Raw Parrot Price Latest Sale Guide 2022

People often have a hard time understanding the price of Raw Parrots in Pakistan. This is because many sellers are selling them for higher prices. Raw Parrot Price in Pakistan ranges between 55,000 to 70,000. Deciding factors for Raw Parrot Price include the color, size, beak color, eye color, age, and shades of the parrot.

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Buying cost and keeping cost varies in the case of the Raw Parrot. There are many hidden price factors for this parrot to keep as a pet. These are most important to know as well for anyone who is looking forward to keeping this bird with him or her for a longer period of time. Let’s explore these prices in detail.

A Raw pet parrot will give new energy to your indoor environment. These birds are known for their elaborate plumage and distinct color. Macaw s are the largest of all parrots, which can be seen from the length of more than 40 cm body with its wingspan.

They usually change one time a year, feeding on fruits and vegetables. A typical Raw parrot has a life span of more than 40 years.

Price to Bring Raw Parrot In Pakistan

55,000 Rs to 70,000 Rs

Parrots are intelligent, lively creatures that don’t come cheap. Before you buy a Raw Parrot and bring one home for the first time it’s important to set some savings aside. Although the initial cost of owning a parrot isn’t particularly high, you can expect to see your bills rise in year two when your pet has matured and is no longer a baby bird anymore.

raw parrot for sale in Pakistan

As a parrot owner, you should be willing to put in the time and effort needed to raise your Raw bird during its initial growth. While the exuberance of owning a pet like this might be enough for many owners to purchase off-the-shelf accessories.

These are usually seen with pets, there are a few additional things to consider when it comes to Australian parrots specifically since they need their routine and regularity as well as consistency with their surroundings.

So that there is no confusion or them not being able to navigate around any areas that have been newly implemented into their cage. Let’s check how to spend better for your parrot’s wellness.

Can You Get Raw Parrot for Free

No you can’t but there is a chance

We know keeping Parrot like Raw is a dream for all parrot lovers. But no one is ready to donate a Raw parrot. But we are looking forward to helping parrot lovers by creating a community. We will make a draw for all types of parrots and Raw parrots too. If you are lucky enough you can get this bird for free from us.

Soon we are going to announce a mechanism so that everyone can participate and can win a bird with paying a single coin to us.

Raw Parrot Adoption Cost

Rs 40,000 to Rs 60,000

Pet care is a rewarding experience but it can also be very hard work. If you adopt your raw parrot from mate, you will find that raw parrots are the most rewarding and unconditional companions you could ask for.

Raw Parrot Price in Pakistan-

The right parrot for adoption needs to be matched with the right owner. As each parrot is unique, we provide potential owners with step-by-step information about our own parrot adoption processes in order to ensure that your new bird has everything it needs so as to make it as easy as possible and comfortable for both parties.

In Pakistani society, there are fewer trends to adopt a parrot due to the fact that people prefer to buy a young bird as opposed to an older, bred one. A breeder bird is cheaper than a younger one and, thus, many choose this option when looking for a parrot. Parrots raised in captivity (specifically in Pakistan) are smaller in size overall.

Price for Breeder Raw Parrot in Pakistan

35000 Rs to 85000 Rs

If you are looking for a shy and obedient bird to be a long-time family companion, then purchasing a parrot from an uncaged Raw Parrot breeder is a smart decision to make.

The Raw Breeder Parrot is an excellent choice for owners who are seeking a parrot that has been bred with love and care. This type of parrot comes with many positive characteristics such as being social, friendly, and extremely affectionate.

Like any parrot, a breeder parrot from a reputable breeder can be quite the handful. Unlike the parrots you see on the street that may not be in such a great condition or social environment.

What Makes Raw Breeder Parrot high Priced

Breeder raw parrots are a fantastic option for pet enthusiasts looking for birds with a stunning appearance, pleasant demeanor, and charming personality. Not only can they make good companions, but they can also be bred at home and make beautiful babies.

Some parrots exhibit a wide range of feather tones and hues that makes them very attractive to bird owners. If you happen to admire breeders you’ll be glad to know that parrots of the same model often get along with one another making it easy to mix and match multiple pets in the most interesting of combinations.

Consider adding a breeder bird to your aviary today.

Raw Parrot price less

Breeding Season for Raw Parrot

Alexandrine parakeets are native to the Indian subcontinent and northern Southeast Asia. They breed from November to April in their native range in Pakistan. Usually, they nest in tree hollows but sometimes will use tree holes that were either excavated by themselves or cracks in buildings. Females lay two to four white eggs with a blunt oval shape, measuring 27 to 34 mm (1.1–1.3 inches) long and wide. The average incubation period is 24 days. Chicks fledge at about 7 weeks of age and are dependent on their parents until 3 to 4 months of age.

Essential Setup Cost for Raw Parrot

10,000 Rs to 15000 Rs

Following is the list of essential items and prices that are basically required for keeping a Raw Parrot at home.

Import LicenseRequired Permission if is Imported
Bird Cage5000
Perches and Cover2000
Cage for Transportation2000
Water Bowl500
Food Items1000

Per Month Cost to Keep Raw Parrot with  You

5000 Rs to 10000 Rs

Just like a dog or a cat, there are monthly costs associated with owning a Raw parrot. There are training, pet grooming, veterinary care, and feeding costs to consider among others. A well-maintained Raw parrot is an able pet that can stay comfortable.

A happy and healthy pet parrot is one that you can truly enjoy in your own home, they are the most fun pets anyway. Raw lovers know how much it is important to keep their beautiful pets happy and healthy.

Health Care Cost for Raw Parrot

500 Rs to 2000 Rs

In order to keep your pet parrot its healthiest, it’s important to make sure that it gets its proper intake of food along with a healthy amount of exercise.

It’s also important to make sure that the Parrot has enough stimulation so as not to become bored. Keeping the place tidy and clean is a good idea – birds don’t like getting dirty or living in their own droppings or spilled food.

Not all owners know that certain safety precautions should be taken for their parrots when it comes to climbing, even if they do make sure the foods they buy are secure and healthy.

Physical and Mental Stimulation Price for Raw Parrot

500 Rs to 1000 Rs

One of the best ways to keep your pet bird happy and healthy is to feed it quality food, provide a clean cage and ensure daily mental and physical stimulation. Choose diet options that will provide your pet with a variety of healthy nutrients in order to stay strong and active.

Many parrot owners tend to forget that it is vital to keep their bird’s home clean and tidy, which can lead to a lot of complications if not taken care of properly. Keeping your bird’s cage or aviary neat will prevent the bad health and attitude of the bird.

It is also essential to provide toys for both mental and physical stimulation, as this will help give your bird plenty of exercises vital for its good health.

The mental stimulation that these toys provide is just as important for your bird’s well-being as the physical activity since both sides of your pet’s brain need to be stimulated physically and mentally in order to develop – so our play-time with the bird should complement this.

Diet Price for Raw Parrot in Pakistan

1000Rs to 1500 Rs

This list of food estimates for your parrot includes the day-to-day fruits and nuts your pet consumes in addition to pre-packed food pellets you may provide. About 80% of your parrot’s diet should consist of food pellets because that is what your pet would consume in the wild.

Raw Parrot

The remaining 20% of your plate can be made up of other healthy foods (fruit, vegetable, or grain starchy foods) that are like desserts. Some seeds, grains, and nuts can also be included occasionally.

You can fit in some healthy snacks to deal with hunger pangs like fruits and vegetables That way, you can make sure to cover your nutritional bases.

Medication Cost for Raw Parrot

1000Rs to 1500 Rs

If your Raw parrot becomes ill and requires time to recover, you can expect the yearly bill for its care to be around 1500. If more serious problems arise (such as needing round-the-clock medical attention or additional medication) that price could go up to nearly 2,500.

Plus, it’s important to remember that having a certified exotic veterinarian treat your bird is not entirely free; getting regular checkups will require money from your wallet in the form of an annual price closer to 100.

When you choose to take your exotic Raw parrot to a vet, it will likely be treated with care, just as any pet would. However, in some cases you may find yourself faced with a rather high bill or at the very least; one that is larger than what you were perhaps expecting.

Raw Parrot Price for Keeping Insurance

1000Rs to 2500 Rs Per Month

There is a growing trend in Pakistan for companies to offer insurance to pet owners. In my opinion, companies should continue this trend of offering pet insurance because it gives the owners peace of mind. I have contacted some local companies and they have assured me that they are working towards offering insurance plans specifically tailored for pet owners soon.

It’s extremely important that you create a savings account specifically for your parrot immediately after bringing one home. Parrots tend to be injured quite often, and it’s better to have a cushion just in case because they are pretty resilient creatures.

At other times, the injuries can be most serious. So good pet insurance has to be considered to avoid financial concerning itself with medical expenses should anything happen to your parrot.

Entertainment Price for Raw Parrot

1000Rs to 2000 

The benefits of owning a parrot are plentiful. These birds are able to learn how to speak and interact with children, which helps create a bond between the child and the bird that will last forever.

Raw Parrot can be a joy to have around the house but it’s important to do your research beforehand so as not to adopt one without taking care of its needs and providing everything it requires.

You need to make sure that you have the means not only to afford these Raw Parrot in the first place but also regularly purchase their new toys so that they don’t get bored or stressed out when you’re busy elsewhere.

Per Month Price to have Raw Parrot Around

1500Rs to 2500 

Owning a bird like a parrot is not all that different from owning a cat, for the simple fact that both pets cost about the same when it comes down to providing them an adequate home and food source.

Depending on how you want your pet to live, 1500 to 2500 rupees a month should suffice – this price may be even lower if you provide just enough to meet its very basic needs but keep in mind more extra things may require more money spent as time goes on.

The medical treatment of parrots is a costly process, and finding a reliable veterinarian that treats parrots exclusively can be demanding. You will also need to administer preventative medicines to avoid bacterial or viral infections from occurring in the future.

Some Hidden Cost Associated with Raw Parrot

1000Rs to 2000 

In addition to regular monthly prices you might need to pay, some other expenses may come up unexpectedly, such as boarding and even just having fun on vacations might add in an extra expense.

Raw Parrot Green

When it comes time for your family to travel with you, it’s important that you are very prepared. There are a lot of things to take care of when traveling with pets and this can be much more difficult than usual if you never traveled with your pet before or if your pet isn’t a dog or cat.

I strongly recommend using boarding services to care for your bird when you’re not able to and it’s best to use a professional service that will offer the best possible treatment each day.

Keeping Raw Parrot is a Bit Expensive?

In my opinion, getting any Raw parrot is not cheap. This article has a detailed cost analysis of the different aspects of these parrots which can be taken into consideration while selecting its kind of bird.

If you think parrots make ideal pets, then you should give them a shot. You see, the only thing these parrots aren’t a fan of is the loneliness. You really want to enjoy your pet, so let each parrot entertain you.

Living With Raw Parrot is Great Fun

Parrots are fun to keep, especially when they’re as cute as this one from Raw. The fact that parrots do not cost too much and don’t need a lot of maintenance can make them an ideal pet for beginners like you.

If you find that one kind of Raw Parrot does it for you, consider adopting one from a shelter or rescue center. This way, they’ll keep your spirits up instead of getting sick of them like the last parrot you had.

Since many parrots are extremely attached to and dependent upon their cages and toys, the adoption agency may provide these items as well and help relieve some of the stress from birds who have never been in a home. These will be instant companions for whoever adopts them.

Saving Money on Raw Parrot 

Although it can be quite rewarding to own an Australian Parrot, it’s important to save some money for the unexpected. For example, people with a pet parrot should always invest in cage accessories that are not only fashionable but that complement their quality values too.

Sometimes when you come across discount codes or promotions from your favorite pet product retailers, on your next purchase, you may stumble upon something that is aggressively discounted and even being distributed for free.

For example, food isn’t just food when it comes to owning a parrot. You need to be mindful of what kind of food you want to dish out for your feathered friend and this can mean higher costs in the long run if you choose a brand with expensive ingredients instead of opting for a more affordable option.

That way, you’ll not only be better prepared financially in the short term but will also be able to put aside money towards other essential things like toys, cleaning supplies, and veterinary costs all while saving up that extra cash in the long run.

Yellow Raw Parrots For Sale

Raw parrots have very high demand all over the world among fanchiers. People from foreign countries, like a raw parrot for sale in the USA, Alexandrine parrot for sale in the United Kingdom, Pahari Parrot for sale in Pakistan, Raw for sale in Pakistan have such type of searches online available.

Yellow Raw Parrot Price in Pakistan

Raw Parrots and Wild Raw Parrot for sale in Pakistan are available. All 3 mutations of Raw, Yellow Raw, blue raw, white raw are available for sale in Pakistan. Price may vary from place to place and also huge differences in mutations rates also.

Simple Raw Parrot Price is about 5.5K ( 55 Thousand) while on the other side, Yellow Raw Pair Price is  2.2 M ( 20 – 22 Lacs), similarly Blue Alexandrine or Blue Raw Parrot pair price  2.7 M ( 25 to 27 Lacs) and White Raw Parrot pair price  1.8 M ( 17-18 Lacs)

Yellow Raw Pair

Raw Parrots For Sale in Lahore

Availability of Raw Parrots for sale in Lahore easily. In Lahore, people have shed at home or some at their cultivated area where they have proper farming Raw Parrots and have easily provided for sale in Lahore

Raw Parrots For Sale in Karachi

A flat system exists in Karachi, So Raw Parrots price in Karachi is low as compared to Lahore or Islamabad. Raw parrots in Karachi are less in weight and very sensitive have a low immune system.

Raw Parrots For Sale in Islamabad

The climate of Islamabad is very healthy for all. Raw parrots are for sale in Islamabad at very high rates. People live there are very birds loving and caring, very fanciers. In Islamabad all mutations of Raw Parrot for sale are available.

Raw Parrots For Sale Online

Most people nowadays working on social media, sell their products online. Raw parrots are for sale online are available on WhatsApp groups, Instagrams, Facebook pages, Facebook posts for selling.

Raw Chicks For Sale or Pahari Chicks For Sale

Raw Chicks for sale on market physically and also Pahari chicks for sale online available. Price of Pahari Chicks about 1-K ( 8-10 Thousand PKR). Age of this range Pahari chicks about 4 weeks, eyes opened, not on self-feed.

Yellow Raw Chicks Price in Pakistan

Yellow Raw Chicks Price in Pakistan is around 0,5 M ( 5 Lac ). 

 Blue Raw Chicks Price in Pakistan

Blue Raw Chicks Price in Pakistan is relatively high than Yellow Raw Chicks, 0.8 M ( 7-8 Lacs PKR)

White Raw Chicks Price in Pakistan

White Raw Chicks Price in Pakistan is around 0,5 M ( 5 Lac ). 

Raw Breeder Pair For Sale

Raw breeder pair price in Pakistan is about 7-K ( 65-70 Thousand PKR). this cost is of confirming breeder pair, sometimes few people have fresh pair, not breed single time, fresh raw breeder pair price is about 5.5 K ( 50-55 Thousand PKR)

Conclusion for Raw Parrot

Whenever one decides to buy a Raw Parrot for the very first time, one should be prepared for a total expense of up to Rs 85000. The actual cost of the bird itself can range from Rs 55000 to Rs 70000. Meanwhile, the other initial expenses should fall within the budget of Rs 5000.

As maintenance for a pet bird adds on top of the initial costs, it is much cheaper to not have one in Pakistan! Yet birds do have their advantages and owning them has become a trend among some pet owners. Consequently, you might want to consider adopting a parrot as your exotic pet.

The average cost of first-time ownership will be close to five thousand rupees which should be enough if no major issues arise. Yet what if the bird encounters some troubles? It’s best to invest in some good insurance that will help mitigate financial losses leaving you with minimal expenses should anything go wrong.


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