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When buying or selling exotic birds keep in mind. African Grey parrot price in Pakistan can go anywhere from Rs.80,000 to Rs. 2,50,000 in Pakistani Rupees depending on what you’re looking for and where you’re shopping.

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Grey Parrot

One of the most valued parrot is a grey parrot. In the following sections you will learn about the pricing of grey parrots as well cost for keeping a grey parrot with you. Cos for this parrot includes buying cost and the keeping cost. I am explaining all types of the costs in the following sections. It is a must read content before buying a grey parrot.

People do buy grey parrot in a love or rush but they don’t know the keeping costs are much higher as compared with buying costs. You must read and under the following sections in order to understand and enjoy your span with the grey parrot.

Grey Parrot Price Updates

African Greys are commonly available but their price ranges from approximately no less than Rs.150,000. African Grey Parrots are expensive but this is due to their desirable traits and the fact that they are much rarer to find.

Negotiating prices for parrots in Pakistan can be a very difficult task. Weighing the numerous factors associated with African Grey Parrot Price,  other related information is crucial to make the appropriate decisions.

African Grey Parrot Price in Pakistan

African grey parrots usually have three different sizes. A baby African grey parrot is generally more affordable than a fully grown one, and an adult may cost even more in Pakistan. However, what color your pet is can also alter its price.

African grey parrot prices are different depending on the bird’s quality, as well as its pedigree or certificate of authenticity. For an adult African Grey Parrot, you can say the starting price will be 80,000 in Pakistan.


African Congo Grey Parrot For Sale In Pakistan

Many people in Pakistan are farming Grey Parrots on large scale for sale.

4 different types of grey parrot for sale in Pakistan:

  1. Adult African Grey Parrot Price
  2. African grey breeder pair price
  3. Grey Parrot chicks price
  4. African grey parrot eggs for sale

Updated Prices of African Grey Parrots

  • Adult Congo Grey Parrot’s price is about 90,000 PKR.
  • African grey Breeder pair price in Pakistan nowadays is about 1,00,000 PKR to 1,75,000 PKR
  • Grey parrot Babies for Sale in Pakistan is around 50,000 PKR to 55,000 PKR
  • African Grey Parrot Eggs for sale in Pakistan is around 20,000 PKR to 30,000 PKR.

Adult African Grey Parrot Price In Pakistan

100,000 Rs to 2,00,000 Rs

African Grey parrots are a species of macaws and come in a variety of gorgeous colors! An African Grey parrot will cost you around $4127 USD in 2021. African Grey parrots are generally considered to be quite the expensive pets for most people out there but they definitely don’t hurt your wallet.

If you’re looking to purchase a live African Grey parrot, keep in mind that it can be costly to get all of the necessities required to raise your new pet. While seeds and fruits are cheaper, pellets and nuts are more expensive, giving some initial costs to get your bird off the ground.

African grey parrot prices vary from its age. Different ages of African Grey Parrot have different prices in Pakistan. Adult Grey Parrot for sale in Pakistan is available at different prices, like with DNA Adult African Gray Parrot price is higher than without DNA. 

African Grey Breeder Pair Price In Pakistan

115,000 Rs to 2,00,000 Rs

African grey parrot selling season is June to October mostly in Pakistan. Breeding age of Grey Parrot at least 4 years. Grey Parrot Breeder Pair for sale in Pakistan is available and people are selling.

When looking to purchase any breed of African Grey Parrot, remember that they require certain special care in order to reach their full potential.

Only a professional breeder can guarantee your bird comes from a loving home where its genes have been tested for potential health issues and the bird has had plenty of socialization with humans in a wide variety of settings.

Individuals who buy their birds from pet stores or other sources that aren’t professional breeders often find themselves struggling with behavioral issues. It is for this very reason that buying an African Grey Parrot from a reputable breeder is always preferable.

African Grey Breeder Pair Price

If you are looking to spice up your bird’s life with a bit of fun, welcome a new member to the family via a breeder which provides free shipping as well as a cage.

They will have some extra toys for you so that your parrot can play with them immediately and improve its mood. If you’re looking to buy an African Grey Parrot, we suggest buying directly from the breeder because they are able to provide many extras at a cheaper rate.

African Gray Parrots Chicks Price

African Grey Parrot Chick’s price in Pakistan starts from 40,000 PKR and then gradually increases as the age of African Grey Chicks changes day by day. Hand-feed Grey parrot chick price is about 50,000 PKR, fully nail tail fly all okay then African Grey Parrot chick price 60,000 PKR. 

The price of African Gray baby parrots is often high due to the fact that the production of African Greys is very low in supply and there’s a high demand for these animals.

Some sellers will tack on extra charges for accessories to make their prices higher, too. The price of an African Grey Parrot goes up depending on the bird’s size, color, location, age, and origin in addition to being influenced by its rarity.

Sometimes, the price of a rare species rises even more than $1000 USD because people are often willing to pay those prices just to get their hands on one. In short, baby African grey for sale in Pakistan varies from age to age.

Before deciding to purchase a baby parrot you should have all the necessary arrangements in place that will enable you to nurture, raise and take good care of the bird.

If there’s even the slightest chance that you may not be able to do so then don’t buy one. Wrong decisions can end up doing more harm than good, especially to your wallet.

African Grey Parrot with Eggs Price

125,000 Rs to 2,15,000 Rs

African Gray parrots in captivity, that follow a selective breeding program, lay down around four to five eggs at a time.

These fertile eggs are incubated and hatched, making it possible for the number of offspring being kept as pets by their owners to be multiplied.

A high price is charged for breeder pairs of African Grey parrots because they make it possible for pet owners to see their quantity of offspring increased.

African grey parrot eggs for sale in Pakistan are also available. As grey parrots lay eggs, people pick them up and put them into incubators.

African Grey with eggs

People have good business in this field. Those who buy African grey parrot eggs may contact online. They deliver eggs with incubators to their buyers.

Breeding makes it challenging for pet parrot owners to raise the bird. However, this is beneficial for the parrot species in general.

It’s important that we breed parrots so that those living near us will be able to enjoy them in their everyday lives.

African Congo Grey Parrot Buy Online

African Grey Parrot is also available for sale online in Pakistan. People who want Grey Parrot buy online, visit online web pages, Facebook groups, and Whatsapp groups. From all over the world, people post their parrots to buy online and price post with images in these groups.

Congo Grey Parrot For Sale Near Me In Pakistan

African Grey Parrot for sale near me in Pakistan available in all big cities like African grey for sale in Karachi, Grey parrot baby for sale in Lahore. People also like to keep African Grey Parrots because of their beauty and intelligence.

Price To Bring African Grey Parrot at House

100,000 Rs to 2,00,000 Rs

African parrots are goof high-price parrots to take care of. They require a lot of love and nurturing as well as plenty of resources and attention.

The cost of one African Grey parrot might just prove too expensive for some people to afford, which is why they’ll need an investment plan in place if they want to own their very own African grey these days.

The expense of adopting African greys into the home can be costly and will take a vast amount of money to keep them healthy and happy.

Now let’s explore the few options you can take towards ensuring your investment in keeping African Grey parrots as pets pay off in return.

Any Way to Get African Grey Parrot For Free, Yes

price of african Grey Parrot in Pakistan

Today, it’s common to offer things for free. Many people believe that most things in our world can be obtained easily by spending little or nothing at all. An African Grey parrot is one of the few exceptions: Although its fully grown price may be over Rs. 90,000, the higher-priced variants tend to stay with their owners for a very long time.

We welcome any and all African Grey Parrot lovers to our website. Since we are a fan of these flighted creatures as well, we are preparing a ballot system that will be used to help us acquire one or more African Greys so that they can be made available to people who want them without having to pay anything at all. More details will become available soon, so be sure to check back.

Price to Adopt an African Grey Parrot in Pakistan

60,000 Rs to 150000 Rs

Parrot adoption prices for macaws can vary from 70,000 to 150,000 rupees. If a person wants a young parrot, one can purchase African Grey chicks or if the agency has older parrots available for adoption, one may get an adult African Grey.

If you plan on breeding the birds at home, it’s possible to adopt an African Grey breeder pair that comes with their babies as well.

When adopting birds, the gender of the parrot you choose can make a big difference. In Pakistan, most people prefer to care for and raise African greys from when they’re still very young chicks. Most people who do this rather than adopting already grown birds notice how much easier it is to form close relationships with baby parrots.

When looking to purchase a grey parrot it’s best to adopt one that has been raised indoors. Avoid birds that have been raised in captivity.

Arrangements Costs for African Grey Parrot

10,000 Rs to 35000 Rs

The first thing to consider is what type of cage your parrot will need and other related supplies like toys and places for them to sit. As for transportation, you can fly back with the parrot or drive him/her home.

Based on your state’s regulations and basic setup instructions for African Gray Parrot, we encourage you to contact us if you have any specific questions about what needs to be done before bringing the African Gray Parrot home from the breeder or bird shop.

Supplies for African Grey Parrot

10,000 Rs to 35000 Rs

Depending upon the length of your project, as well as the number of birds involved with your project, costs may ultimately differ. Here are estimates for a project that features one bird.

PermitRequired Permission if is Imported in your Country
Cage6000-16000 As Aviary Setup
Cage Setup Perches Cover etc8000
Additional Transportation Cage5000
Water Bowl1000

Monthly Price for African Grey Parrot Price In Pakistan

10,000 Rs to 20,000 Rs

The first question most people don’t ask is, “what is the monthly price of an African Gray parrot?” Usually asked right after finding out a person owns one. I am explaining the following are average prices for an African Gray Parrot (in no particular order).

  • Food Price
  • Health Care Cost
  • Perches and Water Bowls Prices
  • Vet Visit and Treatment of the Parrot
  • Insurance Price for African Gray
  • Entertainment for the Parrot

Let’s take a look at each of these points individually so that you can view them in a clearer and more organized light on your own as well.

Monthly Food Price for the Parrot

2,000 Rs to 6,000 Rs

Pellets, fruits, and nuts (including sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, and cashews) are typically associated with the diet of these animals while they are under human care and may include an array of different types of food including leaves as well as small insects (which is more common in species that reside in the wild). In the wild, these animals eat primarily seeds, berries, palm fruits, and nectar.

African gray parrot price
Credits: Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

As much as people love Parrots for their amazing colors and exotic behavior, many don’t realize how intelligent the Gray parrot species is; these are soft birds who are loyal to their owners and make wonderful pets.

While it may sound like a hefty price tag to purchase one of these birds, they require less attention than some other parrot species, so they are a more economical choice in the long run.

African grays are friendly birds, but they require the proper care to keep them healthy and happy. You should get your pet’s food from only the best sources, which include pet stores and bird experts that you can find on recommended parrot products websites.

Keeping it Healthy

2,000 Rs to 10,000 Rs

As an owner of a pet African Gray parrot one must spend time taking care of your bird. This is a good idea because it helps keep your bird healthy and out of the veterinarian’s office at all times.

Time spent in close proximity to your pet teaches them new skills, making them adaptable while sharpening their minds so they can understand what you’re communicating to them like wanting them to talk or sing.

Even though each species has different nutritional needs and preferences, a well-balanced diet plan can be helpful to any animal. For example, African Grey parrots love peanuts, pumpkin seeds, and millet because these are soft foods that would be healthy for them to consume – but they also really enjoy harder items like walnuts and whole-grain cereals with dried cranberries in them.

You will find information about the details concerning where to keep African gray parrots. This content is available here for you.

Perches and Water Container

1,000 Rs to 3,000 Rs

Perches and water bowls are two things that every bird, especially African Grays, would want to have inside their cage. For these birds, water is just as important as the perches they sit on after a long day of hanging out in the wild and flinging their bodies from branch to branch.

In fact, unlike some other types of African Gray Parrots who only drink water for enjoyment and not when they need it, these birds actually relish eating their diet from water droplet-shaped dishes so badly that you’d almost think they were eating chocolate cereal flakes.

Perches and water bowls are crucial additions to any birdcage because without them your beautiful pet won’t be able to eat and drink what it desperately needs each day.

It’s so important to have clean drinking water and a place with which to perch comfortably when it comes to your bird’s cage.

To stay hydrated, your parrot African Gray needs access to clean fresh water and places with which it can rest or sit comfortably without being too uncomfortable about the surface area, you’ll provide.

african gray parrot in wild
Credits: Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

Doctor Visits your Parrot

2,000 Rs to 6,000 Rs

One of the most common diseases that parrots face is a plumage-follicle disorder or PBFD, which affects feathers, and prevention costs are between 2000-6000 rs.

While treatment may be expensive, it’s a lot of work to properly manage your bird’s diet as they need to be fed regularly and their food has to be prepared at home in a very specific way so that the necessary nutrition can be maintained without fail.

Veterinarians suggest that parrot owners give their birds a balanced diet of protein and healthy seeds and nuts on a regular basis. In addition to keeping the parrot’s habitat clean, making sure the bird gets quality bird food is important as well.

According to avian veterinarians, one should change the African Gray Parrot’s water regularly, keep its surroundings neat and tidy – and wash in hot soapy water once in a while.

African Gray Parrot Need Insurance Policy

20,000 Rs to 60,000 Rs

The African Grey Parrot insurance plan is a must if you are going to own one of these birds. An African Grey Parrot insurance plan has many benefits, especially the fact that you will not have to worry about paying large sums of money on regular basis for bird care in case your bird happens to get ill or injured.

When this happens, you’ll have an easier time adjusting while the company takes care of their fees related to the African Gray parrot illness and injury; this goes way beyond just monthly expenses.

In Pakistan, insurance is possible for birds’ lives. Before doing so, it is important to note that not every company will offer such products because like cranes, birds are rare and it can be expensive to insure them.

Entertainment Price for Parrot

3,000 Rs to 6,000 Rs

African gray parrots are notoriously thought to be intelligent birds, as pets and in their wild habitat. In fact, they have even been documented voicing mimicry of human speech with an average vocabulary of 150 words.

Birds that are well-taught when young easily adapt to training throughout adulthood. Even without the help of professional teachers, we can inspire our aigrette to learn the human tongue through actions that mimic what it is we want them to understand.

Make sure you schedule sufficient time each day to play with your African Gray Parrot and give it lots of affection as most love interaction with their owners. The cost for entertainment is time.

One thing is vital when you decide to own an African Gray Parrot: You must provide your bird with the right amount of entertaining activities in order to maintain its interest in interacting with you.

Parrots, in particular, can become especially lonely without their owners. In order to ensure that they don’t become bored and unhappy while you aren’t around, make sure your parrot has plenty of interactive toys and enrichment supplies meant to challenge their intelligence.

For example, there are mirror puzzles with large pieces of meat glued onto the back. Your birds will have a hard time with this puzzle at first, but soon they will have it completed in no time.

Not only will providing such toys keep your birds happy when you’re not available to hang out, but they will also improve your parrot’s physical health and disposition as well.

Toys for African Gray Parrot

3,000 Rs to 6,000 Rs

Price related to a parrot can cost a lot of money. A lot of people just buy the bird and forget about additional costs associated with day-to-day care that come into play as well.

If you prepare ahead of time and stock up during the sales or discount seasonal merchandise, you’ll be able to save these costs.

African grey parrot
Credits: Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

Total Monthly Cost for African Grey Parrot

10,000 Rs to 20,000 Rs

All types of prices are in the above sections for when it comes to owning an African Gray Parrot. For example, on the maximum side, one can spend approximately 20,000 Rs (Pakistan Rupees) monthly but this is much less expensive than owning just any other pet at home.

As the owner of a parrot, it can be a challenge to keep your bird away from food that is bad for them. We recommend providing your African Gray parrot with an environment that they will enjoy and that will be safe as well as comfortable; filled with the things they need like trees, shrubs, and perches.

As a parrot keeper, it can be difficult to keep your pet parrot from ingesting foods that are harmful to its health. In order to make the most of your pet’s life, provide it with an environment that both you and the bird will benefit from not only physically but also emotionally by providing areas in your home where they can perch and climb safely.

If anything seems abnormal about your pet leave it to the experts. Don’t get into debates with anyone about how to resolve the problem and definitely do not attempt to treat things yourself.

Price to Setup an Aviary for African Gray Parrot

100,000 Rs to 500,000 Rs

Setup an Aviary Near me is a task that African Gray Parrots breeders and sole lovers do like to have. African Gray parrots are a lot like babies sometimes. They tend to adjust to their surroundings so if you’re thinking about getting one as a pet, make sure you can spend time with them and offer them lots of love and attention.

Setting up an aviary can be a useful addition to your home if you live in a particularly hot or cold climate by providing your pet bird with a sizable open space to move around in, but to ensure that birds feel comfortable at all times, it’s important to provide them with plenty of natural perches and branches from which they can play, such as those found on trees.

Additional Costs for African Gray Parrot

5,000 Rs to 10,000 Rs

If you plan on going out of town, make sure to leave your African Gray parrot in the care of a reliable friend who knows how to take good care of it.

One risk of adopting an African Gray parrot is that you might not know what his specific needs are. These are the minimal and optimal conditions for proper care and feeding, as well as a few things to watch out for like discolored or loose feathers, or excessive feather plucking.

The caretaker will definitely charge you per day for keeping your African Gray under his supervision.

Before Buying African Gray Parrot Look at your Budget

Although it might cost a little bit to buy an African Gray Parrot, this doesn’t mean that it will always cost a lot of money in the long run. Something to remember when choosing to purchase one of these birds is that sometimes, certain ones may become as expensive as their parents if you get them from a knowledgeable seller who is already known for raising high-quality birds.

African gray parrot looking
Credits: Pixabay

If you prefer to purchase your bird directly from a rescue center or someone who is also a local breeder, this will be far more affordable.

In the long run and you’re supporting early education of these birds while they are still young (not to mention that because you’re getting to know the person who sells it to you.

One can often find out valuable information about caring for new specimens, including the age and diet). You can read more about caring for bird breeds here.

African Gray Parrot an Intelligent Bird

Having a pet parrot, like the African Gray parrot for example; can provide an excellent way for you to form a more intimate relationship with your feathered companion.

Whether your goal is to teach them new words or just how to repeat the same thing over and over again, you’ll be able to create an environment in which they are willing and eager to soak up your attention, which can help you strengthen the bond that exists between you and your bird.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your parrot improve its vocabulary. In fact, it means the trainer is improving his or her communication skills.

Reduce African Gray Parrot Expenses

Parrot Healthcare is essential for African Gray parrots to live long and healthy lives. Sometimes people get stuck in a rut with regards to where they should turn for the best advice from macaw care experts when their parrot is sick or not feeling altogether well.

When one owns an African Gray parrot, it is considered that one has a friend for life. They never cease to offer comfort to their owners when they are away.

Parrots are found to be fascinating and can give you company with all their clicks, whistles, and squawks. These birds need a lot of attention from their owners; therefore it would be good if you know how to take care of them properly.

You need to keep track of your African gray’s health conditions on a daily basis and modify its diet as necessary so as not to lose any important vitamins and minerals needed throughout the day.

It’s not enough they owners have time for their pets bird care must also be taken as a priority by providing them with the right food and safety precautions hence saving money at the same time since you won’t have to rush off taking your pet back and forth to the vet because of illnesses caused by poor nutrition intake or poor sanitation either inside or outside your home.

Good health no expenses and great entertainment.

African Gray Parrot Price in Pakistan Areas

100,000 Rs to 2,00,000 Rs

African grey parrot prices differ significantly on average across the country as noted above. Note that African grey parrot costs in Punjab are much lower than those of African greys in Karachi or Faisalabad; even though they can all be found in markets such as Zakir Chatta and Lal Qila Chappar Chowk.

African Grey Parrots are unusually social creatures and require travel cages, water bowls, soft perches, and a lot of attention from owners for their happiness and well-being to thrive under captivity.

African Gray Parrot Price in Lahore

100,000 Rs to 2,00,000 Rs

African Gray Parrot prices in the Lahore region depend on the age, level of development, and whether it is an adult or a child, these can range from as little as 100,000 Rs to 200,000 Rs. Sometimes they may even fetch up to 3,00,000 Rs if the individual bird happens to have rare characteristics.

African Gray Parrot Price in Karachi

90,000 Rs to 2,00,000 Rs

Karachi is a fairly good place to find some lovely birds, such as African Grays. The prices of these birds in Karachi are cheaper than those found in Lahore – even the ones bred locally! There’s little doubt about this fact because so many breeders are here specifically for the purpose of breeding them, and obviously they’re not getting paid too well if at all.

African Gray parrot prices start from 90,000 to 200,000 depending upon the size and age of the bird at that specific time.

African Gray Parrot Price in Faisalabad

90,000 Rs to 2,00,000 Rs

Prices of African Gray parrots differ across Lahore and Faisalabad depending on the type of bird, its age and time of year. It’s however common to see decorative African Gray parrots priced at around 90,000 PKR – 2,00,000 PKR in both cities.

African Gray parrot intelligent

African Gray Parrot Price in Rawalpindi

90,000 Rs to 2,00,000 Rs

Are you a bird lover? Do you live in Rawalpindi? If so, have you considered buying a pet African gray parrot! The price for birds and chicks starts at about Rs 90,000 for chicks to Rs 500,000 for breeder pairs. It is believed that the people of Rawalpindi love to decorate their homes with these beautiful birds, creating an aviary filled with African grays in some cases.


When you are in the process of adopting an African Grey, there are a few things to remember. Firstly, you need to put aside money for food as well as toys and other supplies your bird will need while it is on your watch.

Since African grey parrots like to play with their toys, you may want to look into getting some new ones for your pet. Also, make sure he gets to socialize a lot with people as that is also very important for pets as well as maintaining a happy lifestyle.

I believe it’s important to make sure that this is done thoroughly because if you don’t have enough saved up already it could lead to some financial trouble down the road which is why we suggest making sure you always have some extra cash on hand to pay for expenses along the way when they come up.

An African Gray is really an intelligent bird, so a healthy environment can help ensure that they stay well-educated. Be sure to keep things clean in your pet’s room to reduce chances of diseases such as feather mites, and also try new toys and games to prevent boredom as it will teach them something new.

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