Types of Parrots a Comprehensive Guide for Beginners 2023

What are common types of parrots in the world? A common question but a detailed answer. Types of parrots above 350 in terms of species. Let’s explore parrots more so that you can understand which parrot is good to keep as a pet. Parrot species are spread across the world. Amazon has countless species of living creatures same way a lot of parrots are present in the Amazon.

Many beautiful parrots live in captivity because of their natural beauty people like to keep parrots in homes. Parrots are not only beautiful but also intelligent birds. Some parrots tend to have the capacity to learn human words even sentences. That makes even feel great if someone has a speaking parrot. You can check parrot facts in detail

Types of Parrots in the World Complete List 2023

Lovebird Parrots Aviary

Interestingly parrots types are different in different regions of the world. I am working to study various parrots and their traits along with my team. I hope this write-up will be helpful for you a lot. Do write to us if there is any feedback from you.

Now we go through the different groups of parrots species which contain a group of different parrots. Brief information about parrots species families and these are the World’s best parrots by their traits. In the following types of parrots, you can explore the parrots by size, habitat, color, breeding, attitude, feed, and lot more.

Ringneck Parrots familyYellow ringneck
White RingNeck
Creamino RingNeck single factor
Creamino RingNeck  double factor
Creamino RingNeck  triple factor
Green ringneck
Violet RingNeck single Factor
Violet RingNeck Double Factor
Violet RingNeck triple factor)
Blue ringneck
Grey RingNeck
Cream head cream tail ringneck
Yellowhead yellow tail ringneck
Whitehead White tail ringneck
Rainbow Ringneck
Raw parrots Family or Alexandrine ParrotYellow Raw Parrot
Green Raw Parrot
Blue Raw Parrot
conure parrots familySun conure
Pineapple conure
Jenday conure
Golden conure
Monk parrots Family or Monk Parakeet Or Quaker ParrotsGreen Monk
Yellow Monk
Blue Monk
Lory parrots family Or LorikeetBlack-capped Lory
Yellow bibbed Lory
Red Lory
Blue Lory
Rainbow Lory
African grey parrotWild African Grey
Bounded African Grey
red tail African grey
Red factor African grey
Macaw parrots familyBlue macaw
Gold macaw
Green-winged macaw
Scarlet macaw
Cockatoo parrots familySulphur cockatoo
Moluccan cockatoo
Major Mitchell cockatoo
Budgies or ParakeetsFallow budgies
Spangle budgies
Exhibition budgies
Hogoromo budgies
Red eyes budgies
Yellow red eyes budgies
White red eyes budgies
King size budgies
Plum headed parakeet
Cockatiel parrots or cocktail parrots familyino red eyes cocktail/cockatiel
white Cherry cocktail/cockatiel
Common white cocktail/cockatiel
lovebird parrots familyCommon lutino lovebird
Luntino personata lovebird
Black masked lovebird
Blue persanata
Fischer lovebird
Yellow Fischer lovebird
Peach-faced lovebird
Albino red eye lovebird
Albino black eye lovebird
Parblue lovebird
Yellow chest lovebird
Orange chest lovebird
Java sparrowsWhite java sparrows
Silver java sparrows
Grey java sparrows
Fawn java sparrows
Amazon ParrotsOrange-Winged Amazon Parrot
Red-Lored Amazon Parrot
Green-Cheeked Amazon Parrot
Yellow-Crowned Amazon Parrot
Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot
Yellow-Billed Amazon Parrot
Double Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot
Panama Amazon Parrot
Red Spectacled Amazon Parrot
White Fronted Amazon Parrot
Mealy Amazon Parrot
Lilac-Crowned Amazon Parrot
Black-Billed Amazon Parrot
Lilacine Amazon Parrot
Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot

Top 10 Most Beautiful Parrots List

  • Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo
  • Sulfur-crested cockatoo
  • Macaws
  • Budgies
  • Rainbow Lorikeet
  • Lovebirds
  • Green ringneck
  • Australian Parrots
  • Cockatiel
  • Yellow ringneck

Types of Parrots By Size

Parrots are a very common pet in homes around the globe, with over 350 species known to exist and new species still being found. Parrots are unique in many ways, including their talking abilities, they’re very social animals and often learn to talk very easily.

While some people prefer to keep parrots as pets, others enjoy watching these beautiful birds fly in their natural habitats. With all the different kinds of parrots, it can be hard to determine which kind of parrot to get.

Parrots can be generally categorized by size into four categories: small, medium, large, and extra-large. For a better understanding, we will discuss each category in detail with accompanying pictures of representative parrots.

Small Parrots

There are many different types of parrots in the world, but the small parrots in the parrots family are some of the most beautiful and intriguing. These little birds are native to tropical regions and are known for their brightly colored feathers and playful personalities.

While they may be small in size, small parrots pack a big personality. They are social creatures that love to play and explore, and they are often very affectionate with their human companions. These little birds are also very intelligent, and they can learn to mimic human speech and other sounds.

If you are looking for a fun and loving companion, a small parrot from the parrots family may be the perfect pet for you.

Medium Parrots

When we categorize parrots by size then the medium size parrots are some of the most popular. These parrots are just the right size for many people, and they have a wide variety of colors and personalities.

Medium size parrots are also relatively easy to care for, and they can live for many years with proper care. These parrots are social creatures, and they enjoy being around people and other parrots.

If you are considering adding a parrot to your family, a medium size parrot may be the perfect choice.

Large Parrots

While the large size parrots are very intelligent, they are also very social. They can live for about 60 years in captivity and are very affectionate.

Their need for human contact is the reason why these parrots make the perfect choice for anyone who is alone a lot. They have a love for music and have a very large vocal repertoire that makes them a joy to train.

They are excellent mimics and can get along with almost every other pet. The African Grey Parrot, despite being a large size parrot can be a wonderful pet for children.

They are very tolerant of rough play and can get along with other kids, cats, dogs and even other large size parrots.

List of Parrot Types in Pakistan and India

There are many kinds of Parrots that exist in Pakistan and India. As in the majority parts of both countries, Pakistan and India’s climate is almost alike parrots types in India are the same as parrots found in Pakistan. The following list will facilitate you to learn a lot about these birds. These types are enlisted as follows and details of each type are also present for you.

  1. Budgies
  2. Rainbow Lorikeet
  3. Lovebirds
  4. Green ringneck
  5. Australian Parrots
  6. Cockatiel
  7. Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo
  8. Sulfur-crested cockatoo
  9. Macaws

Ringneck Family

ringneck family parrots

Ringneck family of parrots are very beautiful. As reflecting from the name, ringneck, each member of this family has circled around the neck.  Ringneck family members are:

Yellow Ringneck

Yellow Ringneck Parrot

yellow ringneck parrot or yellow ringneck parakeet is a beautiful bird and easily available. Bright yellow mutation may attracts the fanciers and people love them to keep in their aviary.

White RingNeck:  This parrot has a long nice tail which adds more beauty to it.

Creamino RingNeck Single Factor: In Creamino Ringneck single factor, mostly 2 colors are dominant which are green and grey and sometimes blue also. Dark Blue Creamino Single Factor is Cobalt.

Creamino RingNeck Double Factor: Creamino RingNeck Double Factor relatively highly demanding from facnciers than Single Factor. Dark blue double factor Creamino ringneck is called mauve.

Creamino RingNeck Triple Factor:

Green ringneck

Green Ringneck Parrot

 Green ringneck parrot is very common and treat as a local bird. A feral Population available both mother feed hand-feeding parrot.

Violet RingNeck single factor, Violet RingNeck double factor, Violet RingNeck triple factor are also known as beautiful ringneck parrots.

Blue ringneck: Blue ringneck parrot is also known as talking parrot. It has a sweet voice and a quick learner within 6 months to 1 year. It has a long blue tail which makes it more nice and beautiful

Grey RingNeck

Grey Ringneck Parrot

Grey ringneck parrot is rare mutation of Green Parrot. They are increasing within the area as people keep them at home for breeding. Its male has a black or white ring around neck and female don’t have a ring but looks beautiful. Grey ringneck attracts Fancier people, its beautiful ring and body gesture, feathers, people like to keep their homes It has a charcoal color and many shades of grey.

Cream head cream tail ringneck, Yellowhead yellow tail ringneck, and Whitehead White tail ringneck also attract the kids a lot.

Rainbow Ringneck: Rainbow ringneck parrot exist all over the world almost in all countries & that’s why they are easily found everywhere.

Raw Parrot Family Type of Parrot Green

Raw Parrot Family

Alexandrine parakeet is also known as Raw Parrot or Alexandrine parrot. It’s a nice, gentle, and independent parrot. Its size is medium as compare to other ringneck cousin parrots. Alexandrine parrot is getting popular day by day. Raw Parrot has 3 shades in colors.

Coloring in Alexandrine Parrot is predominate green with yellow cheek and grey on the back of the neck. The yellow color of the tail inside out and blue also mix with yellow in green alexandrine parrot.

  1. Yellow Raw Parrot:
  2. Green Raw Parrot:
  3. Blue Raw Parrot:

Blue raw parrot or blue Alexandrine is the largest population exist in Asia. Blue raw parrot is highly rated because of its mutation in Pakistan. Have a large wingspan about 9 inches. Resembling Indian ringneck parakeets.

Conure Parrot Family

Conure Parrot Family

The conure parrots family has very diverse. Conure parakeet family define from small to medium size. in Pakistan conure parrots largely available. Their bright colors, greenish around feathers, add their beauty and these qualities attract the viewers to themselves.

Sun conure parrot:

sun parakeet is also known as sun conure parakeet. Sun conure Medium in size. Very vibrantly colors. Very social parrot by nature. Sun conure lives in flocks.

Pineapple conure parrot

Pineapple Conure Parrot

Pineapple conure parrot is a mutation of yellow-sided conure and cinnamon. Very beautiful in looks. This combination makes them very visible among all parrots. Pineapple parrots small in size. Among bird lovers, the pineapple conure parrot has a special place and very much popular.

Jandaya parrot or Jenday conure parrot: Jenday conure parrot is small in size, has a reddish-orange body. It has a long tail. Jenday parrot large in range present in Brazil. Loud and shrill in vocal. Jenday conure includes those species free from extinction.


Golden conure parrot:

The golden conure parakeet is a medium-sized parrot. Natively from Brazil, have full bright yellow in color. Its Queen of Bavaria in aviculture, called. While in Portugal, a golden conure parrot name Ararajuba , its means a small yellow macaw.

Monk Parrot Family

Monk Parrot Family

Monk parakeet is also known as Quaker Parrot. Monk parrot is part of the true parrot family. Small in size have a green color, greenish-yellow abdomen. Native countries Argentina and surroundings in South America. A large number of populations exist.

Monk parrot is the Least concerned birds that are not going to be extinct.

Green Monk Parrot, Yellow Monk Parrot, and Blue Monk Parrot are also part of the family. Blue monk parrot is also called blue quaker parrot. Very lovely and nice in looks. Small size. Have a long span of life.

Lory parrot family Or Lorikeet Family

Lory Parrot Family

Lory parrots or Lorikeet family is small to medium size bird. Lorikeets population in the Australasian region, including Asia and Australia. Mostly lorry parrots in bright-colored.

Black-Capped Lory Parrot

Black Capped Lory Parrot

A black-capped lorry parrot is also known as a western black-capped lorry or tricolored lorry. A black-capped lorry is a colorful parrot and very speedy in the fly. Black-capped lorry body and head in a red shade, wings in the yellow inside and black cap.

Yellow bibbed Lory Parrot

Yellow bibbed lory parrot is small in size about 28 cm long. It has a yellow transverse band on the upper side of the chest which looks like the bib of children. That’s why it is called a yellow bibbed lorry. This species is the least concerned category of IUCN. Yellow bibbed lorry found in eastern Solomon islands. Yellow bibbed lorry parrot known as talking parrot.

Rainbow Lory parrot :

Rainbow lory parrot is a true parrot family. Now rainbow lorry parrot treated as separate species. 6 new species have been identified. Rainbow lorikeet is a species of parrot found in Australia. Rainbow lorikeet often similar to red collared lorikeet but today consider it separate.

Blue Lory Parrot

Blue lorikeet is a small lorikeet, found in the Cook Islands. Blue lorry parrot is also known as

  1. Tahiti Lory Parrot or Tahiti Lorikeet
  2. Violet Lorikeet or Violet Lory Parrot
  3. Indigo Lory

Blue lorry parrot found in 23 islands around Tahiti that’s why blue lorikeet also called Tahitian lorry or Tahiti Lory.

African Grey Parrot Family

African Grey Parrot Family

Grey Parrot is also known as

  1. Congo grey parrot
  2. Congo African grey parrot
  3. African grey parrot

African grey parrot is medium size parrot. Dark grey body color and grey on head and neck on African grey parrot. Its behavior is wild. The demand for African grey parrots is very high in the whole world. The native country of African grey parrot is Africa, Cameron, ivory coast, Angola. The population of African grey parrots is about 13 million range.

Red Factor African Grey Parrot

Amazingly red factor African grey parrot rare mutation of traditional African grey parrot. This genetic change occurs naturally that’s why it’s rare. As African grey parrots are intelligent. They observe and watch all the activities going in the house or shed where they live.

Macaw parrot Lovely type of Parrot 

Macaw parrot family

Macaw parrots are the group of new world parrots. Very colorful parrots macaw parrots. Long-tailed. Macaw parrot found in Central America and in Mexico only country of North America.

Species of macaw are 19. Few species of macaw are extinct or endangered critically while few are assumed to be extinct.

Extinct Species of Macaw:

  • Little blue macaw
  • Saint Croix macaw
  • Glaucous macaw
  • Cuban Red Macaw

A brief of some species of macaw:

Blue macaw parrot:

Blue macaw parrot is also known as Hyacinth Macaw or Hyacinthine Macaw. Natively from central and eastern South America. Highly rated parrot bird. Birds lovers may farm blue macaws. Blue macaw may travel in couples. Blue macaw in Lahore or blue macaw in Karachi may available.

Blue macaw is also known as a “gentle giant” because blue macaw can calmer than other macaws.

Gold Macaw Parrot:

Blue and yellow macaw is also known as a blue and gold macaw. Its population is feral in South American. Gold macaw has a blue top of the head, light orange below the head. Gold parrot is popular in aviculture having the quality of talking to humans, close to human bond, have attractive color. Easily available in the market. Gold macaw breeding ability starts from age 3 to 6 years. Gold macaw is on the least count category from IUCN.

Green-winged macaw parrot:

A Red and green macaw parrot is also known as a green-winged macaw. It’s the largest parrot in its macaw family. Natively from northern and central America.

Scarlet macaw parrot:

The scarlet macaw parrot is a large bird in the macaw family. Almost 32 inches long and 2.2 lb weight.  Natively from south America. Lived in the greenish forest. The scarlet macaw parrot is a colorful bird, large red, yellow, blue shade. During the breeding season, scarlet macaw behavior is aggressive. Captive breeding of scarlet in Pakistan on large scale in farms.

Cockatoo Parrot Family

Cockatoo Parrot Family

Cockatoo parrot belongs to the family cacatuidai, the only family in the superfamily. Mainly cockatoo parrot found in Australia, Philippines. Cockatoos are noticeable crests and curved bills. Cockatoo plumage is less colorful than other parrots. Mostly grey plumage, white or sometimes black plumage.

Cockatoo parrot is unique

Sulphur cockatoo parrot:

Sulphur cockatoo parrot is also known as sulphur-crested cockatoo parrot. Native from Australia and now has been introducing sulphur cockatoo parrot in Pakistan, Indonesia. Weight of sulphur cockatoo 2 pounds, making largest cockatoo species.

Major Mitchell cockatoo parrot:

Major Mitchell cockatoo parrot is also known as Leadbeater cockatoo or Pink Cockatoo. Major Mitchell cockatoo parrot is medium size parrot bird and restricted to Australia and inland areas of Australia. It has pink plumage, yellow crest. Major Mitchell cockatoo is one of the most beautiful parrots in the parrots family. Both males and females are almost identical. Only the difference in male is a little larger than female and female has broader yellow stripe color on the crest. Major Mitchell cockatoo is on the list of dangerously threatened species.

Moluccan cockatoo Parrot

Salomon crested cockatoo is also known as Moluccan cockatoo parrot. Moluccan is banned to export in the United States as this parrot added to vulnerable species. Trapping and hunting are not allowed. Captive breeding is allowed in limited cities.

Budgies or Budgerigar Cute Types of Parrots


Budgerigar is also known as Budgie. Budgie is the American language is called parakeet. Budgies are in different shades like blue, yellow, green, black on tail or some have black plumage. Since 1850, captive breeding is ongoing. Very close to human interaction. Their voices make the environment very chill and cool. budgies found in Feral Population in Pakistan.

Fallow budgies:

Fallow budgies are very beautiful parrots.  Fallow budgies are of different types like

  • Japanese fallow budgies
  • Australian fallow budgies
  • Scottish fallow budgies

Spangle budgies:

Most budgies have black feathers with yellow underlying feathers, but spangle budgies are reverse from this, they have yellow feathers and black underlying feathers.

Exhibition budgies

Exhibition budgies may refer to English budgies, their looks and feathers.

Hogoromo budgies:

The Japanese “Hogoromo Budgies” are often called Helicopter Budgies or Flower Budgies. They are very good looking and beautiful parrots in Budgies Family.

Red eyes budgies:

Red eyes budgies are also known as ruby eyes budgies. Good breeder budgies.

Yellow red eyes budgies

Lutino budgies are also known as Yellow red eyes budgies. Their body is in full yellow color and have red eyes that’s why they are called yellow budgies red eyes.

White red eyes, King size budgies are also types of budgies.

Cockatiel parrots or Cocktail parrots family

Cocktail parrots family

Cockatiel parrot is also known as Weiro Bird or Quarrion. Cocktail parrot belongs to the cockatoo family. Small in size. Easy for the breed. The cockatiel parrot is one of the best parrots to be kept at home. Cocktail parrot is the 2nd largest popularity after budgies. 3 species of Cocktail parrots are below:

  • Eno red eyes cockatail / cockatiel
  • white Cherry cocktail/cockatiel
  • Common white cocktail/cockatiel

Lovebird Parrots Family

Lovebird Parrots Family

Lovebird parrots are the common name of genus Agapornis, from the old world family of parrots. Love birds have 9 different species out of 8 natively from the African continent.  Lovebird parrots are very cute and beautiful and social with humans. Low costing and effectively breeding capacity they have.

  • Common Lutino lovebird

The most loving and popular mutation of the peach face lovebird is also known as the common lutino lovebird. Very friendly and companionship bird. Easy to care for.

  • Luntino personata lovebird

Lutino personata lovebird is bit differ from Lutino lovebird. Lutino personata lovebird has a red beak and ring around red eye-ball.

  • Black masked lovebird

Black masked lovebird is also known as yellow collared lovebird or eye ring lovebird or masked lovebird or yellow chest lovebird. Masked lovebird has a black head, dark green on the upper side, and light green on the below side. Red beak and white eyerings.

  • Blue persanata lovebird

Blue masked lovebird is the best color mutation of masked lovebird. This mutation occurs naturally. Also, captivity breeding of blue personata lovebird is possible.

  • Fischer lovebird

Fischer lovebird is small in size, fast in flight, wings voice can be heard when Fischer fly. Fischer lovebird has a green chest, wings. Around neck golden yellow and dark green on the body and black on the back.

  • Yellow Fischer lovebird

Yellow Fischer lovebirds have yellow predominately and orange also. Young yellow Fischer and adult yellow Fischer are the same except adult has brown marks.

  • Peach-faced lovebird

Peach-faced lovebird also called rosy-faced lovebird. Small in size, social with humans. Male-female almost same. eat through the day, sleep sit side by side, and heads into partner head.

  • Albino red eye lovebird
  • Parblue lovebird

 Java sparrows

Java sparrow also calls java rice or java finch or java rice sparrow. Small in size. Breed in captive.java sparrows is a beautiful bird and it attracts bird lovers.

  • White java sparrows
  • Silver java sparrows
  • Grey java sparrows
  • Fawn java sparrows

Conclusion for Types of Parrots

There are many different types of parrots in the world, and they come in a variety of colors and sizes. Some of the most popular types of parrots include the African Grey, the Amazon, and the Cockatoo.

My favorite is African Grey Parrots, these are native to the forests of Africa, and are one of the most intelligent types of parrots. They are known for their ability to mimic human speech, and can often be found in zoos and bird sanctuaries.

Do comment if there is updated knowledge to share. I am always happy to learn about parrots.


What are the Main Types of Parrots?

Parrots are also known as Psittacines birds, and roughly they have 398 species. Parrots are divided into three major families:

  1. True Parrots
  2. Cockatoo Parrots
  3. Parrots of New Zealand

What Types of parrots talk?

Talking parrots are those who mimic human words. The ability to talking parrot is purely dependent upon the training which makes them perfect and able to talk and interact with a human. There are 3 major parrots, understand and respond the human voices and interact.

  1. African Grey Parrot
  2. Cockatoo Parrots ( Mostly yellow-crested cockatoos and long-billed cockatoos are good talker and listener)
  3. Indian Ringneck or Green Ringneck parrot

What Types of parrots you can have as Pet?

There are different types of parrots that you can keep at home as pets. Here we enlist few types of parrots which are suitable to own  a pet:

  1. Lovebirds
  2. Green ringneck or Indian Ringneck
  3. Java sparrows
  4. Budgies
  5. macaws

What are suitable types of parrots for beginners?

For beginners, budgies are the most suitable type because the person who is new in this field, do not have any knowledge for interaction with bird and how to care and serve bird. We write down 3 to 4 most common types of parrots for beginners:

  1. Budgies
  2. Lovebirds
  3. Green ringneck
  4. Quaker parrot or Monk Parrot

What is the rarest parrot?

According to International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Spix Macaw extinct in the wild and enlisted in RED List.

What Types of Parrots in Pakistan?

There are many kinds of Parrots exist in Pakistan. People keep them as pet, do the business also. Here is a list of Parrots in Pakistan found:

  1. Budgies
  2. Rainbow Lorikeet
  3. Lovebirds
  4. Green ringneck
  5. Australian Parrots
  6. Cockatiel
  7. Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo
  8. Sulphur crested cockatoo
  9. Macaws

What are the friendliest Parrots or Affectionate Parrots?

All types of parrots need care and love and time for make them friendly. Few parrots take not much time and become the best companion to human. A list of parrots reflecting the top friendliest parrots:

Top 5 Affectionate Parrots

  1. Monk parrots
  2. Cockatiel
  3. African Grey Parrot
  4. Budgies
  5. conure

What food is good for parrots?

Board of Avian Veterinarian who studies the nutrition certified that pellet make 50-70 percent parrots diet. Pellets do not contain high range of sugar or dyes because this may be the reason of disease of your parrot and even shorten the life span. Budgies , lovebirds, Australians java sparrows may take these pellets.

Cooked, soaked fruits and nuts may contain high energy and that needed your parrot.

On other side , remaining 30-50 percent diet are including fresh foods like

  • Raw or fresh vegetables
  • A little quantity of raw fruit
  • Soaked and cooked grain.

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