Australian Parrot Price Huge Cost Drop Guide (2023)

The average price of an Australian Parrot in Pakistan is between 700-1500 Rupees. But there are more costs associated with keeping the Australian bird with you. These parrot prices for Australian parrots world the same for Lahore city.

There are many people who are confused about the price of the Australian Parrot in Pakistan. This is because many sellers are selling them for higher prices. The price of an Australian Parrot is not fixed and depends upon the size, color, and type of the bird.

A pet parrot will bring a huge change to your indoor environment. Australian parrot is a beautiful, cheerful and colorful bird. These birds are also known as Macaws. The color of the bird s green yellow and blue. The life span of the parrot is about 10 years.

In Pakistan, the cost of the parrot is variant depending mostly on eye colors and wing colors. Now a day there are many malls in the world where you can get Australian parrots at cheap rates.

Price to Bring Australian Parrot Home

800 Rs to 1600 Rs

When you first get a parrot, there are many things that you’ll need to invest in initially. They will not happen all at once though. You should plan for this in advance and set some savings aside because the first year of owning a parrot is by far the less in cost.

Australian parrots for sale blue
Credits: David Selbert from Pexels

You will have to pay for flying lessons for this bird and there may even be an injured animal that you have to take care of if it’s ever hurt. the Australian Parrot typically needs to be put into a cage with accompanying accessories and toys, bought food, cleaning supplies, and any supplements that might be needed by the owner. Let’s cover all these costs one by one in the following sections.

Which is the Most Expensive Bird in Pakistan

12% of the people in Pakistan own parrots. The price of parrots is low because parrots’ imports and export are restricted in Pakistan. Some of the rare types of parrots can cost anything between $500-$1000. But there are also a category of Parrots that are most expensive are rare is a Black parrot.

Can you Get an Australian Parrot for Free?

No, But you have a chance

In fact, the truthful answer is No. No one will give you this bird for free as there is always a cost to from egg to raise a parrot-like this. But don’t lose hope, we are going to launch a parrot draw program very soon. Try your wish there and get a free bird from us. Keep updated on our website as we will launch a registration phase very soon. We have intentions to keep this program active on a monthly basis.

Price of Australian Baby Parrot in Pakistan

300 to 500 Rs

Australian baby parrot has a demand in Pakistan. People in Pakistan do not have the resources to hatch the eggs and the tendency is to buy Australian baby Parrots. The price for the Australian Baby Parrots starts from Rs 300 to 500 Rs depending upon the type of the parrot.

Adoption Cost of an Australian Parrot in Pakistan

500 to 1000 Rs

What is the Adoption Cost of an Australian parrot? Or why it’s good to adopt this Aussie flier. Adopting a pet is a very rewarding experience that can come along with a number of responsibilities. Unfortunately, adopting an Australian parrot can’t be quite challenging as they are the easiest to take care of.

In Pakistani society, there are fewer trends to adopt a parrot as people prefer to buy a breeder bird and do enjoy the number as it raises quickly among these parrots.

Getting A Breeder Parrot 

800 to 1500 Rs

Purchasing a parrot from an Australian breeder is a smart decision to make if you want to bring a happy and healthy bird into your home.

Owning a parrot is not an easy decision for everyone. There are many considerations to make such as cost, upkeep, and socialization, but the decision to buy a breeder parrot-like the Australian Breeder Parrot is a good one.

Breeder parrots are from a reputable breeder, unlike the random breeder parrots you may see on the street, who may not be in the best of health or the best socialization.

Breeder parrots are known for their excellence in talking ability, friendliness, and intelligence. They are able to be placed in homes, be socialized, and even breed! They have a variety of colors and feathers and your friends and family will always be impressed.

Basic Setup and Arrangements for New Parrot

4000 Rs to 15000 Rs

Parrots are pretty much like any other bird or pet for that matter – they need to be kept in an environment that’s suitable for their kind. We recommend getting a new cage, (unless it’s your pet’s old cage from earlier) as you wouldn’t want your parrot to get sick and spread diseases to other pets/animals or humans. With a good parrot cage costing around 5000 Rs. in Pakistan, you would no doubt want to make sure your precious pet stays healthy and happy.

You will also need to acquire essential items for your parrot such as stainless steel bowls, perches, wood, and bedding as well as a cage. If you are bringing the parrot into Pakistan, you will need to pay an import permit fee too – which typically costs between 2500 Rs and 5000 Rs.

You will likely have to pay for a pet health certificate. The price will vary depending on which veterinarian you choose and if your parrot has been properly vaccinated against common illnesses or not already, as this is a requirement before being adopted out.

Australian Parrots for Sale
Credits: Magda at Pexels

List of Australian Parrot Cost For Care and Supplies

Following is the list of supplies that are essential to keep in mind while thinking to buy an Australian Parrot in Pakistan

PermitRequired Permission if is Imported
Cage Setup Perches Cover etc2000
Additional Transportation Cage2000
Water Bowl500

Australian Parrot Cost Per Month  to Keep in Pakistan

1000 Rs to 2000 Rs

Just like any other pet, there are monthly fees associated with well-trained Australian parrots: namely training and playtime, health and entertainment, and much more. A happy and healthy parrot can live better and stay better with you so it’s your duty to keep your pet parrot healthy and safe.

Good luck is Australian Parrot of this breed does not require huge running expenses on day to day to basis.

Health Care Cost for Australian Parrot

500 Rs to 1000 Rs

The key to keeping a healthy Australian Parrot is ensuring that it gets the right kinds of food, plenty of exercise and stimulation, and be sure to keep its cage clean. While most owners buy the right foods for their parrots, they don’t always make sure their cages are suitably outfitted with appropriate climbing equipment.

australian blue parrot in cage
Credits: Murilo at Pexels

Physical Activities Factors

500 Rs to 1000 Rs

In order to keep your pet healthy, you should provide quality food, a clean cage and offer the bird daily physical and mental stimulation. Diet can be critical in the health of any pet and bird owners will want to ensure their pets are getting adequate nutrition by changing their diets periodically.

Often health problems can occur if owners neglect this important obligation. Keeping your Australian Parrot’s home clean will help prevent illness from spreading.

It is also essential to provide toys for both mental and physical stimulation, as this will help give your bird plenty of exercises vital for its good health.

To avoid any unnecessary confusion about what an Australian Parrot needs in life, it’s wise to research all possibilities before deciding which breed is right for you.

Food Price for Australian Parrot in Pakistan

1000Rs to 1500 Rs

These food estimates include the day-to-day fruits and nuts Parrot consumes as well as if you pre-packed food pellets for the Australian parrot at your home. About 80% of your parrot’s diet should come from pellets because that is what he or she would feast on in the wild.

The remaining 20% can be filled with other healthy foods for treats, like fruits and vegetables for vitamins. Some seeds, grains, and nuts can also be included occasionally.

Medication Price for Australian Parrot

800Rs to 1500 Rs

If your Australian parrot becomes chronically ill, you can expect the initial bill for its care to cost around 500. If more serious problems arise, the price could rise to about 1,500. Remember that having a personal veterinarian treat your exotic pets is not entirely free.

Although your pet will likely be treated well, you may come out with a hefty charge at the end of the day since most exotic vets are in high demand, even more so than usual now because exotic parrots seem to be on the rise in popularity.

Parrot Insurance Good to Have

800Rs to 1500 Rs

There is a trend in Pakistan for companies to offer insurance for pet owners. In my opinion, companies should continue this trend of offering pet insurance because it gives the owners peace of mind. I have contacted some local companies to make sure to offer insurance, soon plans will be out in the market.

It is absolutely crucial to creating a savings account specifically for your parrot as soon as you get one. Parrots tend to injure themselves pretty often, and it’s always best to be prepared when that happens because they’re extremely resilient in most cases.

Other times the injuries can prove to be fatal. Good pet insurance policies take care of any medical expenses so if you don’t have any savings for this purpose for your parrot, definitely consider looking into that.

Entertainment Price for Australian Parrot

500Rs to 2000 Rs

Just about any pet can provide a lot of fun for its owners. Parrots are able to learn how to speak and interact with even the youngest of children. This can help establish a genuine love between pet and parent, which is invaluable.

Australian parrot with toy

However, these creatures tend to be expensive not just in general but also in the way they need to be entertained: with toys and by playing with people they know well enough.

You need to make sure that you have the means not only to afford these pets in the first place but also regularly purchase their new toys so that they don’t get bored or stressed out when you’re busy elsewhere.

Monthly Cost to Keep Australian Parrot

500Rs to 2500 Rs

Owning a parrot is essentially the same as owning a cat. The cost of both domestic pets is not all that different. Assuming the bird remains in good health, it should not cost more than 1000 Rs a month at most to supply every need for this pet – but it may even be less.

Medication of pets is an expensive process and finding a good expert in this field is also a task to accomplish. You also need to vaccine the parrot in order to to avoid the upcoming and existing issues for parrots. It is also an inevitable expense to keep in mind.

Some Hidden Costs for Keeping the Parrot

1000Rs to 2500 Rs

In addition to regular monthly prices you might need to pay, some other expenses related to your bird may pop up unexpectedly, such as boarding and even just actually having fun on vacations.

Australian Parrots for Sale
Credits: Magda Ehlres onPexels

You could try asking friends or family for help caring for your bird when you go out of town but this makes it risky because if your loved one doesn’t do a good job then it’s possible that your pet could be put at risk.

I strongly recommend using boarding services to care for your bird when you’re not able to and it’s best to use a professional service so that you can rest assured that your bird is in capable hands getting the best possible treatment each day.

Is it Expensive to Keep Australian Parrot in Pakistan?

In my opinion no it is not expensive to keep this parrot with you, because I have in detail briefed in the above sections the acquiring and monthly cost of keeping this bird. These are very pretty and economical ‘parrots to keep as a pet.

You must give it a try and the only thing these parrots dislike is the loneliness. Always enjoy and let these birds entertain you as a pet.

Owning Australian Parrot is Fun

1000Rs to 2500 Rs

Cute Australian Parrot is fun to keep. This parrot is a low basic cost to pay initially and you can see monthly expenses are also not very much high in the prospect of Pakistan.

If you find that a certain type of bird does it for you, consider adopting one from a shelter or rescue center since they can be adopted at a more economical rate.

Since many birds are extremely attached to and dependent upon their cages and toys, the adoption agency may provide these items as well. This will mean instant companionship.

Saving Money on Health Care

Because it’s already so affordable to own an Australian Parrot, it can be hard to cut the monthly fee down even further. However, if you keep a keen eye out for discounted pet products from your favorite retailers, in particular, you can find cage accessories that are aggressively discounted and sometimes offered for free.

For example, food costs a lot depending on what kind of parrot you own. So if possible, go for the cheaper route if you can and use coupons or deals when picking up your parrot’s necessities so that it doesn’t cost you as much. That way you will also be able to put aside more money for other things in the long run.

Additionally, pet insurance really is a must with a bird of this type. If the bird gets sick or injured, monthly prices skyrocket. Although paying a monthly bill may be annoying, it really is the best way to protect yourself and the rest of your pets insured under the same plan.


Whenever one decides to buy an Australian Parrot for the very first time, one should be prepared for a total expense of up to Rs 2000. The actual cost of the bird itself can range from Rs 1000 to Rs 1500. Meanwhile, the other initial expenses should fall within the budget of Rs 700.

It is great that it is still cheaper to own a pet parrot in Pakistan. Monthly, you will likely pay around Rupees 500 should your bird not run into any significant problems. If the bird gets sick, however, you will likely have to pay much more than this each month, so we recommend getting exotic pet insurance to help prevent significant financial losses.

If you want to read more about budgies in this correlation, we have detailed content on this subject.  Thanks for reading do not forget to give me your feedback.



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