent pets if given adequate attention and training from their owners. Adult Macaws in Karachi can reach lengths of up to one meter, with some individuals weighing over one kilogram.

Since they are such large birds, they require a great deal of nutritious food on a daily basis to remain strong and healthy. The cost of pet care is something that should be taken seriously when considering buying this type of bird as its owner will require at least 3000 monthly for quality food, housing, and veterinary treatment.

Mature Macaws in Karachi can go for quite expensive prices depending on the size of their flock: mature Macaw pairs go for 8,00,000 while small flocks of adult Macaws are priced high.

Macaw Parrot in Islamabad

100,000 Rs to 11,00,000 Rs

Islamabad is the city of bird lovers. The elite class lives there. Macaw’s price in Islamabad starts from Rs 90,000 to 300,000 for chicks and goes up to Rs 1.2 million for Breeder pairs. People from Islamabad buy Macaw tame parrots to decorate their homes and make a bird aviary in their homes.

macaw parrot price Pakistan

Price of Macaw Parrot in Faisalabad

90,000 Rs to 09,00,000 Rs

Macaw prices differ across Pakistan depending on the region. However, most Macaws are priced at around 90,000 to 10,00,000 PKR in the Punjab Sectors of Lahore and Faisalabad for decorative purposes depending on the age, time of year, and type of Macaw.

There is also a big market of birds located in Southern Pakistan that can have up to 100,000 PKR for common varieties like Green-winged macaws or Blue and Yellow macaws depending on popularity and breeding status.

Different Macaw Parrot Price In Pakistan

Macaw Parrot is a highly rated parrot all over the world. In some countries, it’s selling not allowed, and export-prohibited strictly due to its extinct. There is a difference between the prices of Macaw parrots city-wise, like the price of macaw in Lahore is different from the price of macaw in Karachi.

  • Scarlet Macaw Price in Pakistan is 85000 PKR
  • Scarlet Macaw Chicks For Sale  is around 53000 PKR
  • Blue Gold Macaw for sale in Pakistan is around 2,65,000 PKR
  • Hyacinth macaw costs between 9,00,000 and over 21,00,000 PKR
  • Blue and Gold Macaw Breeder Pair price is around 0.7 Million to 0.9 Million ( 7 lac – 9 lac)
  • Scarlet Young macaw parrot price is about 0.6 million to 0.7 million (6 lac – 7 lac)

People who have their own shed and have bred in captive, have their own rates. Here we see some prices of macaws like male macaw price, female macaw price, breeder macaw price, baby macaw price. Even macaw parrots have different types, so each macaw type has its own price, as the price of scarlet macaw is different from the price of hyacinth macaw price. Check available Macaw Parrots for sale on our portal.

Final Words

When purchasing a Macaw, it goes without saying that you’re going to have to put aside enough money to not just buy your new friend but also set aside some extra cash for the expenses of caring for a pet.

It should be noted that these extra costs may include expenses for keeping your pet happy and entertained such as buying him toys or scheduling regular play dates with animal friends he’ll become well-acquainted within a short amount of time.

We believe it’s important to make sure that this is done thoroughly because if you don’t have enough saved up already it could lead to some financial trouble down the road which is why we suggest making sure you always have some extra cash on hand to pay for expenses along the way when they come up.

Take care of your Macaw’s surroundings by keeping everything tidy. Neglecting to keep things clean may contribute to an unhealthy pet Macaw, which could potentially lead to expensive vet bills.

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