How Much Does A Parrot Cost Updated Guide

For a beginner, the first question asked commonly is How much does a parrot cost? It is natural information that a hobbyist may need because costing is an absolutely important factor to know before jumping into it. Parrot cost starts from Free to hundreds and thousands of dollars. It all depends upon the breed you are up to. But relax, in the following sections of this content I am going to explain each cost factor associated with keeping a parrot.

Conure Parrots

Equally important factor that affects the cost of a parrot is the country in which you are looking for a parrot. If a parrot is an habitant of a specific country it may have a low cost but if you have to import it. The price will definitely be higher than your expectations. There are parrots that may cost you 1 USD and there are also parrots that may not be available for a Million USD. Let’s dig deep to understand the pricing mechanism of the parrots.

Costing factors includes two major points.

  • Buying Cost of a Parrot
  • Keeping Cost of a Parrot

In the following details, you will learn in detail about these two major factors to have a parrot for you.

How Much Does A Parrot Cost

5,00 Rs to 15,00,000

Normally for a common person, there is only one cost associated with the acquisition of the parrot and that is the purchase cost of the parrot. While there are more costs associated with Parrots. But in order to keep things simple and explainable, I am starting with the acquisition or purchase cost. There is a wide variety of parrots around the world. These parrots are not comparable with each other because each of them has unique characteristics. Some parrots can speak, some have unique color combinations, some has large size and some are very small. There are unique identifiers associated with the parrots.

Some of these unique identifiers or traits decide the price of a parrot. These types of parrots are important to know before jumping to decide to buy a parrot for you. Like if you are looking forward to buying a talking parrot then the grey parrots and white ring neck parrots can also speak. Now from these two which one will you choose? It is important to research first and decide which parrot exactly you can handle with you. You can buy parrots is Pakistan easily.  People do sell parrots online as well as locally in Markets.

Types of Costs to Acquire

In the following table, I am sharing some of the famous and well-reputed parrots around the globe for their beauty and traits. These are estimated values of the prices of the parrots and may change with the passage of time. I will try to keep these updated for your ease. If you do not find your parrot’s cost in the table you can comment below the article and i will share the cost of the required parrot.

  • Purchasing Cost
  • Adoption Price
  • Breeding Cost
  • Accessories to Buy

Adult Parrots Purchasing Cost

Newzealand Parrot

In the following table, you can see the name of the table and the purchasing cost of the parrot. These are the minimum prices mentioned

Ringneck Parrots family Price

Yellow ringneck150,000 PKR
White RingNeck20,000 PRK
Creamino RingNeck single factor6000 PKR
Creamino RingNeck  double factor 8000 PKR
Creamino RingNeck  triple factor 10,000 PKR
Green ringneck9500 PKR
Violet RingNeck single Factor65,000 PKR
Violet RingNeck Double Factor85,000 PKR
Violet RingNeck triple factor)90,000 PKR
Blue ringneck25,000 PKR
Grey RingNeck125,000 PKR
Cream head cream tail ringneck14,000 PKR
Yellowhead yellow tail ringneck130,000 PKR
Whitehead White tail ringneck125,000 PKR
Rainbow Ringneck45,000 PKR
Raw parrots Family or Alexandrine Parrot PriceYellow Raw Parrot125,000 PKR
Green Raw Parrot60,000 PKR
Blue Raw Parrot85,000 PKR

conure parrots family Price

Sun conure55,000 PKR
Pineapple conure45,000 PKR
Jenday conure45,000 PKR
Golden conure75,000 PKR

Monk parrots Family or Monk Parakeet Price

Green Monk22,000 PKR
Yellow Monk25,000 PKR
Blue Monk19,000 PKR

Lory parrots family Or Lorikeet Price

Black-capped Lory50,000 PKR
Yellow bibbed Lory57,000 PKR
Red Lory52,000 PKR
Blue Lory55,000 PKR
Rainbow Lory65,000 PKR

African grey parrot Price

Wild African Grey90,000 PKR
Bounded African Grey95,000 PKR
red tail African grey115,000 PKR
Red factor African grey150,000 PKR

Macaw parrots family Price

Blue macaw425,000 PKR
Gold macaw575,000 PKR
Green-winged macaw400,000 PKR
Scarlet macaw515,000 PKR

Cockatoo parrots family Price

Sulphur cockatoo145,000 PKR
Moluccan cockatoo180,000 PKR
Major Mitchell cockatoo175,000 PKR

Budgies or Parakeets Price

Fallow budgies2,000 PKR
Spangle budgies1,500 PKR
Exhibition budgies3,500 PKR
Hogoromo budgies3,500 PKR
Red eyes budgies2,500 PKR
Yellow red eyes budgies1,500 PKR
White red eyes budgies1,500 PKR
King size budgies4,500 PKR
Budgies1,000 PKR

Cockatiel parrots or cocktail parrots family Price

ino red eyes cocktail/cockatiel5,000 PKR
white Cherry cocktail/cockatiel6,000 PKR
Common white cocktail/cockatiel6,500 PKR

lovebird parrots family Price

Common lutino lovebird6,000 PKR
Luntino personata lovebird7,800 PKR
Black masked lovebird6,000 PKR
Blue persanata7,500 PKR
Fischer lovebird6,000 PKR
Yellow Fischer lovebird6,500 PKR
Peach-faced lovebird7,000 PKR
Albino red eye lovebird10,000 PKR
Albino black eye lovebird7,000 PKR
Parblue lovebird20,000 PKR
Yellow chest lovebird19,000 PKR
Orange chest lovebird22,000 PKR

Java sparrows Price

White java sparrows4,500 PKR
Silver java sparrows5,000 PKR
Grey java sparrows5,500 PKR
Fawn java sparrows4,500 PKR

Types of Cost

It is worth noting that the above costs for each parrot are a single bird cost and for adult parrot costs. People do like to know about the pairs of parrots. Pairs mean two so simply multiply it by two and you are there. People do buy parrot eggs for hatching and breeding purposes. Egg cost is also important and eggs are not commonly sold by the owners. All these factors for pricing a parrot are explaining the main question of how much does a parrot cost but in the following section, you are going to learn about more aspects.

Getting Parrot For Free

No Cost

Cockatiel Parrots


There are always free parrots available. Yes, you have read correctly you can get parrots free of cost but under certain situations. No parrot cost is required to be paid. Let’s check such scenarios if you are looking for a free parrot.

The first method involves a bit of adventure to get these birds for free. You should be willing to move into a habitat of the parrot you are looking for free and try to have it from the jungles and mountains. People in many areas like India are professional bird finders and they do travel a lot to find parrots and keep those safe from hunters (human and natural) and allow those to breed.

The second method is to read the classified or search the classified on the internet. There are many people who want to donate their birds. And it may be surprising for you to read it but such people exist. The question you may think is why people sell their parrots. After contacting a few I have come to know there is a difference between buying a parrot and keeping a parrot. Normally people are not able to attend to parrots properly and they intend to give it free to the people who can keep the parrot and handle it with care.

Parrot Cost For Adoption 

5,00 Rs to 15,000 Rs

Sun Conure Parrot

Another method to obtain a parrot at a low cost is adopting a parrot or a pair of parrots. There are many aspects to keep in mind before adopting a parrot. All the parrots are not the same. They have different food needs, body temperature, attitudes, breeding times, reactions, diseases, and a lot more. So choose wisely what parrot suits you most. There are over 350 species and types of parrots that are versatile.

From what source you can adopt a parrot? It is simple there are many organizations working on this subject. WWF can get you leads to adopting a parrot. There are organizations like Long Island Parrot Society. You have to full fill out the requirements and documentation and you can get a parrot easily. If you still feel issues you can comment or write to us we will let you know more sources for parrot adoption.

Pet From Parrot Breeder 

5,00 Rs to 150,000 Rs

You can get your parrot from a breeder. It is the safest and easiest way to have a parrot. Because breeders take proper care of the parrots. Breeders properly raise the parrot. They take care of parrots in every aspect, from food to the cleanliness of the bird. But you need to take care of only one thing breeder must be a real breeder. There are gold diggers around. For the sake of money people just pose to be a breeder while they are just retailers.

It is a good idea to get breeder pairs from the breeders. This will enable you to make a small colony for the parrot you like. And with proper care, you will be able to enjoy more parrots around you. Breeders pairs not only live happily as compared with the single parrot. Pair also like to reproduce. This will enable you to have beautiful birds around. Breeder pairs are a little bit expensive as compared with the single parrot.

Supplies Cost For Your Parrot

15,00 Rs to 150,000 Rs

African Grey

As you purchase a new parrot there are certain supplies associated. You have to purchase these supplies before buying a parrot. The cost of these supplies is directly associated with the cost of the parrot you buy.

There are some initial costs to consider when you first get a pet parrot. You’ll need to find a cage, carrier, toys, perches, and stands that are the right size for your bird. The prices for these items can vary depending on the size of your bird. For example, the equipment you need for a small parakeet is different than what you would need for a macaw.

African greys also have different requirements. Do some research to find out what kind of equipment is best for the type of parrot you have before making any purchasing decisions.

List of Parrot  Supplies and Cost

Cage5000 PKR to 500,000 PKR
Food and water bowls500 PKR to 2000 PKR
Perch100 PKR to 500 PKR each
Toys500 PKR to 10,000 PKR
Ladders$10-$30 each
Swing500 PKR to 5000 PKR
Bath500 PKR
Nail Clipper (optional)250 PKR
Wing Scissors (optional)300 PKR
Cleaning supplies500 PKR
Food1000 PKR Per Month
Travel Carrier500 PKR to 2000 PKR
Initial Veterinary Exam1000 PKR to 3000 PKR

Annual Cost to Keep A Parrot

15,000 Rs to 350,000 Rs

Red Macaw

In the above section, we have discussed the buying cost of a parrot. And partially answered the question How much does a parrot cost?  In the following section, besides you are going to learn about the costs associated with keeping a parrot with you. Commonly people just omit these factors before buying a parrot. While these are very important factors after buying a parrot. And one must be aware of these expenses before buying a parrot.

Before getting a parrot, you must take into consideration the long-term costs of care, which can be substantial. The most expensive birds are also the ones with the longest lifespans, so you could be looking at decades of care. Even small parrots can live a long time, so the costs can really add up. It’s important to be prepared for years of large expenses when considering adding a parrot to your family.

Following is the list of these expenses.  And I am discussing these expenses in yearly terms for understanding and quick calculations

  • Health Care Cost
  • Vet Visits Cost
  • Vaccinations
  • Parasite Treatments
  • Emergency Management
  • Insurance Expenses
  • Food
  • Environment Maintenance
  • Entertainment

Let’s discuss each of the expense individually. In order to understand each of above components, I am discussing it in yearly terms. These components are for keeping parrot with you at your own place.

Health Care Parrot Cost Per Year

50,00 Rs to 150,000 Rs


Your bird’s health is vital to its life and happiness, so it’s important to make sure they are taken care of. Annual exams will make sure your bird has vital nutrients and is free from any diseases. You’ll also want to take care of their grooming, which is an easy task. Simply find a soft brush that won’t irritate your bird, and brush their feathers.

If there is any dirt, clean them with a damp cloth. They’re smart and will try to help you clean them as best they can, but don’t let this distract you. The whole process will only take about 10 minutes and you’ll be helping to keep your bird healthy and happy for years to come.

If you are going to have a large and expensive parrot with you. It is always good to have a professional health expert team engaged.  And it is very simple to have you have many choices around but my opinion is to engage Avian. Get their health care plan and have a happy pet. I am having a plan for my Greys and Macaw parrots.

Annual Veterinary Checkups

50,00 Rs to 150,00 Rs

A healthy parrot means more fun and enjoyment. The expert vet can identify the reasons that can disturb the parrot. Frequent veterinary visits are important. It’s highly recommended that you take your parrot to the vet at least once a year for a checkup.

Birds are really good at hiding illness, probably because they’ve had to adapt to predators in the wild who would go after the weaker ones. By the time they show symptoms, the disease might already be too far along to be helped. Most bird owners take their birds to the vet at least once a year, but every 6 months is probably a better idea, especially for older birds.

Vaccinations Cost

30,00 Rs to 250,00 Rs

New Zealand Parrots

There is only one vaccine available for pet birds, but caged birds are rarely if ever, vaccinated. This vaccine is for Polyomavirus and is only really necessary for birds that are in frequent close contact with other parrots. If you decide to give your bird this vaccine, it should be done at a young age, around 4-8 weeks old, with yearly booster doses afterward. If you have an older bird, an initial double dose is required, with subsequent annual boosters.

In Pakistan, people have less tendency to consult a vet for parrot vaccination. While in USA and EU countries getting bird vaccinated is a priority. So do not wait for your bird to get ill and later repent. Go for the vaccine and save the parrot.

Parasite Treatment Cost

3000 Rs to 2500 Rs

There are several different parasites that can affect birds, and it’s important to make sure they are getting a healthy diet that will help strengthen their immune system so they can fight off these infections. Giardia is the most common infection in the parrot family, but it’s usually nothing to worry about if your parrot isn’t frequently exposed to other birds.

Importantly you have to check the bird’s diet. If the parrot is not eating in routine or has a poor diet and parasites are there. Then it can harm the health of the parrot. As parasites are identified immediate remedial action should be taken.

Unforeseen  Costs for Emergency

1500 Rs to 50,000 Rs

There are many unforeseen situations that may arise. Your lovely pet parrot has to face such emergencies. The cost of these emergencies comes under the subject of how much does a parrot cost? Because expense is going to take place and the reason for the expense is your parrot.

Some of these situations may arise because of food. Like if a food contains something that is not good for a parrot and the parrot consumes it. That means the parrot may get ill suddenly. In the same way, if live in an environment that has extreme temperature variations it can suddenly affect the parrot. Fellow parrots sometimes hit and damage the parrot. That also is a major reason for parrots are affected.

Parrot Insurance Yearly Cost

1500 Rs to 35,000 Rs

Hand Tamed African Grey

One of the major reasons why an insurance plan is required for large parrots is that they are not cheap to care for. They require large cages and plenty of toys and accessories. They also eat a large amount of food every day and require regular exercise. Without a good insurance plan, it is not possible to get a large investment of this nature and easily pay it off.

Large birds such as the African Grey and Macaw are the most common parrots that need insurance. They are unique animals and it is easy to grow attached to them. If you ever have a large parrot, you need to make sure that you have an insurance plan to cover it.

The cost of insurance for your pet bird will depend on the type of coverage you choose. Basic plans can start as low as 1500 Rs per month, while more comprehensive coverage can cost up to 6000 Rs per month. A good insurance plan will typically cover the costs of illness, injury, theft, and death, as well as any unplanned emergencies.

For those of you with larger, more expensive bird species like Macaws, we highly recommend getting insurance because they can be quite costly to treat in the event of an emergency. Smaller parrot species may only require setting some money aside for a rainy day, but insurance is only a few dollars per month and it’s definitely worth it – especially for older birds.

In South Asian countries like Pakistan and India, there are millions of parrots lovers but the tendency to have an insurance plan for parrots is almost zero.

Food for Parrot

2500 Rs to 55,000 Rs

According to my experience, the annual food costs of a parrot will depend on its size. A large parrot will require more food than a smaller one, but the cost can vary depending on the quality of its food. Large parrots will consume more food than small ones in order to sustain their larger bodies.

A small parrot, like a budgie, on the other hand, will require a much smaller amount of food to be healthy and happy. If you’re looking to figure out the annual food costs of any kind of parrot, this site will be very helpful.

To keep your bird healthy, it’s important that you feed it the right food. If you want to provide the best food for your bird, you can buy parrot food in bulk. If you choose to buy parrot food in large quantities, it will be cheaper and more convenient.

It will also last longer in your home. Parrots are happy and healthy birds, so you should do everything you can to maintain a healthier bird. By storing food in large quantities, you’ll be able to provide your bird with the best food all of the time.

Parrot Habitat Maintenance

5000 Rs to 25,000 Rs

Blue Personata

Being an owner of a parrot can be a lot of work. One of the most important things is environmental maintenance. To have environmental maintenance that your parrot is comfortable with.

Environmental management is vital for any parrot. It’s important to know what you’re doing when it comes to your bird’s environment. Here are some simple tips:
1 – Lighting
2 – Temperature
3 – Sound
4 – Cleanliness
5 – Food and Water
These steps are worth keeping in mind when making sure to take the best care of your bird. You won’t regret it.

Cage liners600 Rs
Chew toys500 Rs
Miscellaneous1000 Rs
Dedicated trash can600 Rs


Amusement Cost

5000 Rs to 25,000 Rs

Parrots are a lot of fun to keep as pets because they’re colorful and they always love to be active. One of the most important things that you should know about parrots is that they love to chew and climb. Therefore it’s best that they are placed in an area with lots of perches and climbing spots so they can get their exercise and turn their energy into a positive thing! It’s important to take care of a parrot so that you can keep them for years so it’s a good idea to do plenty of research on how to take care of them before adopting one.

Parrots are lovable, intelligent animals that can be a joy to own as pets. But to keep them entertained and happy, you need to provide entertainment equipment. Parrots need toys that they can jump on and climb to keep their bones strong. They also need toys that they can chew, like wood or rope, to keep their beaks trim and their teeth healthy. The best toys for parrots are toys that come from the outdoors and have natural elements like wood and rope. Parrots also love to play with water, so provide them with a water bowl or a spray bottle for them to play in. Suddenly, your parrot will have a blast playing with you and showing you their favorite games.

Budget Management

Bathing Parrots

Keeping a parrot can seem expensive and complicated at first, but it’s pretty easy when you look at it this way: birds are social creatures and need interaction with people. In return, they will give you an endless amount of love and companionship. Don’t underestimate their intelligence, either. They can learn words and phrases, and might even teach you a thing or two. With the following advice, you can reduce the expenditure

1. Adoption

Adopting a parrot from a shelter is less expensive and more fun than buying one from a pet store! There are so many birds needing homes at your local animal shelter. If you save a parrot’s life, you will be saving yourself a lot of money and helping out an animal that would have stayed in the shelter for a long time if you hadn’t adopted it. Parrots are a great addition to your family. They’re very intelligent and love spending time with their owners. It’s important to know if your looking to adopt a parrot that they’re not a one-person bird and must be fed a certain diet. If you take proper care of your parrot, it can live upwards of twenty years.

2. Used Cages

So, you want a pet parrot, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on it. That’s okay; there are ways to get a pet parrot without spending a fortune. One of the ways you can do this is by purchasing a used parrot cage. A lot of pet owners don’t realize that parrot cages have a long lifespan. A lot of them are built sturdy enough to last for decades. So, if you can find a used parrot cage in good condition, you should be able to get it for a decent price. Not only can you save money by purchasing a used parrot cage, you can also have a hand in making sure that the parrot is no longer being neglected and you can give it a good home.

3. Online Classified

Perches and play gyms are also widely available secondhand. You can get this stuff from classified and online classified as well. For example, following is an advertisement for the same check this

Parrot Cage and Play Gym: $50 For sale: Parrot Cage and Play Gym The parrot play gym comes with toy, swing and a stand. The cage is the perfect size for parrots. It’s easy to clean with a metal grate and metal bars so it’s easy to clean. I’ve also included the water and food bowl. Free: Entertaining Parrot Training Book. Practice tricks easily with this fun book. Can’t seem to train your parrot? Read through this complete guide on how to train your parrot with step by step instructions. Make your parrot more easy to train with these easy to follow training tips and techniques.


All our discussion rotated around the question of how much does a parrot cost. Following is the conclusion for your guidance.

Parrots are lovable birds that will bring happiness and joy to the life of most people. Before you buy, however, you should think about your financial situation. Owning a parrot can be costly depending on the species. African Grey parrots are the most expensive parrots. If you want to save money, you could always adopt a parrot. If you want to get one as a gift for someone, then why not buy a parrot themed gift, such as a birdhouse or a statue of a parrot? These are great ways to give someone a gift that they will enjoy for years to come.

If you’re looking for a pet that is both unique and wonderful, a parrot might be the right choice for you. However, it’s important to keep in mind that parrots require a great deal of special attention and care, which can be costly. But if you’re prepared for the financial commitment, owning a parrot can bring joy and companionship as no other pet can.

Though they require a great deal of care, attention, and money, owning a parrot can be a unique and wonderful experience that adds unmatched companionship and joy to your life. Parrots are not cheap animals to keep and they definitely require more work than other common pets, but if you’re prepared for the large costs involved in their care, they make wonderful friends.




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