Blue Ringneck Parrot Price Recent Updates (2023)

The interesting part is you can get a blue ringneck parrot at low prices as well. Still, there are prices related to keeping this parrot with you. The cost and value of these birds fluctuate depending on a number of factors. Generally speaking, the price of the bird will normally be at the higher end of the spectrum for blue ringneck parrot price in Pakistan can range from 7,000 to 20,000 Rupees.

This is because there are many factors that affect pricing including how healthy or rare the breed happens to be, as well as certain other features that make them stand out such as proper mutations. Check the following details before buying a blue ringneck parrot for your home.

The blue Indian ringneck parakeet is a beautiful and energetic medium-sized pet bird with vivid green feathers that can be found in parts of Asia. It’s popular in the bird trade and has long been a mainstay at pet stores because they are very friendly and talkative which makes them easy to keep as companion birds. Blue Indian Ringnecks tend to be more energetic than other colored variations but don’t let that discourage you from adopting one of your own.

Blue Ringneck Parrot

The Blue Ringneck Parrot is a popular pet bird and due to its unique appearance, it is often referred to as the Blue Ringneck Parrot. Interestingly enough, there are other species from the Psittacula family that are also sometimes referred to with this same name.

The Blue Ringneck Parrot comes from Africa and Arabia and adapts quite well in the Savannah, forests, and along the edge of forests too. They are very active during the day when they come out to look for food and can be quite noisy.

Blue Ringneck Parrot Price in Pakistan

8,000 Rs to 20,000 Rs

Bringing home one of those adorable Blue Ringneck parakeets can be just like going out shopping. They are easier to maintain than some other pets and do not require as much attention or upkeep in their lives when compared to some other pet species.

The prices of these birds vary depending on whether they’re chicks, young adults, adults who are ready to mate, or mature adults able to produce offspring. Blue ringneck has different price tags because of this and also due to unique features such as being all blue is a major factor of interest for many bird hobbyists in the market.

blue ringneck parrot price

Blue ringneck parrot prices

8,000 Rs to 15,000 Rs

In general, you can expect to pay between 8,000 to 15,000 for a healthy Blue ringneck parrot, depending upon its age and the place you buy it.

There are a lot of Blue ringneck parrot prices factors you should consider before buying a Blue ringneck parrot. Make sure you consider some of the following factors before buying a Blue ringneck parrot.

Free shipping? Type of shipping(overnight delivery versus standard shipping). The country of origin, as that also affects the price. The store you buy from, different stores have different prices.

Blue ringneck parrot price in Lahore?

8,000 Rs to 12,000 Rs

The price of the Blue ringneck parrot in Lahore can be determined by its size, sex (male or female), and age. It is really very difficult to give the exact price of a blue ringneck parrot in Lahore because the price of this bird varies from one pet shop to another.

Also, the breeders of blue ringneck parrots set their own prices. I checked a few pet shops in Lahore and found that the price range of blue ringneck parrot is PKR. 8,000 to PKR. 10,000, depending on the size of the bird.

Adopting a blue ringneck parrot?

6,000 Rs to 15,000 Rs

One of the most common species of domesticated birds is the ringneck. We love how beautiful and elegant they are. Their adoption prices start at around 6,000 rupees, and their nationwide shipping fee costs nearly 3,800 rupees on average.

Most people who want blue ringneck chicks will probably buy a few because they tend to be one of the least popular types and cost about 6,000 rupees on average for each bird.

Adult blue ringneck parrot Cost?

6,000 Rs to 15,000 Rs

In general, you can expect to pay between 6000 Rs and 15000 Rs for a healthy Blue ringneck parrot depending upon its age. There are many cost factors that should be taken into account before buying a Blue ringneck parrot.

Here are some things you should consider before you buy a blue ringneck parrot:- Certain countries have more expensive birds than others.- Make sure to note if shipping is free or not. Overnight shipping will cost more than standard shipping as well as handling and other fees included.

Think about where you’re buying from, prices vary from site to site, store-to-store including through online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, or Craigslist and local classified advertisements.

Note the age of the bird when considering its price. Cost factors generally get higher for younger blue ringnecks.

blue ring neck parrot price in Pakistan

Price of Blue ringneck parrot price in Karachi? 

8,000 Rs to 12,000 Rs

Before someone who is looking to buy a blue ringneck parrot, it’s important to know that Blue Ringneck Parrot price in Karachi is around 8000 thousand rupees. This is a reasonable price for such a pretty and beautiful bird.

These birds are easy to take care of and you don’t need to get a parrot cage for them. You can keep them in the cage but they will be happier if you keep them in a spacious birdcage.

These birds are quite vocal and they will keep you entertained with their sweet chirping. They are also quite intelligent and will get familiar with you in no time.

This is an excellent pet for a beginner and you can easily take care of it. Blue ringneck parrot price in Karachi is affordable, so you can easily get one for yourself without having to take a loan.

Though there are many other more expensive birds that you can choose for yourself, but blue ringneck parrot price in Karachi is something that you can easily afford.

Price for Basic Parrot Setup in Pakistan? 

9,000 Rs to 20,000 Rs

Around 9000-20,000 dollars to get started. You will need the following items:

A Parrot A cage cleaning kit
A cage A food
A perch A cage cleaning products
A dish Bird seed
A cage cover A bird vitamins
A toy A bird toy cleaner
A mirror A bird toy baggies
A play gym A bird toy
A food bowl A bird climbing ladder
A scratching post A bird perch holder
Toys A birdcage stand
A cage mat A birdcage
A cage stand A bird products
A water bottle A birdcage accessories
A cage washing kit other bird products

Price for Essential Items 

1,000 Rs to 2000 Rs

Following is the list and prices of the items that are essential for the blue ringneck parot. The prices of these items are depending upon the brand that you are going for. So you may find it a bit varied. Estimates remains the same in Pakistan

LiscRequired Permission if is Imported
Cage2000-8000 Rs As Aviary Setup
Cage Setup Perches Cover etc2000 Rs
Transportation Cage1500 Rs
Bowl1000 Rs
Good Food1500 Rs
Toys and other2500 Rs

Per Month Price for Blue Ringneck Parrot

25,00 Rs to 8,000 Rs

What is the monthly expense of keeping blue ringneck parrots at home? Blue ringneck is a medium bird. They live up to 23 years in captivity, but their lifespan can be as short as five years in the wild. Most people love keeping them at home due to their vibrant blue colors, sweet chirping, and gorgeous looks.

There are even those who are professionals and others who keep them in their aviaries. We’ll need to find out how much the average person spends on lovebirds every month so we can calculate what it would come out to accumulated over a year by multiplying each month’s expense by twelve.

  • Food Expense
  • Health Care
  • Vet Doctor Visit
  • Vaccination Plan
  • Entertainment
  • Toys for Parrot
  • Insurance for Parrot

Per Month Food Price for Blue Ringneck Parrot

15,00 Rs to 2,000 Rs

A blue-rumped parrot is an Indian species of bird that, in the past, was called blue-rumped sapphire. At home, if you have pairs of blue ringneck parrots that require care, they are kept inside aviaries where they will be fed fruits individually and it is important to guarantee that the food does not sit overnight because in the morning it is might be spoiled and unhealthy for the birds to eat.

If you own more than 8 lovebirds then your monthly expenses are expected to be around 3000 Rs (or higher based on how much you’ll need/want extra services like vets).

As a pet owner, it’s important to keep food and water prepared so your parrot will have everything they need in order to be healthy and maintain proper digestion. If you keep the food bowl clean and fresh, as well as install access to freshwater, there should not be any problems that arise as a consequence of poor upkeep.

parrot food container


Health Care for your parrot

5,00 Rs to 1,000 Rs

It’s important for both the health and safety of your pet bird to have it seen by a vet every few months or at least once a year. Birds can be vulnerable to contracting the disease, so it’s best to keep them safe and healthy by providing regular supplements beforehand.

For example, these may include vitamin supplements as well as antibiotics and vaccinations which are recommended in keeping your birds free of disease in case there is any sort of contagious illness with other birds in their flock.

Vet visit for your Blue ringneck

5,00 Rs to 1,000 Rs

One must focus on the health of their pet blue ringneck parrots. Regular visits by some of your own veterinarians will ensure you have a good idea of what type of care they need and if they need any precautionary measures taken then for their safety, your vet will provide you with expert advice. Save on your expenses, save on your money.

Vaccination for your bird

These days, there are several different ailments that affect birds. One ailment commonly found in parrots is beak feather disease. Pets are vulnerable to illness when they are exposed to the negativity of other people.

Therefore, it’s important for owners to ensure that their parrots do not become ill from exposure to disruptive behavior when they are young.

It can be hard to avoid catching germs from others that we come in contact with, but we can tell if our pets have been infected by the way they behave; upsetting or destructive behavior should be a cause for alarm for pet owners.

Always ensure your parrot is vaccinated.

How to avoid parasites

Outside factors, such as exposure to a foreign environment or harmful food can be detrimental to your blue ringneck parrots. However, once the cause is removed from your bird’s habitat, it quickly regains its health just like how when you’re vaccinated for something and then you’re immune to it for life.

So consider parasite treatment as just another vaccination shot – a one-time expense that eventually protects your lovebird so next time parasites are introduced into your bird’s habitat, there exists an internal system that protects against the invasion of parasites.

To teach your parrot this protective system, begin by getting the treatment done in its first year of development to promote and instill good health internally while also promoting self-reliance in your blue ringneck parrot.

Just like with humans, proper maintenance and hygiene can help equip the blue ringneck where it needs it most in terms of its immune system and overall fitness.

With that in mind, first-year owners of a blue ringneck will need to invest in routine parasite treatments to avoid any problematic pests from setting up shop inside of the bird’s intestines.

The next year, however, the blue ringneck will have an opportunity to develop its immune system which is incredibly efficient at handling such situations without needing further treatment throughout its life.

Price for Blue Ringneck Parrot Entertainment

5,00 Rs to 25,00 Rs

It is very important to keep your blue ringneck parrot entertained and busy when you are not in the same room. Just like other pets that get anxious if they are left alone for extended periods of time, pets like birds expect their owners to provide things to help them pass the time while they’re absent.

Make sure your parakeet stays engaged throughout the day whether or not you’re at home by giving it different puzzles and toys including a healthy amount of bells, swings, and perches so that it’s happy when you do return.

It’s important to make sure that you have things in your home that will keep your bird busy. You must provide your parrot with colorful perches, fancy look bowls, and lighting – just so they have something else to focus on while they’re off playing or hanging out with friends.

What toys price for a Blue ringneck?

1000 Rs to 25,00 Rs

Ringneck parrots love to play with toys, although some of them love to chew on things provided by their owner whereas others are more interested in playing with ring bells and colorful balls.

Blue ringnecks will appreciate an exciting new environment to stay occupied in, each and every day, so don’t forget to make sure the living space is always freshly vacuumed.

These small birds are bright, intelligent, and very social creatures and can often develop special relationships with the humans they live with, who some parrots even tend to whistle tunes at.

Blue ringneck parrot insurance price

1000 Rs to 25,00 Rs

The thing with parrots is that they are terribly expensive to maintain and offer a lot of upkeep when it comes to food, vet visits, and fixing the cage.

It’s important as an owner to make sure your parrot receives all necessary medical care. One way of ensuring this is by taking out pet insurance, especially if your parrot isn’t cheap.

Pet insurance will ensure that you pay only for the most important things keeping your bird healthy – because believe us, having a sick pet can be incredibly stressful.

Total Monthly Expenses to Keep 

25,00 Rs to 20,000 Rs

Pet birds such as blue ringneck parrots are a great way to add some spice to your life! They will enliven both your household and yourself, bringing a new flavor of fun and energy. As discussed earlier, you should be prepared to become attached to your bird, but with correct feeding and proper training, they can make excellent companions.

Having parrots as pets is not a big investment—the initial expenses are around 2,000 rupees or more, depending on the location of your home and the size of the aviary. Some extra costs include 5,000 to 20,000 rupees for any medical treatments if necessary. It’s essential to keep your pet’s place tidy and clean to help them feel comfortable and safe.

Birds need food, water, and social interaction on a daily basis. If you’re going to own a parrot of any kind, it needs quality protein and veggies. Aside from this, you should allow the bird to experience the outdoors every now and again.

This can be very beneficial but only in moderation as if you leave them out all day long they could get cold and sick! Furthermore, if your home isn’t already equipped with external fixtures such as swings for them or extra perches for climbing then consider placing such accessories around your space.

blue ringneck


It has been agreed upon after taking into consideration all the facts that Pakistani markets are not the only place where blue ringnecks with certain color mutations can make for a good medium companion bird. After further discussions have unfolded, it is clear to see that Pakistan happens to be one of the most beautiful places in which this particular variety of parrots has made its home.

There is no denying that blue ringnecks are great companions in addition to being beautiful to look at, but what makes them more than just an ornamental pet is the fact they can provide their owners with feelings of joy and happiness during their friendship together.

It’s important to “play” with your bird. Expose him/her to a variety of toys, food, and environments (in moderation) so that he doesn’t become bored or feel isolated. Just as we should be aware of what our kids are doing all day, take the time each day to spend with the bird to get to know it and bond with it. Introduce new phenomena slowly, always on your command.

Much like an experiment, raise the levels in order until desired results have been achieved. By playing with your bird daily, you will learn off-hand what sorts of things he likes and doesn’t like – essential information for taking care of any pet.

If you are looking for a green parrot with a ringneck you can explore it in our blog section.


What are the best ways to care for a blue Indian ringneck parrot?

A blue Indian ringneck is a very gorgeous and very smart bird, that will make your heart melt with its cute behaviors.   The blue Indian ringneck parrot is a very smart bird, and therefore requires a lot of attention to be trained. If you want to teach your parrot some tricks, you will have to spend a lot of hours with your pet bird.

If you are not willing to spend a lot of time playing with and training your parrot, you should consider getting another parrot that is not so smart. But if you want an awesome companion who will be there for you always, then the blue Indian ringneck parrot is the perfect choice for you. The blue Indian ringneck parrot is a social bird, and it is almost always seen in groups. So if you have time to spare, the blue Indian ringneck is the best choice for you.

Can I leave my blue ringneck parrot at home alone?

Well, this depends on the individual bird. There is no one answer that fits everyone. Some birds are better at being left home alone than others. If you plan on leaving your bird alone for several hours at a time, he may get lonely. He could get bored and start misbehaving. When you are gone, have a playmate come over and hang out with your bird. if you leave your bird home alone for a couple of hours a day, then that is fine. Just remember to exercise your bird a lot to keep him entertained when you are gone.

Is it fine if keep a ring-neck parrot and a budgie together?

Yes, this can work! But as with all parrot species, it is important to choose a parrot companion wisely. Parrots are flock animals, and budgies are not flocked animals, so giving a parrot a companion who does not require the flock environment is ideal.

Just make sure that the ring-neck parrot and the budgie understand that they are flock companions and you will have a great mixed flock! One more thing to keep in mind, budgies and parrots can be noisy. Be sure that you can handle the noise before adding a parrot to your home.

What are good reasons not to own a blue ringneck parrot?

One of the main reasons not to own a Blue Ringneck parrot is because these birds are extremely loud. They can be so loud that they are not allowed in apartment buildings, near hospitals, and many residential areas.

Unlike most parrots, Blue Ringneck Parrots are not quiet. Blue Ringneck Parrots also lay eggs in their cage for their owners to find. Blue Ringneck Parrots are loyal, and that is why so many people keep them as pets. These birds are not good for pet owners that don’t have a lot of time to play with them.

where to buy a parrot blue ringneck?

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