Quaker Parrot Price Updated Guide (2023)

Quaker parrot is also known as Monk Parrot. Quaker Parrot Price in Pakistan is around 1,07,000 to 1,25,000 Rs. Quaker parrots can be a little mischievous at times, but there’s no doubt that they’re very playful and cute creatures! As Quakers are usually hand-fed from birth and tamed from the start they tend to be quite cuddly around their owners.

Quaker Parrot

All you have to do to own a Quaker of your own is be ready to pay a hefty price tag: on average you could expect to spend anything between 85000 and 125000 rupees depending on whether you get it from a breeder or one that’s already fully tame. We generally stock both blue-winged and green-winged Quakers – both breeds cost the same amount so it’s up to you which color you prefer!

Quaker Parrot Introduction

The monk parakeet, also known as the Quaker parrot, is a beautiful, small bird that has a lifespan of 20-30 years. It is mostly bright green with a greyish breast and yellow abdomen. The average wingspan is 48 cm (19 in) and it weighs around 100 g (3.5 oz). Females of this species are usually 10-20% smaller than males and can only be sexed by DNA or feather testing. The monk parakeet has scalloping on its dark gray forehead and breast with light-green to yellow underparts.

Quaker Parrot Types

There are a few established quaker color “lines” that breeders have come up with. The most common is blue, which closely resembles the regular monk parakeet, being mostly blue with hints of green– though there are some “blues” that are more gray in color. Cinnamon is another popular variety.

You might think these would be brown or red, but they’re actually yellow with some green and blue, and white on the bottom. Pearls tend to be grayish or bluish; pieds are green and yellow mixed together all over the body, and albinos usually are white with reddish eyes and yellowish feet.

Quaker Parrot price range in United states

When it comes to the cost of a quaker parrot, there are a few factors that come into play such as the mutations/colors, rarity, the breeder you choose to work with, where they live, the age and the gender of the bird. From our research, we’ve found that the average price for a high-quality common quaker parrot can range anywhere from $250 to $550 each before shipping. In some cases, you may be able to purchase a pair for as little as $450 total. A rarer blue quaker can cost closer to $700+.

How Long Do Quaker Parrots Live?

The lifespan of a Quaker parrot, on average, is 20 to 30 years. In the wild, these birds typically live for 10 to 15 years. However, in captivity, a Quaker parrot’s lifespan can be more than 30 years.

Why are Quaker Parrots illegal?

Quaker parrots are illegal to sell or release in many states due to the threat of breeding populations becoming established in the wild. Wisconsin is one of the many states regulating Quaker parrots. “They don’t bother other birds, at least I’ve never seen this.” States that have banned Quaker parrots as pets are California, Colorado (unless owned before 1990), Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee and Wyoming, according to the Quaker Parakeet Society (QPS.)

Do Quaker Parrots Talk?

Quakers are known for their exceptional ability to mimic human speech patterns, noises, and words. They have a diverse vocabulary and can often speak very clearly, rivaling larger parrot species in terms of the clarity of their voices. Quakers are also known for their ability to mimic human emotions and facial expressions.

Quaker Parrots for Sale

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Quaker Parrot Price In Pakistan

Quaker Parrot Price in Pakistan varies from city to city. Quaker Parrot is also called Monk Parrot, most importantly, Monk Parrot is found in Major cities of Pakistan. Let’s Discuss the Quaker Parrot Price in different cities of Pakistan.

Quaker Parrot Price In Karachi

Quaker Parrot Chick Price in Karachi is around 15000-25000 Rs. depending upon the age of the parrot. Monk parrot is one of the best Quaker Parrot among Parrot Families. For the same reason, the Price of the Quaker Parrot is high for its talking quality. People tame them and train them properly.

Breeder Pair of Quaker Parrot price is around 125000-135000 Rs.

Quaker Parrot Price In Lahore

Quaker Parrot price in Lahore is most likely as in Karachi. The price of a Quaker Parrot is around 70000-80000 Rs. adult Quaker price is this.

Quaker Parrot Price In Islamabad

Quaker Parrot’s price in Islamabad is on the high side. Blue Monk price in Islamabad is around 135000-145000 Rs, breeder Quaker Pair.

Owning A Quaker Parrot

Owning a Quaker parrot is more expensive than just the initial acquisition cost. The price of a Quaker Parrot can vary greatly depending on several factors. It all comes down to what they want to see in their next munchkin companion, where (or if) they decide to buy it, the age and gender of the bird, how trained it currently is as well as other necessary accessories/costs that come into consideration with owning one such as medical bills if necessary!

M0nk Parrot for keeping home is not easy as some other Parrots and setting it free in your home. There are many more costs associated with owning one of these birds. Things like where you purchase it from, the color of the bird, gender, and age all greatly affect the initial cost of purchase.

Quaker birds are sometimes looked at as pets but they have a tendency not to do well if kept indoors. Since Quakers are very social by nature, keeping a lone bird in captivity for too long is probably not the best course of action to take. However, you should never try to capture a wild Quaker unless you’re licensed and equipped with the proper device since these birds are protected by law.

When you’re considering which type of bird you want to purchase, it’s important to understand that some birds aren’t legal in every state. Even though Quaker Parrots can be kept as pets, certain states have banned them from specific counties or even cities because they are seen as posing a threat to agriculture.

One Time Cost To Bring A Quaker Parrot At Home

When you’re considering a Quaker parrot for adoption, there are some costs to be aware of. Whether you acquire your parrot for free when a friend or relative no longer wants it or buy one from a breeder, you have to be ready with the money.

It’s important to be prepared for the associated costs of owning a pet Quaker bird so that you’re not hit with any nasty surprises! Whether you’ve adopted a rescue Quaker from a shelter or are thinking of paying upfront costs to buy one from a private breeder, it’s important to remember that there will always be an array of expenses attached to having a feathered friend like this.

Many factors affect the cost of a Quaker parrot. The type, breed, and age of the parrot is one factor that influences the cost. Quaker Parrots also have varied health issues like weight and body length. And finally, you have to build a cage to keep your bird in when it’s not playing with yourself or other people around. Let’s break down some figures on common parrots to see what we could potentially pay:

If a Quaker parrot is injured and needs special care, that care can be costly. Factors like the bird’s age and health mean you might need to revise your budget downward. To find out how much it costs to buy a parrot, we decided to examine different parts of your potential costs involved in buying a parrot because everyone knows they could potentially soar in price.

Quaker Parrots Adoption

Is It Possible To Get A Free Quaker Parrot?

Quaker parrots are stunning birds that plenty of people want to own–and for good reason! But there aren’t a lot of people who put as much thought into owning a Quaker as they ought to before deciding to bring one into their home. This results in quite a few people having birds for longer than they had originally intended, or in some instances, unwanted Quakers being set free into the wild.

Some people go out and decide to get a Quaker parrot without putting a whole lot of research or thought into it. This is why some bird owners after doing their homework later realize that there’s a whole lot of responsibility that comes along with owning a Quaker parrot. So, it’s not uncommon for these same people to find themselves wanting to rehome a Quaker parrot they don’t want but can no longer take care of.

If you’re lucky, you can find someone in your area that will gladly give you their Quaker parrot. Search both online and off. You might want to take your new friend a nice treat or toy for being so generous!

Adoption Cost of Quaker Parrot

50,000 Rs to 70,000

Searching for an affordable Quaker parrot can be a challenge but it is possible. You may have to become a member of an organization that allows you to adopt one that might have been given up by somebody who purchased the bird and simply decided not to keep it or might have gotten the bird from someone else in a similar way.

People can own a Quaker parrot regardless of where they live: You can discuss with local animal shelters to be put in touch with a Quaker parrot adoption specialist located in Pakistan, or adopt adorable birds online. Even though one could go out and buy a baby Quaker from a pet store, such an avian purchase isn’t advisable as this could lead to pet stores exploiting more Quakers than they already do.

Therefore, there are only a few ways to adopt Quakers that will give them the best chance at being cared for properly whilst these innocent beings deserve nothing less than that!

There are several ways to adopt a Quaker Parrot like deciding on a local bird sanctuary or an animal shelter. Some non-profits help parrots find their new owners via adoption programs. Before you dive in and adopt a bird you have your eye on, be sure to ask for background information from the previous owner(s) to ensure that it’s the right fit for you.

You could very well find young, middle-aged, and older Quaker parrots in need of a good home. While some will happen to be healthy and in need of a loving family, others may have health conditions and special needs which may cause them to require special attention.

As with any pet adoption decision – make sure that you can provide either the particular bird you take home or another foster Quaker parrot with the specific care he or she requires to stay happy and healthy during their time with you!

Adoption Cost of A Breeder Quaker Parrot

70,000 Rs to 1,50,000

Quaker Parrots coming from a reputable breeder can be wonderful pets. These birds are used to wearing a harness and consequently should adjust readily to having one put on. Well adjusted Quakers are social and enjoy the attention of people, even strangers in need of some chuckles.

Quaker breeder birds cost more than those adopted from places like a bird rescue organization but this extra cost is usually appropriate due to their well-adjusted nature and relatively docile attitude.

Adoption Cost of A Quaker Parrot Chick

20,000 Rs to 25,000

Blue Quaker Parrot Chicks

Most fanciers of Quaker Parrot, adopt Quaker Parrot Chicks and then trained them with their styles and teach them different sounds, like a whistle, calling, ringing, Good Morning. They are very efficient learners. Memorize the words and respond in a timely.

Initial Setup and Supplies Cost For Quaker

When you are looking to buy a Quaker parrot, besides simply the cost of the bird you want to bring home with you, you will also have to take into consideration items such as a suitable cage for your new bird friend. A good number of accessories and parrot supplies are needed along with food and water dishes, as well as a perch that’s flexible so it can be hung in different positions.

Owning a Quaker parrot can be expensive. You’ll need to buy everything from birdcages, perches, ladders, toys, and food dishes as well as grooming supplies and even items such as carriers in case you need to move with your feathered friend on short notice.

It’s important to set up a certain fund each month to cover the cost of supplies whether you’re in charge of overseeing the household budget or delegating it to another trustworthy person. Quakers, like most parrots, can be quite destructive because they love chewing on just about anything that captures their fancy.

List of Supplies for Quaker Parrot and Cost

10,000 Rs to 30,000

Depending upon the number of birds costs may change following are for the single bird of this category

PermitRequired Permission if is Imported in your Country
Cage5000-15000 As Aviary Setup
Cage Setup Perches Cover etc6000
Additional Transportation Cage4000
Water Bowl1000

What Is The Monthly Expense of Quaker Parrot?

25,000 Rs to 40,000

Quaker parrots are intelligent, affectionate, and talkative. They need a spacious cage that is big enough to accommodate toys, a perch, and other accessories. Quaker parrots also love to climb so they would also need at least one companion bird or cat with which they can interact and play. One of the biggest expenses when it comes to Quaker parrots is feeding them a high-quality pellet diet along with some fresh fruits and vegetables. Just for your information, pellets should be the priority when planning on starting up a new flock as these materials provide fiber, nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. They also cost between 1000-1500 Rs /bag. A healthy diet that consists of pellets should look like this:

Food For Quaker Parrot

25,00 Rs to 4,000

A Quaker parrot needs to be provided with a high-quality pellet diet, as well as plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. This bird should be fed about 3 tablespoons of pellets every day along with ¼ cup (roughly 50 grams) of fresh produce. While the price of pellets usually stays the same, the price of fresh fruits and vegetables can fluctuate and rise, especially when they’re not in season. To be safe, plan on spending at least 2500-4000 Rs per month feeding your pet Quaker parrot.

Entertainment Cost For Quaker Parrot

25,00 Rs to 4,000

Quaker Parrot Toys

As the pet owner of your Quaker Parrot, it’s up to you to provide tailored entertainment items that your bird can use for mental and physical stimulation. The natural curiosity of a Quaker means he will chew through these things quickly and require replacement, so it should be noted that some specific tricks at certain stages in their life such as teaching him to climb ropes or ladder rungs are rewarding but only appropriate while they are still young enough to enjoy them.

Quakers like to have their toys rotated from time to time. They quickly get bored with the same old stimulation. This is why you need to make a regular supply of entertainment items for your Quaker like ropes, chew blocks, ladders, and puzzles. A good way to save money on parrot toys and accessories is by looking online or in pet stores for 2-for-1 specials or other excellent deals when you buy more than one parrot toy or accessory at a time.

Regular Vet Visits

25,00 Rs to 4,000

Asparagus costs about 4000 Rs, but it doesn’t have the valuable nutrients necessary for the well-being of your Quaker parrot. The most recommended solution to this is proper nutrition from eating the right foods that are rich in calcium and vitamins C, D, and E. If you notice any depression or changes in behavior, take your Quaker parrot to an avian vet for further diagnosis. Typical vet costs range between 2500-4000 Rs per office visit plus medication if your Quaker needs it, which can cost between 2500-4000 Rs if you don’t have pet insurance that covers meds as well. They usually prescribe liquids via syringe so if you need long-term medications this could be a big financial burden on top of office visit fees.

Health Care Expense

25,00 Rs to 4,000

As a Quaker owner, one of the most annoying things is getting stuck with medical bills due to an unexpected illness or problem. It’s even more aggravating when you think about how often these types of events occur. That’s why we think that it only makes sense for your Quaker (and yourself) to board the healthcare bandwagon and get some protection by way of a health insurance plan that will help cover any critical medical expenses you might be unfortunate enough to run into that could drain your resources and cause stress.

Take some time to comparison shop online between local carriers until you find a plan that fits within your budget so that when your precious feathered friend does get sick or injured, you’re not paying through the nose for treatment in addition to being preoccupied with caring for them which can take away from their well-being as much as it can yours!

Addons Your Quaker Personality

25,00 Rs to 4,000

Quaker Parrot Personality

If you don’t have experience handling Quaker Parrot, you should take your bird to the vet or a groomer who has had lots of experience with birds like yours. Tweezers work well to cut your Quaker’s nails while they’re housed in the cage. While it may be tempting, it’s best not to use clippers right out of the gate since too much pressure can cause your Quaker pain and harm them.

We recommend trimming any excess feathers sticking out from your bird’s body with pet grooming shears. You’ll just choose the proper cutting length for your specific bird’s needs based on their physical attributes and what type of environment it will be living in: If its home leads to various adventures outside regularly, shorter sheared feathers are best so as not to impede safe flight should the occasion call for it. On the other hand, if they live mostly indoors, longer feathering is ideal since this keeps them warm during colder seasons.

If you provide your parrot with a basin to swim in whenever he needs it, you won’t need to help him clean his feathers because he can do that on his own. You must instruct your Quaker parrot on how to appropriately tend or groom itself.

No matter what kinds of birds you have in your home, it will always be important for them to know the best ways to groom themselves. One way for you to do this is by helping your bird trim its nails and wing feathers to maintain its health.

Provide Healthy Environment To Quaker Parrot

5,00 Rs to 1,500

Multiple things that factor into what effective communication is for Quaker parrots include varying the environment at home – this includes items such as toys, steps, and mirrors, as well as replacing things like food dishes every few months and toys every week. It’s important to invest in a variety of different products so your bird always has something fun to play with when you get home from work.

Total Monthly Cost For Owning Quaker Parrot

25,000 Rs to 40,000

One way to reduce your monthly cost is by feeding your Quaker a seed-based diet in conjunction with some fresh fruits, vegetables, and seeds. Additionally, to help keep the bird and cage clean, you can use pine shavings and newspapers for cage liners.

The cost of owning a Quaker parrot can be challenging. You need to ensure that you’re covering the cost of food and accessories as well as pet insurance, but it’s also important that you remember to budget for cage liners and toys too. These things not only make your bird more content in its home, but they also help keep cages cleaner over time.

Additional Cost Factors For Owning Quaker Parrot

Quaker parrots require a lot of attention and care, so it’s essential to make sure you have the time to properly research parrot breeds by doing extensive reading, watching countless hours of footage, and talking to other people who are into bird-breeding. Additionally, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with boarding facilities near your home city in case you need to board your pet for a few days.

You should also take into consideration additional costs such as behavioral training if your bird acts out or becomes destructive, necessary supplies like bird toys and extra food, and of course all the damages caused by an improperly trained bird – which can lead to legal fees in some instances.

While we’ve covered some of the expenses in owning a Quaker parrot, there are other factors you should also be aware of. For example, if you’re planning a vacation but don’t feel like taking your bird along with you, then you should plan on paying someone to look after it while you’re gone as well.

On top of this, any extra costs could come up as a result of changes that require training for your parrot such as if it turns out to have behavioral issues – which would lead to more personal time commitments from yourself or paid experts!

How To Save Money On Quaker Parrot?

Vet Visit Quaker Parrots

As mentioned above, the first key to saving money is to purchase your parrot food in bulk. It costs less to buy a large bag of pellets than it does several smaller ones. If you plan well, you can save a lot. Finally, if you want to save even more money and don’t mind a little bit of work.

You can make your birds perches and bird stands right at home! Be sure to follow the instructions online on how to make everything but be sure that wire is included so that they are big enough for your pet parrot. A word of warning though – never cook with your bird! Please?

In regards to the subject of pet care, you mustn’t create an incentive for your parrot to bite. By training your Quaker parrot to do things they already do, such as perching and flying from one thing to another, in return for pieces of food, you can ensure that your bird doesn’t start biting out of boredom or frustration.

Final Words

Keeping a Quaker Parrot can be quite an investment, but it is certainly worth it. There are initial one-time fees for getting the bird, its cage, and eating utensils and bird paraphernalia. These birds need toys every day to stave off boredom and this means being on a very strict budget each month. However, your Quaker parrot will become a wonderful companion that you can adore for years to come. Quaker Parrots are delightfully to watch and make awesome pals.

Owning a Quaker parrot involves quite the commitment in terms of money. Following are the one-time costs of buying a bird, equipment, food, and toys. Additionally, these birds eat every day, so according to an estimate by Quaker Parrot pets dot com “you may spend 10000-20000 Rs a month on food alone.” With all these things combined, you can see how quickly this cost adds up! Having said that, remember that your Quaker parrot will become a part of your family and be a pet you’ll enjoy for years. Each individual is unique in their way and combined with other kinds of birds makes for tons of fun watching them play and interact with each other.

No matter how bird-crazed you are, it’s always a good idea to learn the requirements of taking care of a Quaker parrot. Be completely honest with yourself if your household income is enough to pay for all the expenses involved in owning an exotic animal. The right pet shop will be able to give you a complete list of supplies and feeders required for the continuing care and maintenance of this bird species once you’ve fulfilled your part in buying one.

Quaker parrot lovers also query about the price and keeping costs for the blue ringneck parrots. We have derived a detailed article on this subject with interesting details that will enhance your knowledge and you will be able to analyze the parrot as well.


What do Quaker Parrots eat?

Quaker Parrots are very intelligent birds, so they need to be taught what to eat. It is not a good choice to use seed mixes for Quaker Parrots. These birds are very active and should have fruits, vegetables, cooked eggs, and pieces of meat as part of their diet. It is not recommended to feed these birds with only seed mixes. These birds also need variety, or they can become ill. The Quaker parrot is considered a good beginner bird, but they do have some special needs and care requirements. They are quiet but need to be taught lots of words. They can say ‘hello’ and ‘good-bye’ and are very smart.

Do Quaker Parrots make good pets?

Quaker Parrots are a very common pest, and I think they make a great pet IF you have the time and energy to spend with them. They need a lot of attention and stimulation to keep them happy. Quaker Parrots have a lot of energy, and they are very intelligent. They need a lot of exercises and they need to be kept busy with toys and games. They can become bored pretty easily, and if this happens they can become very destructive. They are great talkers and are very affectionate. I own a Quaker, who is about five years old, and she is very sweet and very lovable. She is very mischievous and she can be a real pain in the **** at times! But that’s what makes her so much fun. I know she is not for everyone, and if you are short on time to spend with her, and if you cannot meet her needs, then a Quaker would probably not be a good pet for you. But if you can spend time with her, and if you have a lot of energy to keep her entertained, then I highly recommend Quaker Parrots!

What are the most popular color variations of a Quaker Parrot?

There are 2 color variations of Quaker Parrots, Dark Grey-Green and Grey-Green. It is impossible to tell their *** by the color of their feathers. The only sure way to identify their *** is to use DNA testing or to wait until they are mature enough to start breeding. The average life span of Quaker Parrots is about 40 years.

What is the size of the cage that you will get for the Quaker Parrot?

The size of the cage is 15 x 20 x 60 inches. You will have lots of room to put all the toys, perches, and climbing branches when you are buying a cage for a Quaker Parrot.


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